CityEuropeSidewalk Theatre: Street photography from New York City by Mathias Wasik

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 13 min 958
There are few cities that inspire the modern world as much as New York City does. It’s ever growing, ever rising – a kaleidoscope of American culture.

CityEuropeStreet Photography by Damian Milczarek

Dodho Magazine 6 days ago 10 min 1327
Damian Milczarek – born in 1984 in Sochaczew. He is a graduate of the international relations department at Lazarski University in Warsaw and the sociology department at SWPS University. An IT specialist in the telecommunications industry. He began his adventure with photography in 2009. Since then, he has been constantly studying its secrets, wandering the streets of cities in search of interesting stories. In 2018 he won the Siena International Photo Awards and the Italian...

B&WCityEuropeStatic tensions by Oliver Raschka

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 11 min 880
City Spaces and habitats change. Mass media reign. Fictional reality we face. Tensions grow, causing visual overload. Mental manipulation. 24/7. Noise.

AsiaCitySleeping Rough by Dana Taylor

Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 9 min 965
As a storyteller, I believe that the best way to show reality, is by using the "Holy Combination" of Humanity, Sensitivity and Humour. 


Inception by Shenyi Wang

AsiaB&WCityInception by Shenyi Wang

Inception is a fine art project which represents my inner world through photographs of folded paper/origami. The formal quality of strong lines and shapes investigates the relationship between light and shadow through visual abstractions.
2 weeks ago 8 min 838
Old Dhaka By Mushfiqur Rahman

AsiaCityOld Dhaka By Mushfiqur Rahman

Old Dhaka is the most crowded and oldest part of Dhaka city, always on its toes, in a boisterous way. Chaotically beautiful!! I found that spite, that vigor for life, that chaos in Old Dhaka; the kind of chaos that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable but rather invites you to immerse in life whole heartedly.
3 weeks ago 6 min 1021
Miami by Maxime Ruiz

CityEuropeMiami by Maxime Ruiz

Miami is the most populated city of Florida, USA which is located in the south-east of the country. This city is very culturally different from West Europe which is mostly due to the hot and humid climate all year round.
3 weeks ago 7 min 899
Mod UK by Owen Harvey

B&WCityEuropeMod UK by Owen Harvey

This photographic project is a celebration of the current UK Mod scene. Mod is a subculture that began in the late 50’s and through the years, it has seen many variations to its original style.
4 weeks ago 9 min 945
Let’s turn to the human being by Nikita Petrov

CityEuropeLet’s turn to the human being by Nikita Petrov

Let’s turn to the human being – the most beautiful creature our world has to offer! It is a well-known fact that in ancient times, the human being was worshiped more than ever. Ancient Greek and Roman gods were, in fact, human given their passions and sins. The human body was regarded as a work of art!
1 month ago 6 min 1088
Vietnam by Alice d’Hubert

B&WCityEuropeVietnam by Alice d’Hubert

What makes those pictures personal, is the fact that they reflect the time I spent contemplating, the crowd, the people, the places I came across in this country, totally unknown to me. No interaction, just sitting there or walking and waiting the right time to release the shutter, whatever happens.
2 months ago 11 min 1107
The center of spare-time activities by Benjamin Le Brun

CityEuropeThe center of spare-time activities by Benjamin Le Brun

The project “The center of spare-time activities” stages models playing the role of tourists in a chosen scenery : commercial areas in suburban zones. It illustrates the current m utation of m alls, especially in France, through absurd and derision.
2 months ago 8 min 1038
The beauty of decay by Michael Schwan

CityEuropeThe beauty of decay by Michael Schwan

Most people in the city rush around and they have no time to look back into the past. I want them to remind of the history. To places that man has given up and forgotten more and more.Such lost places have a special magic for me.
2 months ago 18 min 1081
L’Illa by Rodrigo Roher

CityEuropeL’Illa by Rodrigo Roher

Its enigmatic and majestic presence attracts anyone who dares to contemplate the Mediterranean from the beaches of Benidorm. Like a magnet, it exerts a power of attraction that neither my camera nor I, we could nor wanted to escape.
2 months ago 11 min 1947
Art Performer by Yanika Anukulpun

AmericaCityArt Performer by Yanika Anukulpun

Art Performer is a portraiture project about the unique characteristics of each art performer (singers, musicians, and movie impersonators) on the streets in the United States.
2 months ago 5 min 1123
Federico Duenas ; Visual resources

AmericaB&WCityFederico Duenas ; Visual resources

Sight is a continuous stream of visual resources that allow us to understand and interact with the world, but memory is selective and interrupted. Coming from a Cinema background I tend to consider images for what they mean during a temporal dimension, and time makes them ephemeral.
2 months ago 9 min 1063
Shanghai by Tomofumi Nakano

AsiaCityShanghai by Tomofumi Nakano

This works shows how do they see China from Japanese people. Envy, jealousy, disdain , nostalgy and more. A Japanese visual artist Tomofumi Nakano visualized Japanese complex emotions to the neighbor country China in this photographic works.
3 months ago 16 min 1292
Havana Stands by Daniel Garay Arango

AmericaB&WCityHavana Stands by Daniel Garay Arango

Through time and elements; through hope and despair; through the eyes of the ones who once left and fought the ruthless sea; the ones who stayed and faced the shape of history, and us, who came in wonder, Havana stands as a monument to resilience.
3 months ago 6 min 1053
Felicific calculus by Eric T.Kunsman

AmericaB&WCityFelicific calculus by Eric T.Kunsman

The felicific calculus is an algorithm formulated by jurist and reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) for calculating the moral rightness of an action by balancing the probable pleasures and pains that it would produce. Bentham, a utilitarian philosopher, believed this calculus could, in principle, help determine the moral status of any considered act.
3 months ago 12 min 1045
Pamela Aminou ; Variations – Simplicity vs Intricacies

B&WCityEuropePamela Aminou ; Variations – Simplicity vs Intricacies

Pamela Aminou is a self taught artist based in London that chooses photography as a way to express herself. Through her work, she’s able to transcribe what she feels at a specific time, to better understand her emotions and what surrounds and most importantly to interpret the world that she lives in. 
3 months ago 7 min 1098
The state of britain by David Barrett

CityEuropeFeaturedThe state of britain by David Barrett

The state of Britain project was intended to be a study of Americanisation within the UK, however ,The result of the Brexit referendum signaled to me that Britain was about to change more significantly , Britain was about to exchange its liberal European past for a survival of the fittest ”Wild West” culture . 
3 months ago 10 min 1558
Victor Gualda ; The observation of everyday moments

B&WCityEuropeVictor Gualda ; The observation of everyday moments

“If a tree in a forest falls and there is nobody to see it and hear it, does it exist?” This Buddhish Koan about observation and knowledge of reality can be extrapolated to photography.
4 months ago 14 min 1187
Nicolas Boulet ; Passers-by

CityEuropeNicolas Boulet ; Passers-by

The serie is built around the photograph of passers-by in the same place (Paris) following the technique of the light-dark. The images are taken over several months. The set consists of over a hundred images.
4 months ago 13 min 1385
Faith by Giulio Zanni

B&WCityEuropeFaith by Giulio Zanni

I have travelled to Venice to photograph some of the iconic churches, to Abu Dhabi and Istanbul to photograph iconic mosques and to India and Nepal to photograph the key four places of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni
6 months ago 7 min 1532
Spomenici by Giulio Zanni

B&WCityEuropeSpomenici by Giulio Zanni

I’ve been taking pictures since I was 10 years old, and the common thread in all of them has always been, without a doubt, the exploration of self.
6 months ago 10 min 1166
Purgatory by Daniele Martire

CityEuropePurgatory by Daniele Martire

Purgatory is a personal reinterpretation of Dante’s work, an oneiric photographic/textual journey inside japanese modern society and its critical topics. The viewer is presented with everyday street situations and people candid portraits in a way to represent, sometime in contrast with the text, each single circle of the purgatory and its specific problem the author wants to address. Tools used are a fujifilm xpro2 with 23mm f2 lens, using off-camera double flash on a bracket (flash…
6 months ago 27 min 1235
100ft by Mikhail Karalashan

CityEurope100ft by Mikhail Karalashan

A country of ghosts, a city of shadows – shadows of someone’s memories, someone’s hopes and dreams. In the morning the fog drops, hiding the essence of the space around.And in an hour, three, five, cool shades of gray will hide behind a rich palette of color overflows, which, like people, blended in one plane of time and place. Here the eternalmorning, and the future, it seems, is no more than 100 feet away.
7 months ago 11 min 1123
Cross Road Blues by Oli Kellett

CityEuropeCross Road Blues by Oli Kellett

According to legend, Robert Johnson, the Delta Blues musician, met the devil at a crossroads outside Memphis and sold his soul in exchange for his musical talents. He was forever plagued despite his success.
7 months ago 7 min 1225
Blokovi by Giulio Zanni

CityEuropeBlokovi by Giulio Zanni

For years I photographed only in black and white. Good black and white photography usually has an edge in term of depth and presence, but selectively applied colors contribute very much to the emotions.
7 months ago 10 min 1217
This is Spain, Street photography by Seigar

CityEuropeThis is Spain, Street photography by Seigar

This series is a collection of pop urban photographs taken in Madrid (Aranjuez) and Segovia during short trips in the summer of 2017. It plays with the concepts of identity and nation.
7 months ago 9 min 1107
Mysterious people by Amy Sacka

AmericaB&WCityMysterious people by Amy Sacka

“Mysterious people” explores the tension in our curious reality. The moments when we find ourselves looking and looking again, maybe even asking, “Did that just happen?” “What did I just see?” Or maybe even, “Did the camera see something that I didn’t?”
7 months ago 9 min 1445
Graphique project by Stephane Navailles

B&WCityEuropeGraphique project by Stephane Navailles

I have been practising photo since 1993, the year when I discovered San Francisco, its tramcars and hip hop culture. The town appealed to me as much as in my memory of the film Bullit, I’d seen a few years before.
7 months ago 5 min 1008
Imagine Often Conflicts Illusions by Moin Uddin Ahmed

AsiaCityImagine Often Conflicts Illusions by Moin Uddin Ahmed

‘Simplicity, Mystery and Beauty.’ As a photographer, desire is to try and look beyond the obvious elements of a photograph: subject, time and light. Capturing the human body in motion or static is an art itself and it is one of the most enduring themes in the visual art.
7 months ago 6 min 978
Cuba by Gaelle Guse

CityEuropeCuba by Gaelle Guse

My first experience of Cuba was unforgettable: walking barefoot on the Malecon, the broad seawall which stretches for 8 km along the coast in Havana, we were surprised by a sudden storm and had to seek shelter with other locals under an apartment building.
7 months ago 10 min 1087
Les Symboles invisibles by Sylvain Heraud

CityEuropeLes Symboles invisibles by Sylvain Heraud

Between the 1960s and 1980s, the Federal States of former Yugoslavia erected monuments of an imposing size. These spomeniks (“monuments” in Serbo-Croatian) were raised in memory of the local populations who resisted the atrocities of the 20th century and would praise the experience of a more egalitarian and antifascist socialist society.
7 months ago 10 min 1367
Nodak Moments by Balder Olrik

CityEuropeNodak Moments by Balder Olrik

In the fifties, Eastman Kodak Company made a very powerful advertising campaign: “The Kodak Moment,” encapsulating the perfect moment in a memorable photo.
7 months ago 14 min 1617
Old Public Housing In Their Pastel Hue by James Teo

AsiaCityOld Public Housing In Their Pastel Hue by James Teo

Architectural photography got James interested in photography in the first place. Buildings and their intricacies – the lines, shapes and patterns.
8 months ago 16 min 1326
Feminine by Giorgio Di Maio

CityEuropeFeminine by Giorgio Di Maio

The project of The Hidden Harmony is the mystical and philosophical roots of Abstract Art transmigration into the Photography. Basically there is the rejection of materialism, the faith in progress and particularly the faith in the spiritual progress of the men. 
8 months ago 14 min 2200
How Will We Stand? by Stefani Reynolds

AmericaCityHow Will We Stand? by Stefani Reynolds

Romanticized versions of history not only influence the way we look back, they play a prominent role in determining one’s perception of the present. 
8 months ago 10 min 1253
Drift, In-Between by Merethe Wessel-Berg

B&WCityEuropeDrift, In-Between by Merethe Wessel-Berg

The streets carry our stories.People drifting, with no destination. People going to and from – habitual actions, cornerstones of an everyday life. 
8 months ago 18 min 1637
Street show by Stéphane Navailles

B&WCityEuropeStreet show by Stéphane Navailles

Perhaps it is not as colourful as a ramble through the Guell Park, in Barcelona, but strolling along the streets in Paris or Strasburg is full of fleeting figures and elusive emotions.
8 months ago 9 min 1292
Street Photography by Amir Lavon

AsiaB&WCityStreet Photography by Amir Lavon

More than anything Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what comes your way, it is unlearning the habit of categorizing and dismissi the everyday as being ‘just the everyday’ and beginning to recognize that extraordinary
8 months ago 12 min 1462
I´m the street by Omri Shomer

AsiaCityI´m the street by Omri Shomer

I’ve thought about it more than once, where does my urge to go out and take pictures in the street comes from. After all, it is not a natural thing to go out and photograph strangers.For seven years now I worked as a copywriter for advertising companies, responsible for ideas, new stories.
9 months ago 10 min 1676
Street Portraits or Portrait of a Town by Judith Rodriguez

AmericaB&WCityStreet Portraits or Portrait of a Town by Judith Rodriguez

Why to portrait a person, a place? We live a time when singularity, otherness tend to disappear under a global order,    the “other” as mystery tends to fade under the proliferation of the same.
9 months ago 10 min 3468
One day in Paris by  Erlend Mikael Sæverud

CityEuropeOne day in Paris by Erlend Mikael Sæverud

Erlend Mikael Sæverud (1975) photographer from Oslo, Norway masters his medium by patiently tapping into solemn moments that elicit universal truths. Known for his black and white photographs with an essence of ephemerality and omnipresence of subtlety, he shifts the narrative by using color in his series One Day in Paris.
9 months ago 10 min 2277
Jeff Rothstein ; Street photographer – New York City Images 1969-2006

AmericaB&WCityJeff Rothstein ; Street photographer – New York City Images 1969-2006

I’ve been photographing my hometown, New York City, for many, many years. To put things in perspective, the Beatles were still making music when I bought my first “serious” camera.
10 months ago 20 min 10451
Walk in the light by Shirren Lim

AsiaB&WCityWalk in the light by Shirren Lim

Everything is a play of light. I love exploring the duality of the yin and yang nature.For this project, I want people to see my work and think beyond the obvious and observe more closely the world around them.
11 months ago 6 min 2225
Manhattan Visits by Kip Harris

AmericaB&WCityManhattan Visits by Kip Harris

My visual memory of New York City has always been in black and white. Although some of the best and most colorful paintings ever created are found in its museums, Manhattan is, for me, a place composed from an incredible range of grays.
11 months ago 8 min 3068
Elements by Katherine Young

B&WCityEuropeElements by Katherine Young

‘Elements’ is a special project for me bringing together my passion for contemporary architecture and black-and-white photography. The idea behind it was to showcase the ingenuity and multiplicity of contemporary façades.
11 months ago 15 min 2859
Temps d’Arrêt by Etienne Buyse

CityEuropeTemps d’Arrêt by Etienne Buyse

For the observer, everything happens behind an opalescent glazed partition. It is like a window onto another world. The photographer captures a slice of life from which he is excluded.
11 months ago 10 min 2056
Street Photography by Oliver Merce

CityEuropeStreet Photography by Oliver Merce

Oliver Merce was born in 1977. He lives in Timisoara (Romania) for over 15 years and he is a graduate of the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering. He is especially attracted to documentary and street photography
11 months ago 11 min 1762
The Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

AsiaCityFeaturedThe Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

This Project is about “Wat Phra Kaew”. Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred buddhist temple in Thailand. Everyday, Wat Phra Kaew is full of tourists from around the world.
11 months ago 9 min 2525
Small Pieces of Peace by Georg Worecki

B&WCityEuropeSmall Pieces of Peace by Georg Worecki

The “Small Pieces of Peace” were taken in Germany & Luxembourg. Today these countries should really represent exemplarily the creation of models for a culture of peace. 
11 months ago 8 min 4624
Night people by Jorge Bañales

AmericaCityNight people by Jorge Bañales

Whether they are dancing, napping, eating, drinking, talking, alone or together, the images capture people having fun or in a contemplative mood in the dark hours of the day.  Jorge was born in Montevideo, Uruguay
11 months ago 15 min 3770
Cloudscrapers by Angie McMonigal

AmericaB&WCityCloudscrapers by Angie McMonigal

In the city, we tend to keep our heads down; these photos invite us to look up. Each of these images is structured by bold juxtapositions — between the built environment and the natural world, between rigid city grids and fluffy white clouds
11 months ago 7 min 3639
Image of Structure by Joshua Sariñana

AmericaB&WCityImage of Structure by Joshua Sariñana

The Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is seemingly alive. Because of the reflective and angular elements of this structure are sharp
11 months ago 8 min 2697
One-Sixth of a Second ; Street photography by Steve Geer

B&WCityEuropeOne-Sixth of a Second ; Street photography by Steve Geer

Street photography can be fascinating. I think it’s because we are naturally nosy. We want to stare, to absorb the details and imagine the facts. In real time, on the street, we only get a glimpse of passing strangers.
1 year ago 8 min 2620
New York by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

AmericaCityNew York by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

In this series “New York” Christopher confronts the use of color which is quite a departure from all of his previous works which are in black and white, in fact, he is well known as the creator of the all black and white fine art photography.
1 year ago 7 min 2437
Holarchies – architectural abstractions from EXPO Milano by photographer Pygmalion Karatzas 

CityEuropeHolarchies – architectural abstractions from EXPO Milano by photographer Pygmalion Karatzas 

Design is the first signal of human intention. Architectural design is a prime example of tangible and intangible connections between matter and spirit. The title of the series is a reference to Arthur Koestler’s seminal book and his concept of holons
1 year ago 14 min 2947
Everyday life’s value by Nathanaël Fournier

B&WCityEuropeEveryday life’s value by Nathanaël Fournier

In 2008 he spent 6 months working in a restaurant then in a library. He was saving money to buy his first Leica camera. These photos are from the following 2 years of making photography on the streets of a few French cities including Paris, Toulouse and his hometown Lille.
1 year ago 7 min 2722
New old melodies by Marco Sadori

CityEuropeNew old melodies by Marco Sadori

But the Georgia, uniquely situated on the map of world between Asia and Europe, has undergone many changes in recent years and is now in a period of strong growth, especially as regards tourism.
1 year ago 8 min 3169
Lotus by Margaux

B&WCityEuropeLotus by Margaux

The perspective of discovering new countries and cultures was the main aspiration of this project. Drawn to capture black and white landscapes, it inspired me to communicate the dependent and integral relationship humans have with nature. 
1 year ago 7 min 2440
Berlin After Dark by Sebastian Jacobitz

B&WCityEuropeBerlin After Dark by Sebastian Jacobitz

The Berlin Ku’Damm is the most prominent shopping street in Berlin. Normally the street is filled with people looking for the newest dresses or Cellphones.But when the sun leaves the scene, another characteristic is visible. Almost like a blurry dream, the series displays another side of the street.
1 year ago 8 min 2832
Andalucía by Achilleas Chiras

CityEuropeAndalucía by Achilleas Chiras

These images were shot in Andalucía, that constitutes the biggest part of southern Spain. I narrate a story with color, leaded by the light and the shadows. A story of observation and search on the roads.
1 year ago 14 min 2672
Projection, Urban landscape by Akis Detsis

CityEuropeProjection, Urban landscape by Akis Detsis

The photographs depict the urban landscape as a metaphor of stagnation or of a correlated psychological state. Architectural structures are strict, the third dimension almost disappears
1 year ago 14 min 3208
Fresnel by Hakim Boulouiz

CityEuropeFresnel by Hakim Boulouiz

Fresnel is a photographic research of the “mystery” in the streets. From day to night, from east to west, dipped or at a distance, it is a spotlight on anonymous streets, where meetings are woven and destinies intersect.
1 year ago 21 min 2915
Tales of a City II, Street Photography by Seigar

CityEuropeTales of a City II, Street Photography by Seigar

Tales of a City II  is an urban series made of individual tales from London, in 2017.  Each image captures a photo-narrative. It is a set of street photography. Most of them are spontaneous instants.
1 year ago 11 min 2509
NYC Photography by Jan Stojkovic

CityEuropeNYC Photography by Jan Stojkovic

My project NYC is a series of photographs of everyday street life in one of the most iconic cities in the world. I use photography to tell stories about ordinary people in their everyday environment.
1 year ago 13 min 3304
Vertical buildings; Architectural photography by Lorenzo Linthout

CityEuropeVertical buildings; Architectural photography by Lorenzo Linthout

Vertical Buildings is a photographic project, created by the Italian architect Lorenzo Linthout, that concerns slender european architectures in the sky, decontextualized from the urban context.
1 year ago 8 min 2856
Hidden Souls – Street Photography by Omri Shomer

AsiaB&WCityHidden Souls – Street Photography by Omri Shomer

It is said that the eyes are the window to our souls. Studies show, through their eyes, it is possible to know everything about a person. When people are sad or worried
1 year ago 16 min 3716
Doormen from Park Avenue New York City by Sam Golanski

CityEuropeDoormen from Park Avenue New York City by Sam Golanski

Between busy traffic and streams of yellow cabs at Park Avenue in Manhattan you can spot very dapper looking gents standing calmly at the entrances to multimillion condos of Upper East Side area of New York City.
1 year ago 8 min 3400

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 15 min 885
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

AsiaFeaturedStoryVegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 10 min 857
In Japan, baby boomers continue to grow older, and the population 75 years or older has grown to be 13.3% of the total population. 6.1% of these women and 2.7% of these men cannot go out shopping or ask a relative living elsewhere to assist them.

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedGhost by Naoual Peleau

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 8 min 822
The memory is fragile. I’m afraid of closing my eyes once too many and blow away all my memories in one blink. I shoot and I forgot, I have stopped struggling.

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 14 min 1122
I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.

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