City Directory

This photograph captures the breadth of the things that make up your city. The best photographers published in dodho Magazine

Aleksandra Lekovic : Between the lines

“Between the lines” is a collection making a connection between geometrical forms, i.e. lines, to people as parts of the scene. All photos have been taken in urban area with the dominating atmosphere

Territory by Reinis Hofmanis

Photo series “Territory” is focused on boundaries between the public and the private space in the urban landscape which is related to specifics of vision and perception.

Street Photography by Laurent Decuyper

I really started photography in 2005 while on a trip in Corsica. I never was interested in photography before because I was way too shy and just the feeling of someone looking at me because I had a camera in my hand scared me to death.

Geo Oplaat – Black and white scenes

I carry a camera at all times and casually amble around looking for events to unfold before me and scenes that catch my eye. There are two things needed for this style of approach, the first is an open mind and the ability to be amazed.

Francisco Arteaga, Street photographer

Streets are the places where all kind of souls surrounds us. Strangers become part of you once you’ve clicked, they let you know them, get into them and see what lies behind them. I look for body language, facial characteristics, particular expressions, trying to search the story that defines them.

Walk by Abdo Shanan

Abdo Shanan, born in 1982 in Oran-Algeria to Sudanese father and Algerian mother, studied telecom engineering in University of Sirt-Libya. After graduation in 2006 my life has taken an unexpected turn to photography, ever since photography became my Identity.

New York City by Pavel Bendov

I remember how excited I was when I saw the streets of New York City for the very first time. It was exhilarating and I desired to capture every sensation that surrounded me.

Street photography by Joseph Atwere

My interest in still photography began in 2007. I bought my first camera which was a Canon 350D whilst on vacation in the US. I had quite a steep learning curve and spent many hours trying to get my head round the basics such as learning about f-stops etc.