EuropeShotEvgeniya Khodakova ; A fairytale photographer

Dodho Magazine 3 days ago 5 min 734
I became a fairytale photographer with a significant background as a bank risk manager. A great eager for the artistic work brought me to the Architectual Academy in Moscow at first and after I became interested in photography.

EuropeShotVeczemju cliffs by Jelena Osmolovska

Dodho Magazine 5 days ago 6 min 835
I`m living in small country - Latvia.I love Latvian nature and I would like to expose it to the world. Because sometimes people doesn`t know what is Latvia and where it is.

AsiaShotCall Me Heena by Shahria Sharmin

Dodho Magazine 3 weeks ago 18 min 898
Hijra is a South Asian term with no exact match in the English language. Hijras are people designated male or intersex at birth who adopt a feminine gender identity. Often mislabeled as hermaphrodites, eunuchs, or transsexuals in literature, Hijras can be considered to fall under the umbrella term transgender, but many prefer the term third gender.

EuropeShotFaces of mirror by Suzette Luiken

Dodho Magazine 3 weeks ago 9 min 1028
In my portraits you can see young adults of our time. A time where, through social media, we create images of ourselves that connect as closely as possible with what the other person wants to see.


Gerewol by Trevor Cole

EuropeShotGerewol by Trevor Cole

Gerewol – The Wodaabe tribe (Mbororo) a branch of the Fulani tribe are nomadic pastoralists who are found predominantly in Niger and Chad, in the Sahel region of Sub Saharan Africa. They speak Fula which isn’t a written language. 
3 weeks ago 17 min 939
In the heart of the Omo valley tribes by Benjamin Angel

EuropeShotIn the heart of the Omo valley tribes by Benjamin Angel

The Omo Valley, located in the south west of Ethiopia, is home to a number of fascinating tribes, which have kept their traditions and a spectacular appearance. This photographic project  is built around two tribes, the Mursi and the Karo.  All photos have been taken in natural conditions, with the consent of the villagers.
4 weeks ago 14 min 884
All seeing eyes by Jady Bates

AmericaShotAll seeing eyes by Jady Bates

As women and identifying females everywhere, we see, we act. Our voices are not loudly heard or read, or broadcasted as often, but we act – many times without fanfare.
1 month ago 6 min 956
Generations by Karol Palka

EuropeShotGenerations by Karol Palka

Fixed on the subjects of personal identity, memories and time in all his works, in this case Karol explores them through ancestral kinship, familial relations and age differences between generations.
2 months ago 5 min 1000
Adorned by Jady Bates

AmericaFeaturedShotAdorned by Jady Bates

Women no longer feel the need to please the previously-ordained-in-media’s “male gaze.” Females are finding their voice and their own visions in how to adorn themselves: women according to women.
2 months ago 4 min 1344
Travel Photography by Mauro De Bettio

EuropeShotTravel Photography by Mauro De Bettio

Born and raised in a little village in the Italian Alps, now based in Barcelona, Mauro already felt from young age the desire to tell. He discovered that the camera was the right tool for him, the eye through which he could speak to the world.
2 months ago 30 min 1115
The Movers by Katinka Herbert

EuropeShotThe Movers by Katinka Herbert

Most Cubans can’t move. They can’t leave Cuba. Their lives are limited to the shores of their sun-kissed island. While the Communist regime retains a certain level of popularity among older generations, younger Cubans dream of a way out.
2 months ago 9 min 1216
Sergey Poznansky ; Magic of an “immortal” photography

B&WEuropeShotSergey Poznansky ; Magic of an “immortal” photography

In our century, in which we are surrouneded by exabytes of glamorous pictures as a demonstration of ostentatious perfection of the binary code, some stubborn people of the past are still seeking for the technologies of the past.
2 months ago 14 min 1647
The photography of Michaela Ďurišova

EuropeShotThe photography of Michaela Ďurišova

I remember that feeling when I first held my father-in-law’s reflex camera. I also remember when I bought my first photography equipment. I felt nothing but pure euphoria which was reflected in many photographs I took. Some of them even won such wide acclaim I had never dreamed of.
2 months ago 15 min 1449
Portraits by Tina signesdottir Hult

EuropeShotPortraits by Tina signesdottir Hult

My interest in photography began early, before I was 20 years old. I am self- taught, driven by a great passion for the art of photography, and have been in a constant learning process.
3 months ago 15 min 2229
Not A Feast by Jady Bates

AmericaShotNot A Feast by Jady Bates

Women are still struggling with being considered beautiful by the old, stereotypical standards, but I believe women are changing the status quo. It is still most women’s inclination to pose and adorn herself according to what a man would want.
4 months ago 6 min 2186
Portraits by Justina Soulas

AmericaFeaturedShotPortraits by Justina Soulas

The pictures that I make are my way to travel to the past. I make these pictures to reconnect with who I was. With a slower pace. With the colors of yesterday. With my childhood and with those games.
4 months ago 8 min 3066
Ripe by Evelyn Bencicova

EuropeShotRipe by Evelyn Bencicova

Youth has no age. Powerful personality remains strong despite the time which is passing. RIPE portraits woman of great courage and character, ladies who are not afraid to display their natural beauty and ageing. 
4 months ago 9 min 1648
Irish Travellers by France Leclerc

AmericaShotIrish Travellers by France Leclerc

The Irish Travellers, also called the Tinkers, had been nomadic for generations, travelling the countryside in horse-drawn carts and wagons. Of course, “gypsies” and Roma” come to mind when hearing about this lifestyle, but recent genetic testing has shown that the Travellers are native to Ireland.
5 months ago 18 min 1882
The Eyes of a Stranger by William Bullard

AmericaB&WShotThe Eyes of a Stranger by William Bullard

Since I was a young photographer, the elusive question has always been “what is the essence of photography, why does it enthrall me, what does it do that no other medium can?” 
5 months ago 27 min 1188
Daniela, portrait of my mother by Niko Giovanni Coniglio

EuropeShotDaniela, portrait of my mother by Niko Giovanni Coniglio

I started photographing my mother to learn how to use a camera. I continued doing it in order to spend some time with her.I’m still photographing her to witness and tell our story. Photography is a sort of bridge in our relationship and helps me to know her.
5 months ago 18 min 1860
Portraits by Richard Ansett

EuropeFeaturedShotPortraits by Richard Ansett

My style and relationship to photography has been built from this foundation and I have come to realize that my fascination with other people’s lives is entirely relative to my own lack of understanding and sense of dislocation.
5 months ago 15 min 48616
Depictions In The Space by Zuzu Valla

EuropeShotDepictions In The Space by Zuzu Valla

The modernist house of the late 19th century in the capital of Bratislava housing the creative spirits of Atelier LUZ and aspects of city living and creative spirit of a fashion house.
5 months ago 13 min 1752
Working Shadows by Amaury Wenger

B&WEuropeShotWorking Shadows by Amaury Wenger

My goal was then to meet them, get to know them and give these hard-working bodies the importance they deserve, both in action during their work, or as ephemeral model under the lights of the improvised studio. 
8 months ago 7 min 2224
Female portraits by Marianna Jaszczuk

B&WEuropeShotFemale portraits by Marianna Jaszczuk

This is a collecion of images of women that I have had a pleasure to photograph. Female portraits has been a very special experience from the perspective of an artist, and a human being.
9 months ago 11 min 2935
Boarding House parents by Ashley Comer

EuropeShotBoarding House parents by Ashley Comer

I’ve spent the past few months as artist-in-residence at a UK Independent Boarding School. A part of my experience at Uppingham that I will never forget is the uniqueness of the lunch system here.
9 months ago 8 min 3279
Less is more by Lorenzo Mancini

B&WEuropeShotLess is more by Lorenzo Mancini

His work is meant to be an ode to humans in which models are displayed in their purest forms. As part of a minimalist approach, his work leaves no room for any tricks so as to focus only on the essential. 
9 months ago 5 min 4434
Life in the monastery ; Bagan by Aga Szydlik

AfricaShotLife in the monastery ; Bagan by Aga Szydlik

Myanmar (Burma) is predominantly a Buddhist country, with 90% of the population practising Buddhism or embracing a monastic lifestyle.
9 months ago 5 min 3501
Portraits by Neil Kremer & Cory Johnson

AmericaShotPortraits by Neil Kremer & Cory Johnson

Character-based portraits and narrative-driven scenes are our thing. Sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, occasionally scripted, and often just REAL – they specialize in capturing authentic moments in even the most manufactured of settings.
10 months ago 23 min 3742
Early Portraits by Dimitris Mytas

B&WEuropeShotEarly Portraits by Dimitris Mytas

This series of portraits comes from the period of my early involvement with the photographic medium.
10 months ago 6 min 3828
Like A Shooting Star by Yumi Miki

AsiaShotLike A Shooting Star by Yumi Miki

Like A Shooting Star is a project that reflects my teenage memories from when I was is middle school. I grew up in Japan where as a whole society, there are cultural expectations to attend high school and beyond but it is not actually legally mandatory.
11 months ago 11 min 4308
Unusual Family Peculiarities by Josip Miskovic

B&WEuropeShotUnusual Family Peculiarities by Josip Miskovic

This project narrate my search for belonging and describe my evolution as a photographer, conducted over the last three years, in which I lived as a stranger or “migrant” in a foreign land
11 months ago 7 min 3226
Strange Female Portraits by Tatsiana Tsyhanova

EuropeShotStrange Female Portraits by Tatsiana Tsyhanova

First of all, Tatsiana’s works in the direction of artistic portrait photography. In the author’s works, there are a lot of features of magical realism, such as directions in literature and art that was born in the 1920s and developed by the 1940s.
11 months ago 7 min 2678
Presence by Daniel Murtagh

AmericaShotPresence by Daniel Murtagh

For Daniel Murtagh, the essence of a good portrait is ‘Presence’ , the experience of a person not merely seen, but felt . “I like to compare it to the experience in music , a certain combination of sounds expresses the intent of the composer”
12 months ago 13 min 3946
Leah and Chloe ; Identical twins by Zuzu Valla

EuropeShotLeah and Chloe ; Identical twins by Zuzu Valla

Leah and Chloe are Identical twins, born in 2005.  Born 3 months premature, weighing just 2lb 4oz. The girls have grown into strong independent young ladies. They love school, with Maths, P.E and Drama being their favourite subjects. 
12 months ago 11 min 4378
Portraits with Wet Plate Collodion by Paul Alsop & Luke White

B&WFeaturedOceaniaShotPortraits with Wet Plate Collodion by Paul Alsop & Luke White

Wet Plate Collodion is a historic photographic process that was pioneered and used in the In the mid to late 1800’s by an English photographer called Frederick Scott Archer.
12 months ago 19 min 6417
Common People by Elio Cremi

EuropeShotCommon People by Elio Cremi

I have no problems to say that since three years I am attending a mental health center, as patient, where every week I meet wonderful people. They are patients too. And they are teaching me to observe the world around me in different way.
1 year ago 13 min 4231
Cergy´s Faces, Portrait Photography by Jean Pierre Duvergé

EuropeShotCergy´s Faces, Portrait Photography by Jean Pierre Duvergé

The dream for a portraitist. An image worth more than long speeches, I decided to show this human diversity by photographing anonymous people who could be our neighbors, the shopkeeper we go to every day
1 year ago 8 min 3411
Ape dumma – Open your eyes by Czuko Williams

EuropeFeaturedShotApe dumma – Open your eyes by Czuko Williams

There is an strong untold story among the ancient tribes who lives in Ethiopia. The story of the loss of traditional way of life due the process of deculturation, transculturation, and mainly because of progress.
1 year ago 11 min 2656
Paintography Deux by Adamm ; A Portrait Photographer

AmericaShotPaintography Deux by Adamm ; A Portrait Photographer

Adamm is a Portrait Photographer from Chicago, USA, with 10+ years experience and is currently one of the most active photographers in the Chicago arts community.
1 year ago 12 min 3555
Le Temps des fleurs by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

EuropeShotLe Temps des fleurs by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

One of the strongest arguments against photography as an art form is the ability of a viewer to simply and quickly take in all of the aspects of a photo, and move on.
1 year ago 22 min 1703
Alternative Universe by Aritra Chatterjee

AsiaB&WShotAlternative Universe by Aritra Chatterjee

Perhaps more startling fully one third of Americans say they would rather give up sex than lose their cell phones.
1 year ago 13 min 2827
Michal Baran ; Beauty & Fashion Photography

B&WEuropeFeaturedShotMichal Baran ; Beauty & Fashion Photography

Michał Baran was born and raised in Poland, graduating in computer science, he worked as a web-master, graphic designer and developer, but his greatest passion has always been photography. 
1 year ago 7 min 3102
Careful – Soul Inside by Pedro Oliveira

AmericaShotCareful – Soul Inside by Pedro Oliveira

In June 2015, Pedro Oliveira, a Brazilian photographer, living in Portland, OR-USA,  started a personal ongoing series of photographic essays casing lives of real people throughout several cities of the West coast of the United States.
1 year ago 9 min 3163
Selfhood by Vicky Martin

EuropeFeaturedShotSelfhood by Vicky Martin

The series “Selfhood” was in part inspired by the proverb “The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul” and a desire to challenge the need to see the eyes within a portrait.
1 year ago 7 min 6207
One Shot by Max Hirshfeld

AmericaFeaturedShotOne Shot by Max Hirshfeld

Propelled by a sense of immediacy, these photos of everyday people in everyday places attempt to reveal what we often fail to see.
1 year ago 8 min 2693
Illuminaries by Max Hirshfeld

AmericaShotIlluminaries by Max Hirshfeld

When I was asked to participate in Artist-Citizen, Washington, DC, I used the opportunity to retrieve an idea that had been lurking somewhere in my subconscious.
1 year ago 10 min 4615
Portraits by Cédric Brion

EuropeFeaturedShotPortraits by Cédric Brion

To discover and photograph countries knowing how to preserve the magic of the moment, here is the objective that I aim in my photographs.
1 year ago 16 min 2509
Nexus by Elizabeth Koning

EuropeShotNexus by Elizabeth Koning

A Scene from an Unknown enlightenment and Luminous Land. Noticing the details, light, shapes, colors, textures, people, trees and flowers. Everything around me looked bright and different.
1 year ago 5 min 3757
Summer Contrasts by Agnieszka sokolowska

EuropeShotSummer Contrasts by Agnieszka sokolowska

The aim of portrait series “Summer Contrasts” was to create a series of portraits with quite abstract mood
1 year ago 18 min 3659
Antonie by Liliana Pham

EuropeShotAntonie by Liliana Pham

I have been a model since 2009. I’ve done it for more than 7 years. It was my hobby and I was building a network of contacts that have been useful for the field that I studied, which was Fashion design.
1 year ago 6 min 2395
First Call Out by Jen Davis

AmericaFeaturedShotFirst Call Out by Jen Davis

Since the publication of my first monograph “Eleven Years,” I found that most of what I wanted to say in this self-portrait series had been said, and I was interested in taking a break from the intensity of looking at my own body.
1 year ago 8 min 7535
A Nobel´s Mess  by Wiebke Bosse

EuropeShotA Nobel´s Mess by Wiebke Bosse

Wiebke Bosse is always looking for unseen, ephemeral moments and situations.At the Cercle Suédois during Paris fashion week, she had the incredible chance of shooting in the inspirational mess inside Alfred Nobel’s former office.
1 year ago 2 min 4854
The 30 second Project by Matthieu Colnat

EuropeShotThe 30 second Project by Matthieu Colnat

So when I went back to my work with photography after a lull of several years, my hunger for pictures naturally drained me to this idea.
1 year ago 27 min 2170
Tubetopia by Romeo

EuropeShotTubetopia by Romeo

On the underground people are forced to stay in a tight space next to each other, and, even though it’s only for a short time, they share unique experiences that will vanish forever once they leave.
1 year ago 12 min 3705
Chasing Dreams by Iwona Pinkowicz

EuropeShotChasing Dreams by Iwona Pinkowicz

Iwona started ‘Chasing Dreams’ in January 2016. She always has her camera with her as she consider it an extension of her body.
1 year ago 6 min 2206
Purtraits – Pure portraits by Danny Van der Elst

EuropeShotPurtraits – Pure portraits by Danny Van der Elst

Contrary to commercial photographers, I am not looking for perfect images. Rather than showing my photoshop skills, I choose to show genuine people with real feelings.
1 year ago 11 min 3307
Robert Rutöd: Fair(y) Tales

EuropeShotRobert Rutöd: Fair(y) Tales

An expedition through the grotesque realm of must-haves and mega-trends. It seems as if there is a constant factor amidst the diversity of our dreams: The longing for a heavenly life, the hope for permanent feeling of happiness.
2 years ago 10 min 6107
Alan Gandy ; The People of Vélez-Blanco

B&WEuropeShotAlan Gandy ; The People of Vélez-Blanco

In March of 2016 Alan Gandy and his wife Elle arrived in Vélez-Blanco for an overnight stay. Whilst sat outside Bar La Sociedad in the village that evening, they noticed that almost everyone frequenting the bar
2 years ago 10 min 3135
Self Portrait Diary by Alicja Brodowicz

B&WEuropeShotSelf Portrait Diary by Alicja Brodowicz

A moment comes every once in a while when I feel the urge to make a self-portrait. However, these portraits are not about documenting physical appearance and changes in my looks
2 years ago 8 min 5179
Suri Portraits by Piper Mackay

AfricaFeaturedShotSuri Portraits by Piper Mackay

Inspired by their environment of wild trees, exotic flowers and lush vegetation. The Suri tribe use the clay soil of bright yellows, startling whites and rich earth-reds to paint each other’s bodies and make bold decisions about their outfits.
2 years ago 10 min 7105
Ordinary days is beautiful  by Takako Fukaya

AsiaB&WFeaturedShotOrdinary days is beautiful by Takako Fukaya

Takako Fukaya has three daughters. They are so special to her. Also she thinks “Children” like them is a hope and a future in this world.
2 years ago 6 min 8055
Portraits by Ewa Cwikla

EuropeFeaturedShotPortraits by Ewa Cwikla

The power of capturing the daily instant, to have the ability to convert the ordinary into a unique moment, because her camera and her life are two indissoluble concepts.
2 years ago 9 min 12077
Victoria Knobloch ; What we really want to learn in school

B&WEuropeShotVictoria Knobloch ; What we really want to learn in school

This project is a multilayered one. First I was thinking about how I could raise money for Deseret Community School in Uganda with the tool of art and preferably in collaboration with the children of the school itself.
2 years ago 12 min 10387
Myanmar Chin tribe facial tattoos by Tim Yare

B&WOceaniaShotMyanmar Chin tribe facial tattoos by Tim Yare

The Chin tribes are from Chin and Rakhine States in Myanmar. Not all women were tattooed and it is not known how long ago the practice started.
2 years ago 8 min 3230
Nexus by Anne Rosamond Hoerter

B&WShotNexus by Anne Rosamond Hoerter

For the past year, I have been questioning my personal connection to certain unique individuals I have come to know in the small german village in which I have been living.
2 years ago 8 min 2484
We are here by Caroline Gavazzi

B&WEuropeShotWe are here by Caroline Gavazzi

“We are here” is a series of three-dimensional photographs by Caroline Gavazzi about the immigrants living in Riace (Italy) and their identities.
2 years ago 13 min 3035
Stasys Povilaitis ; Variations On The Topic Of One Poem

B&WEuropeShotStasys Povilaitis ; Variations On The Topic Of One Poem

It happened that a couple of years ago, during literature festival “Panevezys Literary Winter”, a perfect opportunity arose to take pictures of the event participants – people from Lithuanian literature world.
2 years ago 9 min 3446
Suspension by Damien Berney

B&WEuropeShotSuspension by Damien Berney

We live at present in a society where we do not take time any more. The consumption gives rhythm to our everyday life and our desire to acquire new goods in quantities always more important, grows day to day.
2 years ago 6 min 3634
Wild violets by Judith Rodriguez

AmericaB&WShotWild violets by Judith Rodriguez

There is a murmur of images in the cities. There are people. Stories walking down the streets. You can see them in faces, in gestures. Those stories are being written again and again.
2 years ago 10 min 4171
Michael David Adams ; Fashion photography

AmericaFeaturedShotMichael David Adams ; Fashion photography

Michael David Adams’ Fashion photography has taken him around the world from beautiful Caribbean islands and breathtaking coast of Mexico, to exquisite European destinations like Paris, Venice, Nice, and Croatia to name a few..
2 years ago 15 min 3577

AsiaB&WFeaturedStoryHeartfelt Welcome by Argus Paul Estabrook

Dodho Magazine 3 weeks ago 14 min 1359
On November 7, 2017, South Korean President Moon Jae-in extended a “heartfelt welcome” towards US President Donald Trump as he arrived in South Korea for a two-day summit to reaffirm the Korea-US alliance.

CityEuropeFeaturedThe state of britain by David Barrett

Dodho Magazine 1 month ago 10 min 1222
The state of Britain project was intended to be a study of Americanisation within the UK, however ,The result of the Brexit referendum signaled to me that Britain was about to change more significantly , Britain was about to exchange its liberal European past for a survival of the fittest ”Wild West” culture . 

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryBlack World by Erberto Zani

Dodho Magazine 1 month ago 18 min 1280
It is a dark world that millions of people are forced to work in, made of mines, dust and fear. Characterized by oppression, violence and trampled human rights; where the presence of enormous deposits of minerals transform into a curse for the people through the illegality caused by games of power and corrupt economies.

AmericaFeaturedShotAdorned by Jady Bates

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 4 min 1344
Women no longer feel the need to please the previously-ordained-in-media's "male gaze." Females are finding their voice and their own visions in how to adorn themselves: women according to women.

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