B&WCityEuropeDrift, In-Between by Merethe Wessel-Berg

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 18 min 683
The streets carry our stories.People drifting, with no destination. People going to and from - habitual actions, cornerstones of an everyday life. 

B&WCityEuropeStreet show by Stéphane Navailles

Dodho Magazine 5 days ago 9 min 585
Perhaps it is not as colourful as a ramble through the Guell Park, in Barcelona, but strolling along the streets in Paris or Strasburg is full of fleeting figures and elusive emotions.

AsiaB&WCityStreet Photography by Amir Lavon

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 12 min 727
More than anything Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what comes your way, it is unlearning the habit of categorizing and dismissi the everyday as being ‘just the everyday’ and beginning to recognize that extraordinary

AsiaCityI´m the street by Omri Shomer

Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 10 min 1017
I've thought about it more than once, where does my urge to go out and take pictures in the street comes from. After all, it is not a natural thing to go out and photograph strangers.For seven years now I worked as a copywriter for advertising companies, responsible for ideas, new stories.


Street Portraits or Portrait of a Town by Judith Rodriguez

AmericaB&WCityStreet Portraits or Portrait of a Town by Judith Rodriguez

Why to portrait a person, a place? We live a time when singularity, otherness tend to disappear under a global order,    the “other” as mystery tends to fade under the proliferation of the same.
2 weeks ago 10 min 2774
One day in Paris by  Erlend Mikael Sæverud

CityEuropeOne day in Paris by Erlend Mikael Sæverud

Erlend Mikael Sæverud (1975) photographer from Oslo, Norway masters his medium by patiently tapping into solemn moments that elicit universal truths. Known for his black and white photographs with an essence of ephemerality and omnipresence of subtlety, he shifts the narrative by using color in his series One Day in Paris.
2 weeks ago 10 min 1618
Jeff Rothstein ; Street photographer – New York City Images 1969-2006

AmericaB&WCityJeff Rothstein ; Street photographer – New York City Images 1969-2006

I’ve been photographing my hometown, New York City, for many, many years. To put things in perspective, the Beatles were still making music when I bought my first “serious” camera.
2 months ago 20 min 8853
Walk in the light by Shirren Lim

AsiaB&WCityWalk in the light by Shirren Lim

Everything is a play of light. I love exploring the duality of the yin and yang nature.For this project, I want people to see my work and think beyond the obvious and observe more closely the world around them.
2 months ago 6 min 1638
Manhattan Visits by Kip Harris

AmericaB&WCityManhattan Visits by Kip Harris

My visual memory of New York City has always been in black and white. Although some of the best and most colorful paintings ever created are found in its museums, Manhattan is, for me, a place composed from an incredible range of grays.
3 months ago 8 min 2486
Elements by Katherine Young

B&WCityEuropeElements by Katherine Young

‘Elements’ is a special project for me bringing together my passion for contemporary architecture and black-and-white photography. The idea behind it was to showcase the ingenuity and multiplicity of contemporary façades.
3 months ago 15 min 1834
Temps d’Arrêt by Etienne Buyse

CityEuropeTemps d’Arrêt by Etienne Buyse

For the observer, everything happens behind an opalescent glazed partition. It is like a window onto another world. The photographer captures a slice of life from which he is excluded.
3 months ago 10 min 1419
Street Photography by Oliver Merce

CityEuropeStreet Photography by Oliver Merce

Oliver Merce was born in 1977. He lives in Timisoara (Romania) for over 15 years and he is a graduate of the Faculty of Silviculture and Forest Engineering. He is especially attracted to documentary and street photography
3 months ago 11 min 1221
The Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

AsiaCityFeaturedThe Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

This Project is about “Wat Phra Kaew”. Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred buddhist temple in Thailand. Everyday, Wat Phra Kaew is full of tourists from around the world.
3 months ago 9 min 1785
Small Pieces of Peace by Georg Worecki

B&WCityEuropeSmall Pieces of Peace by Georg Worecki

The “Small Pieces of Peace” were taken in Germany & Luxembourg. Today these countries should really represent exemplarily the creation of models for a culture of peace. 
3 months ago 8 min 3043
Night people by Jorge Bañales

AmericaCityNight people by Jorge Bañales

Whether they are dancing, napping, eating, drinking, talking, alone or together, the images capture people having fun or in a contemplative mood in the dark hours of the day.  Jorge was born in Montevideo, Uruguay
3 months ago 15 min 2729
Cloudscrapers by Angie McMonigal

AmericaB&WCityCloudscrapers by Angie McMonigal

In the city, we tend to keep our heads down; these photos invite us to look up. Each of these images is structured by bold juxtapositions — between the built environment and the natural world, between rigid city grids and fluffy white clouds
3 months ago 7 min 2890
Image of Structure by Joshua Sariñana

AmericaB&WCityImage of Structure by Joshua Sariñana

The Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is seemingly alive. Because of the reflective and angular elements of this structure are sharp
3 months ago 8 min 2079
Toronto by Adrian Morillo

CityEuropeToronto by Adrian Morillo

His photography work has a documentary approach that allowed him to document different cultural traditions from the south of Spain as the flamenco music scene or the bullfighting and create a body of travel photography from places like Morocco or Cape Cod.
3 months ago 9 min 2646
Urban sprawl series by Emmanuel Monzon

AmericaB&WCityFeaturedUrban sprawl series by Emmanuel Monzon

Through my urban sprawl series, I want to photograph the in-between state found in the American landscape. So I capture places of transition, borders, passages from one world to another
3 months ago 7 min 3025
London street portraits by Lorenzo Grifantini

CityEuropeLondon street portraits by Lorenzo Grifantini

The sixties changed the relationship between the city and its inhabitants forever. From the ruins of Victorian austerity and the interminable years of war, arose a “swinging” time that revolutionised the inter-connection between people and their built environment.
4 months ago 20 min 2653
Toying With Manhattan by Lilyan Aloma

AmericaB&WCityToying With Manhattan by Lilyan Aloma

Over the past three decades, my life as a visual artist has been intimately linked to my role as a teacher; each part of the equation being enriched by the experience of the other.
4 months ago 12 min 2834
Postarchitecture by Victor Enrich

CityEuropeFeaturedPostarchitecture by Victor Enrich

The work of Victor Enrich is intimately connected to architecture. Since our origins, mankind has expressed itself in different ways, using all sorts of techniques and technologies, in order to communicate and evolve.
5 months ago 13 min 2800
Lotus by Margaux

B&WCityEuropeLotus by Margaux

The perspective of discovering new countries and cultures was the main aspiration of this project. Drawn to capture black and white landscapes, it inspired me to communicate the dependent and integral relationship humans have with nature. 
6 months ago 7 min 2048
Berlin After Dark by Sebastian Jacobitz

B&WCityEuropeBerlin After Dark by Sebastian Jacobitz

The Berlin Ku’Damm is the most prominent shopping street in Berlin. Normally the street is filled with people looking for the newest dresses or Cellphones.But when the sun leaves the scene, another characteristic is visible. Almost like a blurry dream, the series displays another side of the street.
6 months ago 8 min 2259
Andalucía by Achilleas Chiras

CityEuropeAndalucía by Achilleas Chiras

These images were shot in Andalucía, that constitutes the biggest part of southern Spain. I narrate a story with color, leaded by the light and the shadows. A story of observation and search on the roads.
6 months ago 14 min 2201
Projection, Urban landscape by Akis Detsis

CityEuropeProjection, Urban landscape by Akis Detsis

The photographs depict the urban landscape as a metaphor of stagnation or of a correlated psychological state. Architectural structures are strict, the third dimension almost disappears
6 months ago 14 min 2732
Fresnel by Hakim Boulouiz

CityEuropeFresnel by Hakim Boulouiz

Fresnel is a photographic research of the “mystery” in the streets. From day to night, from east to west, dipped or at a distance, it is a spotlight on anonymous streets, where meetings are woven and destinies intersect.
6 months ago 21 min 2410
Tales of a City II, Street Photography by Seigar

CityEuropeTales of a City II, Street Photography by Seigar

Tales of a City II  is an urban series made of individual tales from London, in 2017.  Each image captures a photo-narrative. It is a set of street photography. Most of them are spontaneous instants.
7 months ago 11 min 2045
NYC Photography by Jan Stojkovic

CityEuropeNYC Photography by Jan Stojkovic

My project NYC is a series of photographs of everyday street life in one of the most iconic cities in the world. I use photography to tell stories about ordinary people in their everyday environment.
7 months ago 13 min 2685
Vertical buildings; Architectural photography by Lorenzo Linthout

CityEuropeVertical buildings; Architectural photography by Lorenzo Linthout

Vertical Buildings is a photographic project, created by the Italian architect Lorenzo Linthout, that concerns slender european architectures in the sky, decontextualized from the urban context.
7 months ago 8 min 1933
Hidden Souls – Street Photography by Omri Shomer

AsiaB&WCityHidden Souls – Street Photography by Omri Shomer

It is said that the eyes are the window to our souls. Studies show, through their eyes, it is possible to know everything about a person. When people are sad or worried
7 months ago 16 min 3215
Doormen from Park Avenue New York City by Sam Golanski

CityEuropeDoormen from Park Avenue New York City by Sam Golanski

Between busy traffic and streams of yellow cabs at Park Avenue in Manhattan you can spot very dapper looking gents standing calmly at the entrances to multimillion condos of Upper East Side area of New York City.
7 months ago 8 min 2751
America in a Trance by Niko J.Kallianiotis

AmericaCityAmerica in a Trance by Niko J.Kallianiotis

About two decades ago my father moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and this was only my second experience with the United States.In the late 70’s he took the journey from Greece to the Big Apple to pursue a PhD, which led him to the Keystone State.
7 months ago 13 min 2651
Gigapolis by Markus Kaesler

B&WCityEuropeGigapolis by Markus Kaesler

Attracted by the dynamic pulsation of the cities, people float like magic into the big metropolic areas all around the globe.
7 months ago 8 min 1811
Frenetic City by Zhou HanShun

AsiaCityFrenetic City by Zhou HanShun

To say life moves fast in a city is an understatement. People go through life in an uncompromising, chaotic pace, overcoming and absorbing anything in their path. 
8 months ago 8 min 1699
Serenity in the gardens of Versailles by Gregoris Mentzas

CityEuropeSerenity in the gardens of Versailles by Gregoris Mentzas

Visiting the gardens of Versailles, one of the most visited public sites in France and an UNESCO World Heritage site, creates feelings of calmness and solitude, deepened by the geometrical formality of the sharp lines
9 months ago 10 min 3342
Simple Variations by Francesca Pompei

CityEuropeSimple Variations by Francesca Pompei

We think that architecture should be one continuous experience, from town to architecture and from architecture to structure… When we encounter a piece of architecture, the experience begins before we enter the space.
9 months ago 9 min 1857
Rose Garden by Takayuki Narita

AsiaCityRose Garden by Takayuki Narita

More often than not, people behave rather oddly when they face roses.One day, shortly after I moved to Osaka, I encountered a tribe of people obsessed with roses in an urban rose garden I found purely by chance.
9 months ago 10 min 2107
A face without a name by Marco Sadori

CityEuropeA face without a name by Marco Sadori

This photographic project “A face without a name” is a journey through imagination and reality, in the territory of the Caucasus. A visual trip to discover that part of the world that has a foot in the Asia and another foot in Europe.
9 months ago 14 min 2241
The Visible City by Giuliana Mariniello

CityEuropeThe Visible City by Giuliana Mariniello

The title of the portfolio has been inspired to Italo Calvino’s book, Invisible Cities, described by Marco Polo to Kublai Kan: an atlas of fantasy cities with women’s names. It has also to do with the predominant visual aspect of contemporary cities.
9 months ago 13 min 1521
Riad Mirage Club by Loïc Vendrame

CityEuropeRiad Mirage Club by Loïc Vendrame

Riad Mirage Club is the fifth volume of the long-term and ongoing documentary project Future Rust, Future Dust (2016 – ), which aims to analyse the urban and architectural impact of the last world financial crisis and the burst of the real estate bubble. 
9 months ago 9 min 1629
Heroes for a day by Juan Rodriguez Morales

CityEuropeHeroes for a day by Juan Rodriguez Morales

When the writer Jerry Siegel and the cartoonist Joe Shuster created Superman in 1933, they did not imagine that their character, dressed in his blue suit and with his cloak in the wind, would become a planetary icon.
10 months ago 14 min 1987
Walk like a Calcuttan by Anirban Mandal

AsiaCityWalk like a Calcuttan by Anirban Mandal

Calcutta (new name Kolkata) is a great city of India since late 17th century, enriched with history ,culture ,infrastructure  and cosmopolitan environment.
10 months ago 10 min 3508
Nortigo by Pygmalion Karatzas

CityEuropeNortigo by Pygmalion Karatzas

Architectonic abstractions from contemporary design and cityscapes’ is an exercise in shifting points of view as a gesture to reveal new and interesting information, compositions and feelings from spaces
10 months ago 10 min 3504
Victor Gualda ; Street Photography

CityEuropeVictor Gualda ; Street Photography

My photography seeks the Truth in city streets in an attempt at liberation from the artificiality of television, film or advertising. My goal is to capture an urban landscape and the people who live in and pass through it.
10 months ago 10 min 4300
Dazeley discovers London’s Theatres

CityEuropeDazeley discovers London’s Theatres

As a born and bred Londoner and regular theatre goer, Dazeley had been intrigued to investigate and learn more about the history and what goes on behind the scenes in London’s amazing theatre buildings. 
10 months ago 18 min 3218
Lee Atwell ; Color Street Photography

AmericaCityLee Atwell ; Color Street Photography

One of Lee Atwell’s best known street photographs is of a woman, walking away from her wearing angel wings and a beautiful silk white dress, through the streets of Seattle, United States.
10 months ago 17 min 4221
David Scouri; Street Photography

AsiaCityDavid Scouri; Street Photography

David Scouri 40, lives in Tel Aviv, creates photography series out of interest and understanding of the environment.My attraction and interest in photography started when I was 12, and kept taking picture of my family members
10 months ago 12 min 3216
Diamond Days by Manuel Armenis

CityEuropeDiamond Days by Manuel Armenis

The quintessential trait of the mundane is, of course, its lack of spectacle. It is recognizable to us, familiar, in its plainness and with its non-event-character. Due to those alleged properties it is a world that gets all too willingly labeled boring and banal.
10 months ago 11 min 6061
Faubourg Treme by Alexis Pazoumian

CityEuropeFeaturedFaubourg Treme by Alexis Pazoumian

There are many similarities between Louisiana and my country of origine, Armenia.That they are a victim of a natural disaster or a crime against humanity, a doggedness of the history
10 months ago 7 min 1979
Manlio Cosimo De Pasquale ; Photographer and Traveller

CityEuropeManlio Cosimo De Pasquale ; Photographer and Traveller

The passion for photography was born by traveling, for the need to freeze an emotion, to fix it forever and to have the chance to revive it, then matured also in an emotional quest for the daily life, but the journey gives me the opportunity to tell and remember the places through always unknown emotions,
10 months ago 17 min 4608
Suspended Cities – Portraits from the underground by Martino Chiti

CityEuropeSuspended Cities – Portraits from the underground by Martino Chiti

This work is reflected in and transcends the images shot by Walker Evans in the New York subways in the 40’s. It doesn’t make reference to any specific place but to distant and different cities which appear here as if closed in one single space.
11 months ago 20 min 5510
Far North by Irene Tondelli

CityEuropeFar North by Irene Tondelli

“Old, wild, north. Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland. More than a decade ago, the mining city of Kiruna made a big decision: to move itself brick by brick 3 km to the east.
11 months ago 8 min 3527
Places by Lisa Shalom

AmericaCityPlaces by Lisa Shalom

I live in Italy and my project is a collection of photos from places that I frequent regularly. From the Vatican to small shops around my neighborhood here in Sicily, these are the places that I have come to regard as home and are very familiar to me.
11 months ago 7 min 4875
Eleonas, The Unconscious of the City by Zissis Varsamakidis

CityEuropeEleonas, The Unconscious of the City by Zissis Varsamakidis

The area of Eleonas is for the city of Athens what the unconscious is for the man. We know that it is exists, but we cannot define its border. After the devastation of the olive trees
11 months ago 12 min 5527
The exposed city by Sevil Alkan

AsiaB&WCityFeaturedThe exposed city by Sevil Alkan

Taking photography by mobile phones created a new trend by changing the border and direction of the photography
11 months ago 10 min 1780
Cuba Between its past and its future by İlknur Can

AsiaB&WCityCuba Between its past and its future by İlknur Can

Known as a place where time seems to have stood still since the 1960s, Cuba makes for a fascinating location for street photographers.
12 months ago 14 min 2342
Architectural photography by Pamela Aminou

B&WCityEuropeArchitectural photography by Pamela Aminou

My choice of subjects come from my interest of aesthetic and how we are able to shape the world around us. Each subject documents our generation, our growth, and connection to the environment around us.
12 months ago 7 min 6632
The colorfull grey by Saptarshi Choudhury

AsiaB&WCityThe colorfull grey by Saptarshi Choudhury

Street photography is all about the realness, the true story of this society. The drama constantly happening in this world, and a perfect street photography is all about to capture the moment, to portray the story, to paint the colors
12 months ago 11 min 2781
America by James Featherstone

AmericaCityAmerica by James Featherstone

America, Looking In is an assortment of candid street scenes, tender encounters, peaceful landscapes and abstract reflections that present a glimpse into the neglected corners of America.
12 months ago 12 min 2259
Aaron Reyes ; Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Streets So Different, So Appealing?

CityEuropeAaron Reyes ; Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Streets So Different, So Appealing?

From the beginning of photography, there has been a direct relationship between the images being captured and the environment where the scene took place. Street was a preferred place for Doisneau or Lee Friendlander.
12 months ago 12 min 3952
Vitamin D by Taushik Mandal

AsiaB&WCityVitamin D by Taushik Mandal

Healthy bones need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphate from our diets. These minerals are important for teeth and muscles as well. A vitamin D deficiency can make bones go soft, weak and leads to deformities.
1 year ago 16 min 2848
Costly Signals by Danny DeGennaro

AmericaCityCostly Signals by Danny DeGennaro

A costly signal is an evolutionary trait that develops despite it not being in an organisms best interest. In the case of a peacock, males develop elaborate plumage to attract females and display dominance
1 year ago 11 min 2217
Detroit From Above by Brian day

AmericaB&WCityDetroit From Above by Brian day

Brian Day was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1977. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at a health care organization in Detroit, where he has worked since 2008.
1 year ago 19 min 4416
Psyche of Saudade by Alex Righetti

B&WCityEuropePsyche of Saudade by Alex Righetti

The people relationship always caught my interest, especially as a photographer of street portraits.I could tell you about the experiences I had with strangers for hours, being able to shutter the barrier and understand how perfectly
1 year ago 13 min 3709
The Old Europe by Gianluca Cecere

CityEuropeThe Old Europe by Gianluca Cecere

The Old Europe is a project started ten years ago, in 2007, about the globalization seen as an investigation into the transformation of urban territory. The cultural homologation, meant as uniformity of the behaviors, of the models of life,
1 year ago 7 min 4196
Habitual Primitivism: The Aesthetics of Incongruity by Raju Peddada

B&WCityHabitual Primitivism: The Aesthetics of Incongruity by Raju Peddada

Most, who tote cameras around, look for congruence: symmetry. As a photographer, I look for the opposite.I look for incongruity, contrast, disagreement, dissonance and the asymmetry.
1 year ago 17 min 3577
Michele Palazzo ; Street Photography

CityEuropeFeaturedMichele Palazzo ; Street Photography

Michele Palazzo. Italian by blood, Architect by training, and Photographer by heart. Visual storyteller, weaving narratives through people’s movements and emotions. He lives and operate in New York.
1 year ago 18 min 3225
Building by Margery Clay

B&WCityBuilding by Margery Clay

A building, which is objectively the remains or evidence of individual and collective history, transforms itself into something more, the trace of a lived experience which allows the viewer to unfold meaning.
1 year ago 9 min 4282
Subtopia by Adrian Saker

CityEuropeSubtopia by Adrian Saker

In common with most photographers worldwide, from Mumbai to Manchester, Adrian seldom leaves home without a camera. Photographers are, by nature people blessed (or cursed) with an unquenchable curiosity
1 year ago 19 min 3529

AsiaFeaturedStoryThe Tribal Heartland of India by Tania Chatterjee

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 1 13 min 2119
Bastar is the tribal heartland and treasure trove of ancient Indian culture. Today Bastar, is a part of the State of Chhattisgarh, India. It is a land of undiscovered surprises, with mysterious forests, breath-taking waterfalls

B&WEuropeFeaturedShotAnthracite by Nick Gandano

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 10 min 4898
Anthracite is the most metamorphic mineral coal and has the highest carbon content. Its colour ranges from black to metallic grey

AmericaB&WFeaturedStorySpirit of the Village by Oliver Klink

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 23 min 3750
Un-numbered homes are the norm, as everybody knows each other.Streets wind in un-orderly fashion over streams of running water, sometimes fresh often as open sewage.

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryKid Jockeys by Alain Schroeder

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 15 min 2792
Once a game between neighbors to celebrate a good harvest, horse racing was transformed into a spectator sport by the Dutch in the 20th century to entertain officials and nobility.

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