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Recently, I completed my first 365 project. It was an eye-opening experience that brought me in contact with several styles of photography, all of which I have grown to appreciate. Taking a picture everyday can be challenging
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Recently, I completed my first 365 project. It was an eye-opening experience that brought me in contact with several styles of photography, all of which I have grown to appreciate. Taking a picture everyday can be challenging; there were days I didn’t think I would be able to come up with a new concept or find a new landscape.

During one particularly difficult day, I ended up wandering around downtown Tampa with no ideas and came across a group of BMX bikers performing stunts. The idea of taking photos of others always intrigued me, but was so anxiety-provoking I always passed on the opportunity.

Starbucks Break

This particular day I told myself to try. It’s a learning experience. Right? And so I did. I pushed myself to continue taking photos that pushed my comfort zone. At first It was difficult, but once I figured out how I wanted to convey my street photography it became a lot easier. I love seeing my subjects in their environment, comfortable and ready for life. It has quickly become one of my favorite styles of photography. Instead of forcing myself to come up with ideas that may or may not come to fruition, street photography enables me to capture the beauty of everyday life. My camera and I, just waiting for a split second to capture a moment frozen in time on a digital frame is so powerful to me.

I don’t come home with an amazing image every day and that’s okay. The fact that I have been able to use photography as a way to get out and meet new people and share new experiences is a huge win for me. Street photography has allowed me to break down my walls and challenge myself to seek out new opportunities of which I was once afraid. At times I used to feel like I was holding the weight of the whole world on my shoulders; now I feel that weight coming off. It has been a therapeutic experience for me. Fear is an illusion that our brains make up to protect us from any uncertainties we are unaware of. The more I go out there to develop my abilities in photography, the less I feel the fear. These are the developments as a photographer I cherish the most. [Official Website]


The streets have not only freed me to be a better photographer, but a better human being.

Has My Flight Arrived

About Keith Reid

Is a self-taught photographer who enjoys learning and fine-tuning his creative approach. With a creative background and a degree in audio and video, he has developed his experience as a photographer and  digital artist over the past five years. Over those years he has excelled in landscape  fine art, and conceptual photography. He has developed his hand in digital arts and view the whole world as his canvas. Keith initiated a 365 photography project to explore his creative efforts and challenge his technical skills. [Official Website]

Finding A Way to Live

In The Company Of A Good Book pt 2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Lonely Nights Cold Out in these Streets Struggling Weather


Lets' Take a Long Walk Early Morning Silhouette by Sunset

Night Riders

Dancing Beauty

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