EuropeStoryThe ancient culture of Mentawai by Matteo Maimone

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 20 min 913
In the middle of the rainforest on the island of Siberut, in the Mentawai archipelago, is one of the oldest and best preserved indigenous cultures in the world, discovered only around 1930, called Mentawai.

B&WEuropeStoryHermanito by François Maurel

Dodho Magazine 4 days ago 28 min 1161
"Hermanito" is a photographic life experience in the heart of a family of the Arhuacos tribe in Colombia. I have been working for 10 years on the peoples of the world, on our changing societies.

AsiaStoryWindows by Sandipa Malakar

Dodho Magazine 4 days ago 11 min 658
From my childhood, windows fascinate me a lot. Whenever I was in my room it was the only connection to the outer world. It seems freedom to me; freedom of thinking, freedom of dreaming, freedom of traveling  anywhere , anytime.

AmericaStoryParanapiacaba by Miguel Melleiro Junior

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 10 min 1604
Paranapiacaba is a small railway village located in the Atlantic Forest, in the city of Santo André - State of São Paulo - Brazil, has a population of approximately 1000 inhabitants


Death flows, hope floats, life flies by Sankar Sridhar

AsiaStoryDeath flows, hope floats, life flies by Sankar Sridhar

Infamous as one of the planet’s most polluted rivers, the Yamuna starts as a Himalayan glacial stream, pure and full of promise. By the time it reaches Delhi, India’s teeming capital city, it becomes a foul sewage drain
2 weeks ago 10 min 1120
Habitual defense by Ilya Petrov

EuropeStoryHabitual defense by Ilya Petrov

Many internet users these days wish to keep their anonymity and resort to hidden areas of World Wide Web (Darknet). One of the web-pages in the Darknet has anonymous Q&A service.
2 weeks ago 8 min 889
A letter from my mom by Raisa Mikhailova

EuropeStoryA letter from my mom by Raisa Mikhailova

Time covers our memory like a peculiar stencil, leaving only separate spots – things we can recall. Some of these spots are clear and vivid; others are just vague imminently fading impressions.
3 weeks ago 13 min 1440
I am a woman by Aleksandr Kutsepalov

EuropeStoryI am a woman by Aleksandr Kutsepalov

These photos are from the project “I am a WOMAN”. Only as we get older do we begin to understand some things that used to seem different. We begin to notice what used to be taken for granted.
3 weeks ago 11 min 1207
The ramadan reckoning in Delhi by Aman Chotani

AsiaStoryThe ramadan reckoning in Delhi by Aman Chotani

Bustling amidst the sounds of music playing through loudspeakers at every nook and corner of the city or the call for fresh rooh-afza that stirs the soul into a frenzy, Ramadan in Delhi arrives.
4 weeks ago 11 min 999
Hindu Youth by Kai Yokoyama

AsiaB&WStoryHindu Youth by Kai Yokoyama

In Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. This area was affected by the 2004 tsunami. The monk left the damaged temple intact and built a new temple next to it.
1 month ago 8 min 1035
15 Years of silence by Mikhail Kalarashan

EuropeStory15 Years of silence by Mikhail Kalarashan

My acquaintance with Sergey occurred in the strange stage of my life. Now it is quite complicated to answer what has affected on my decision to come to Tsipovo on the way to home.
1 month ago 28 min 17658
Discovering the Chin Festival by Matteo Maimone

EuropeStoryDiscovering the Chin Festival by Matteo Maimone

The mountainous Chin state in the mid-1500s was conquered by the Burmese and at the end of the 1800s by the British, gaining independence only in late 1974. Its capital Hakha, along with places like Mindat, and Mount Victoria itself, are the beating heart of the state, making it a landscape characterized by mountain chains, verdant hills and sandy stretches, where the few roads and road networks begin to become space to increase tourism, tourism…
1 month ago 21 min 1047
Iceland by Sophie Oddo

B&WEuropeStoryIceland by Sophie Oddo

In 2015, I moved to Iceland for about six months. Student in the Academy of the Arts of Reykjavik, I discovered the Icelandic everyday life. Far from tourist dreams, living from day to day a « behind the scene » of a small country, living in the heart of mass tourism.
1 month ago 24 min 1076
Cornucopia by Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki

EuropeStoryCornucopia by Panos Charalampidis and Mary Chairetaki

“Cornucopia” (horn of plenty), is a personal artistic research on the Lassithi plateau’s elusive identity. Lassithi plateau, situated at 840m ASL on the island of Crete, is a natural fortress with a particularly fertile land, surrounded by mountains.
1 month ago 11 min 2239
Special Children of Kattankudy by Kai Yokoyama

AsiaStorySpecial Children of Kattankudy by Kai Yokoyama

In a country that is 70% Buddhist, but almost all of the 40,000 people in the city believe in Islam. Forty students attend the school “Zahira Special School” for children with disabilities.
1 month ago 11 min 1061
Naturalia by Jonk

EuropeStoryNaturalia by Jonk

Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins Jonk travels the world looking for abandoned places. Today, he has visited more than one thousands of them in more than forty countries on four continents.
1 month ago 10 min 941
Chorrillo Esperanza by Tamara Arranz

EuropeStoryChorrillo Esperanza by Tamara Arranz

“El Chorrillo” was founded in 1915 by workers and students, mostly African-descendent, who arrived to the Panamanian capital looking for a job at the Canal.
1 month ago 11 min 1095
Armenia by Karineh Gurjian

AmericaStoryArmenia by Karineh Gurjian

As a photographer who enjoys traveling around the world capturing the food, culture, and the great diversity of this beautiful planet, I like to do some detailed research before working on a project.
1 month ago 13 min 1030
Xakriaba – A fading culture by Eduardo Moreira

AmericaB&WStoryXakriaba – A fading culture by Eduardo Moreira

This work is a tribute to the Xacriaba, one of the many indigenous people of Brazil. A way to record in images a brave and noble people and their way of living. A culture that is fading and that may be lost forever.
1 month ago 15 min 1080
Umbilical Cord by Raisa Mikhailova

EuropeStoryUmbilical Cord by Raisa Mikhailova

Relationship with her mother is a cornerstone of a woman’s life, as at some point in live she becomes a mother herself. Even grown up women are often guided by their mothers’ opinions, feel the need of their approval and support.
2 months ago 30 min 1163
The Museum of Kaos by Poem Baker

B&WEuropeStoryThe Museum of Kaos by Poem Baker

Goth’s undying legacy has been around since the late 1970’s and it’s extreme dark aesthetic continues to permeate mainstream culture today. It’s ability to reinvent itself and evolve has made it one of the most enduring of London subcultural tribes, with the new generation incorporating high-fashion and runway looks into their club wear.
2 months ago 11 min 1542
Haridwar – The Gateway to the Gods by Amlan Sanyal

AsiaStoryHaridwar – The Gateway to the Gods by Amlan Sanyal

Haridwar is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage places in India.  It is also regarded as one amongst the seven holiest cities by Hindus. It is a place rich in culture and civilization which blend smoothly into each other giving this city a typical, rustic charm that is irresistible for many. 
2 months ago 17 min 1186
Mahasivaratri – Kaveripattinam by Keerthivasan Nadarajan

AsiaStoryMahasivaratri – Kaveripattinam by Keerthivasan Nadarajan

Sivaratri celebrates the convergence of Siva and shakti. The “Mayana soora Thiruvizha” is a festival dedicated to Angalamman [a fierce guardian deity worshipped widely in Southern India] and is celebrate the small village of kaveripattinam, the day after Mahasivarathri [the great night of Lord Shiva ].
2 months ago 12 min 948
Aloe kingdom by Daria Nazarova

EuropeStoryAloe kingdom by Daria Nazarova

“Aloe” is a secret kingdom created by Yana Perovskaya in 2011 at her own expense with the help of two close friends.
2 months ago 16 min 1191
O-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.
2 months ago 14 min 1559
Sarab by Nahid Rezashateri and Gianluca Ceccarini

EuropeStorySarab by Nahid Rezashateri and Gianluca Ceccarini

The Iranian landscape consists mostly of a vast desert territory. As for the Inuit who have so many words to indicate the snow so the iranians use different terms for the various types of desert
2 months ago 15 min 1012
Edelstein’s world by Denis Kaminev

EuropeFeaturedStoryEdelstein’s world by Denis Kaminev

The Church of Resurrection in Karabanovo village (Kostroma oblast), built in 1833, experienced both physical and spiritual destruction in Soviet times, when it was turned into a machinery service station and a fertilizer depot, and was fully re-established under the guidance of a priest by the name of George Edelstein.
2 months ago 15 min 1578
Priests of Ethiopia by Benjamin Angel

EuropeStoryPriests of Ethiopia by Benjamin Angel

Ethiopia became Christian in the IVth century and has kept a very vivid faith. Its Orthodox Church is home to spectacular traditions, with a high number of processions where thousands of people dance and sing in the street for days.
2 months ago 10 min 1225
Delhi – A City Brimming with Life by Amlan Sanyal

AsiaStoryDelhi – A City Brimming with Life by Amlan Sanyal

The sheer volume of people, the crumbling infrastructure merging with 21st century ambition, the bamboozling bazaars, and the ancient ruins and sprawling temples peppered throughout the metropolis all combine to create a city without equal.  
2 months ago 20 min 1456
Just a trip – Japan by Andreas Theologitis

B&WEuropeStoryJust a trip – Japan by Andreas Theologitis

Andreas Theologitis is a master of photographic form. Like a magician, he sculpts the naked female body and paints with his photo brush views from the cities he visits.
2 months ago 13 min 1144
Take Care by Benedetta Ristori

EuropeStoryTake Care by Benedetta Ristori

In Italy, the presence of a female migration, coming mainly from Eastern Europe, destined to cover tasks such as the care of elderly and / or serious patients, is dictated by the presence of a public welfare, which cannot adequately respond to the growing demand for assistance. The number of caregivers in the Italian territory corresponds to about 1.5 million.
2 months ago 12 min 1139
Looking for – Viola Andrushchuk

EuropeStoryLooking for – Viola Andrushchuk

Militarization, propaganda of war, increase of military costs… This is the reality of recent Russia. But this way is acceptable not for all Russian citizens. This project has united participants of different social initiatives together, for whom anti-war appeal is a basis for their work. 
2 months ago 26 min 1155
Vietnamese We – Beyond divides by Huy Trang Bùi

AsiaStoryVietnamese We – Beyond divides by Huy Trang Bùi

There are many art photography works that focus on a single country, but very few dealing specifically with its people. Two legendary books exist though, published more than half a century ago
3 months ago 17 min 985
Fisherman’s daughter by Dasha Raiskaya

EuropeStoryFisherman’s daughter by Dasha Raiskaya

It’s better to go fishing alone. Immerse yourself in the process. In silence. Without being distracted by extraneous sounds. Focus and imagine that you are pulling out a big fish.
3 months ago 10 min 1275
Pestilentia Populi – Will Carnival Cure Populism? by Davide Germano

EuropeStoryPestilentia Populi – Will Carnival Cure Populism? by Davide Germano

The days of Fasnacht, the Basel Carnival – one of Europe’s oldest and best-loved carnivals – just ended. Dating back to 1376 and becoming UNESCO World Heritage only in 2017
3 months ago 16 min 1206
At the peak of devotion by Soumyabrata Roy

AsiaStoryAt the peak of devotion by Soumyabrata Roy

“Shiver Gajan” or “Hajrha Puja” is a special folk festival, celebrated at Chaitra Sankranti (last day of the Bengali year) for bidding good-bye to the passing year in West Bengal, India.
3 months ago 21 min 1172
After the Inferno by Debarchan Chatterjee

AsiaB&WStoryAfter the Inferno by Debarchan Chatterjee

After the incident of Stephen court and New market, the shopping marts of the city of Kolkata is yet to learn its lesson as yet another inferno hits a 6 – storeyed wholesale market on busy Canning street area of the city.
3 months ago 8 min 1094
Gajon – The folk ritual of Bengal by Ritesh Ghosh

AsiaStoryGajon – The folk ritual of Bengal by Ritesh Ghosh

Bengal is a culturally diverse State which is known to celebrate various rituals throughout the year. ‘Gajon’ being one such ritual is absolutely worth documenting for its many unique practises, some of which can easily be deemed as primitive in modern times.
3 months ago 11 min 1153
Trump-Kim craze by Biel Calderon

EuropeFeaturedStoryTrump-Kim craze by Biel Calderon

The second summit between the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea chairman Kim Jong-un brought to the city of Hanoi heavy traffic, security cordons, and bustle. However, the residents of the capital of Vietnam welcomed the distinguished guests with great diplomacy and, in many cases, with joy and very peculiar demonstrations of admiration.
3 months ago 18 min 1988
ReHUB by Alessandro Annunziata

EuropeStoryReHUB by Alessandro Annunziata

The Teresa Rehabilitation Centre in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, is a rehabilitation centre run by local and international staff of the Italian Emergency NGO. In the centre, prostheses of any type are built to measure, and patients are followed in their path of learning the use of prosthetics.
3 months ago 12 min 1523
Nocturama by Jose Carpin

EuropeStoryNocturama by Jose Carpin

When I turned six years old my parents and relatives took me to the local zoo for the first time to see Nocturama. It is a facility where you visitors can find nocturnal animals and have the chance to see how they live and behave under an artificial darkness which tries to simulate the dark of the night.
3 months ago 9 min 1200
For you by Oliver Merce

EuropeStoryFor you by Oliver Merce

I first took notice of this category of people when I was a child. My mother was a medical worker in a neuropsychiatric hospital. I used to occasionally visit her and at that time the Romanian government was blurring the line that was separating people with intellectual disabilities and those with psychological problems, cramming them all in facilities of this sort.
3 months ago 11 min 1305
Varanasi and the Scent of Sadhus By Abhijit Bose

AsiaStoryVaranasi and the Scent of Sadhus By Abhijit Bose

Standing on the bank of the Ganges, I could hear the faint sound of a prayer-bell. Someone is doing Aarti (worship) nearby! Suddenly there was a flash of a match stick at a dark corner of the ghat.
3 months ago 13 min 1269
Love for Uganda by Victoria Knobloch

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryLove for Uganda by Victoria Knobloch

Many times I already traveled to Uganda and have gained a lot of insight. But I travel there not only for photography, but also because of my humanitarian project Deseret Foundatione.
3 months ago 15 min 1283
From raw to polished: The journey of a tussar silk material by Shirshendu Chowdhury

AsiaStoryFrom raw to polished: The journey of a tussar silk material by Shirshendu Chowdhury

This story is based on a day visit in a rural village of silk makers, India. It is a winter morning and people are busy in several activities to make Tussar silk which has rich texture and natural deep gold colour. I have tried to capture few moments of their lives and activities.
3 months ago 13 min 1132
Gray zone by Valery Melnikov

EuropeStoryGray zone by Valery Melnikov

First time I visited the Donbass region was at the beginning of summer of 2014, right at the beginning of the military conflict. Nobody knew at that time how long this conflict would last, and how difficult and painful the consequences of this conflict would be.
3 months ago 11 min 1181
Upcycling Construction in Vietnam by Hermes Aviateur

EuropeStoryUpcycling Construction in Vietnam by Hermes Aviateur

These pictures are an excpert of few days project I did a couple of weeks ago in Mui Ne a small coastal town in Vietnam known for its amazing dunes and surf spots.
3 months ago 11 min 1193
I had it all by Katerina Kouzmitcheva

EuropeStoryI had it all by Katerina Kouzmitcheva

I shoot stories of successful people who lost everything overnight. What is going through a once successful person in distress? What allows him to find the strength to fight again? I was searching for answers to these questions first of all in myself.
4 months ago 18 min 1552
A tale of a 91 years passionate amateur photographer by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

AsiaStoryA tale of a 91 years passionate amateur photographer by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

I am less famous as photographer in my locality. Two years ago in a day I was surprised by a knocking at the door, an old man with a stick came to introduce himself at my home and asked about my photography.
4 months ago 17 min 1306
Homecoming by Madeleine Morlet

EuropeStoryHomecoming by Madeleine Morlet

Adolescence is an archetype for our times, reflecting the incessant ambition for friendship and social bonding, and the conversely concurrent feeling of isolation; the desire to blend and belong, and the need to define and differentiate ourselves.
4 months ago 10 min 1155
Maroc by Jennifer Breuel

EuropeStoryMaroc by Jennifer Breuel

The story Maroc is defined by what I absorbed along my travel through Marocco at the threshold between the familiar and the unknown. A country that smells of orange trees, rose petals, exotic and beguiling scents
4 months ago 7 min 1020
The suicide of butterflies by Farshid Tighehsaz

AsiaStoryThe suicide of butterflies by Farshid Tighehsaz

In an act of a suicide, the murderer cannot be identified. So what determines the line between committing suicide and murder when the world encourages you to do both? Who is the killer? What about the circumstances? Environment? Life?
4 months ago 12 min 2176
Being a Woman by Ritesh Ghosh

AsiaStoryBeing a Woman by Ritesh Ghosh

Ever since I have been into photography, I had this urge to work on little Projects of my own through which I could address the societal evils and spread mass awareness.
4 months ago 12 min 1393
Aish Baladi by Grace Pui Wan Ho

AsiaB&WStoryAish Baladi by Grace Pui Wan Ho

Aish Baladi In Egypt To most of the people in the world, bread is a kind of food, but for Egyptians, bread is “life.” More than 5000 years back, bread culture already started in Egypt, Egyptians call bread “Aish Baladi”.
4 months ago 12 min 1483
Fez Undressed by Alessandro Annunziata

EuropeStoryFez Undressed by Alessandro Annunziata

Fez, in Morocco, the oldest of the four imperial cities, is divided into the new and the old city. Located in a mountainous region, the old town is characterized by the intricate streets, travelled only by people and donkeys, the only way of transport allowed and used by the locals. 
4 months ago 13 min 1217
Yamuna: The Other Side of the Bank by Jai Thakur

AsiaStoryYamuna: The Other Side of the Bank by Jai Thakur

There are so many things to explore in Delhi ranging from heritage to culture to food. However, one thing that came into the picture very strongly from the last few years is a beauty of Yamuna Ghats and chirping seagulls around it during winters.
5 months ago 12 min 1226
Gomira by Sandipa Malakar

AsiaStoryGomira by Sandipa Malakar

Gomira” the name has been derived from the colloquial form of the word “Gram-Chandi” or the female deity who is the protective force of the village. The exact origin of the dance form is not traceable as it’s lost in the realms of time.
5 months ago 9 min 1050
Heartfelt Welcome by Argus Paul Estabrook

AsiaB&WFeaturedStoryHeartfelt Welcome by Argus Paul Estabrook

On November 7, 2017, South Korean President Moon Jae-in extended a “heartfelt welcome” towards US President Donald Trump as he arrived in South Korea for a two-day summit to reaffirm the Korea-US alliance.
5 months ago 14 min 2022
Iluikak by Mara Sánchez Renero

AmericaStoryIluikak by Mara Sánchez Renero

Mara Sánchez Renero (Mexico) studied photography in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where she lived for 10 years. She was part of the collective boom of 2008, in Spain, where she was co-founder of the collective Malocchio and PHACTO.
5 months ago 11 min 1392
Visual impairment by Magdalena Grela

B&WEuropeStoryVisual impairment by Magdalena Grela

Visual impairment, also known as vision impairment or vision loss, is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses.
5 months ago 8 min 1378
Home Wilson by Andrea Torrei

B&WEuropeStoryHome Wilson by Andrea Torrei

“The World’s Greatest Tobacco Market” says the title of a book, Wilson was indeed a prosperous trading center of tobacco, with a growing population employed and involved in different thriving activities, a vibrant and bustling downtown as old pictures recall, and a railroad connecting the small and wealthy town to the major cities of the east coast.
5 months ago 12 min 1732
Black days of Ukraine by Valery Melnikov

EuropeStoryBlack days of Ukraine by Valery Melnikov

Ongoing conflict in Ukraine between separatists and the Ukrainian government army led the country to the full-scale hostilities. There always at least two armed fighting sides in any war.
5 months ago 11 min 1541
Nagapali Fisher by Sittig Fahr-Becker

B&WEuropeStoryNagapali Fisher by Sittig Fahr-Becker

The fishermen of Ngapali Beach, Myanmar is a series from a project I have been working on over the past couple of years. Continuously revisiting the fisherman’s village to capture their day-to-day life.
5 months ago 12 min 1205
Plastic Paradise by Aga Szydlik

AfricaB&WStoryPlastic Paradise by Aga Szydlik

The archipelago of San Blas comprises of over 360 tiny, coral reef islands, about half a mile from the mainland of the Isthmus of Panama and stretching to the borders of Colombia.
5 months ago 9 min 1500
Black World by Erberto Zani

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryBlack World by Erberto Zani

It is a dark world that millions of people are forced to work in, made of mines, dust and fear. Characterized by oppression, violence and trampled human rights; where the presence of enormous deposits of minerals transform into a curse for the people through the illegality caused by games of power and corrupt economies.
5 months ago 18 min 1798
Le bel age by Varvara Shinkarenko

EuropeStoryLe bel age by Varvara Shinkarenko

“Le bel age” is my ongoing photography project. It is about acceptance of your mature beauty. What is aging for you? Are you afraid of getting old? Wrinkles? Blue, grey hair?
5 months ago 7 min 1219
Your Gypsy is a Person by Marco Ponzianelli

EuropeStoryYour Gypsy is a Person by Marco Ponzianelli

We know them. They are the gypsies. They are stealing the wallet on the metro. They ask us for alms on the street. We use them for our shady deals, as in “capital mafia” but we are victims of their presence.
5 months ago 7 min 1451
Fishermen’s Tales by Alex Righetti

EuropeStoryFishermen’s Tales by Alex Righetti

It was a couple of years since I heard talk about the “Stilts of Carrasqueira”, a nice and typical place localized nearby the small town of Moitinha at the South of Lisbon. Inside the mouth of the Sado river this village, mainly habited by fishermen, it still keeps its traditions in a way that seems to be in the ’50s yet.
5 months ago 16 min 1269
Of foxes and dames and the doom by Anirban Mandal

AsiaB&WStoryOf foxes and dames and the doom by Anirban Mandal

A young woman, fresh college graduate succumbed to death recently (2019) in Kolkata (India) after she was shot point blank by a man who showed ‘love’ interest to her and she said ‘no’.
5 months ago 9 min 1316
The Great Red Paranoia by Revaz Kacharava

EuropeStoryThe Great Red Paranoia by Revaz Kacharava

I have always wondered whether such historical figures as Stalin experienced any remorse. How did those cruel decisions made by them influence their psyche?
5 months ago 9 min 1184

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedPilot by Mano Svanidze

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 8 min 1377
We live in a boom of scripted TV series where watching TV shows take the face of addiction. It has brought many changes in people's behavior and their response to others.

AmericaFeaturedShotNostalgia by Mauricio Candela

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 11 min 1607
A reflection on how fast the world moves today because of technology. And as a result, how younger generations have walked away from the simplest and most basic things in life.

CityEuropeFeaturedSidewalk Theatre: Street photography from New York City by Mathias Wasik

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 13 min 1423
There are few cities that inspire the modern world as much as New York City does. It’s ever growing, ever rising – a kaleidoscope of American culture.

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 15 min 1462
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

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