AmericaConceptInterstellar by Simon McCheung

Dodho Magazine 17 hours ago 6 min 551
The series ‘Interstellar’ was created to portray the social media bubble that most of us have been immersed in that we don’t realise the real life issues that are occurring beneath our feet. 

B&WConceptEuropeDream construction by Cyrille Druart

Dodho Magazine 17 hours ago 6 min 521
In the same way my profession of Architect allows me to plunge the visitors by confronting them with powerful, thick, high walls, or with heavy, dark atmospheres; I like images that transport people, which open the doors of another world.

ConceptEuropeThe Weight Of Water by Jennifer Orhélys

Dodho Magazine 18 hours ago 11 min 453
The Weight of Water is a serie of self-portraits contrasting and colourful of modern-day sirens and nymphs. After seizing the telluric forces of the series My Wild Tales, as a metaphor for an inner emotional tremor.

AmericaB&WConceptOld Way by Yuri Rodolfo Alvarez

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 7 min 620
It is a deep trip done to closed eyes, building internal images across the skin, for secondary and deep ways of the Toscana, in a place of Siena's province


Not in Kansas by Vicky Martin

ConceptEuropeNot in Kansas by Vicky Martin

Not In Kansas is a staged series of photographs inspired by the tenacious, self- reliant character Dorothy from the story The Wizard of Oz.
5 days ago 7 min 903
Artasura by Moga Alexandru

ConceptEuropeArtasura by Moga Alexandru

Artasura, is a concept series that started back in 2012 with the picture Roots. Back then I had an incipient idea of raw primitive imagery that would depict humans in all sorts of nature landscapes, but it was never explored enough. In 2018 the inspiration struck, everything connected and a series of shots started to slowly emerge and take shape and color. The gods always had a powerful grip and exerted a great fascination on…
5 days ago 9 min 1384
Definitive Ambiguities by Jack Savage

B&WConceptEuropeDefinitive Ambiguities by Jack Savage

As the contemporary photographic world moves as if in fast forward, this photographic series by London-based Jack Savage is committed to the power of memory and its often haunted shadows.
1 week ago 18 min 911
Night Tales by Babis Kougemitros

ConceptEuropeNight Tales by Babis Kougemitros

The nocturnal wandering in the borderland of the city and in the far away fields is characterised by darkness and danger. However, the fear that the night ignites is tempered by the freedom it entails.
1 week ago 11 min 854
Reborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

AsiaConceptReborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

There are several spaces formed by concrete walls and staircases, which is characteristic of Ando architecture, in the park beside the art museum, which was designed after the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake by Tadao Ando.
2 weeks ago 14 min 1089
Unnatural by Anirban Mandal

AsiaConceptUnnatural by Anirban Mandal

‘Unnatural’ is the extended and more elaborate project of ‘The ghosts among us’ series by Anirban. Questions about the existence of life after death, spirits and unknown entities in our well known environment have been raised since long.
2 weeks ago 5 min 800
The heart can receive a direct blow by Matthew Hall

AmericaConceptThe heart can receive a direct blow by Matthew Hall

To be honest, I get no satisfaction from my finished images. The image itself means nothing to me; it is the process of obtaining the image that provides me with the satisfaction that keeps me looking for more- along the streets and in the pavement, in the chipped paint, in the mad colors and fleeting shapes, always looking.
2 weeks ago 12 min 718
Cockroaches by Ksenia Sidorova

ConceptEuropeCockroaches by Ksenia Sidorova

The cult of success and personal growth, working in an always-connected environment, the virtualization of private life, the importunate and imposed needs to demonstrate our successes, both real or imaginary, in social networks
2 weeks ago 11 min 1010
Inner Feelings by Kaushik Dolui

AsiaB&WConceptInner Feelings by Kaushik Dolui

Initially during our travel to Puskar Mela, Rajasthan. I photographed one of my friend’s different perspectives by covering him with clothes.Later I sent two/three images with some modifications for salons competition.
2 weeks ago 10 min 590
Transfiguration by Lesia Maruschak

AmericaB&WConceptTransfiguration by Lesia Maruschak

Transfiguration revolves around a little girl named Maria – a survivor of the 1932-1933 famine in my homeland of Ukraine. Her parents and 4 million others died because of Stalin’s policy of artificial starvation.
2 months ago 8 min 2110
Waking Life by Max Moldau

B&WConceptEuropeWaking Life by Max Moldau

Waking Life is a homage to the disappearing monochrome dream world. Some researchers suppose that it was the childhood exposure to black-and-white photography, movies and later television
2 months ago 11 min 2003
Nights without night…and some days without day by Pierre Paul Dumont

AmericaB&WConceptNights without night…and some days without day by Pierre Paul Dumont

This work is realized with stenopeic camera in 2 formats 120mm and 4×5 film. It ‘s about a personal process of involuntary memory, following the steps of Marcel Proust in La Recherche du temps perdu.
2 months ago 11 min 1439
Untold by Julien De Wilde

B&WConceptEuropeUntold by Julien De Wilde

Diving deeply within oneself to get rid of the limits formed by our education, our culture, our conditioning and our fears that oppress us until suffocation.
2 months ago 7 min 3106
Abandoned Old Airport of Nicosia by Dimitris Sideridis

B&WConceptEuropeAbandoned Old Airport of Nicosia by Dimitris Sideridis

This work is part of my wider engagement focused on abandoned places and the connection between space and historical memory. “Nicosia International Airport” is such a place. 
2 months ago 12 min 1383
Traces left behind by John Eaton

B&WConceptEuropeTraces left behind by John Eaton

The skyline of Buffalo, NY, is dominated by rows of 125 feet tall grain silos and elevators along the Buffalo River. Built over 100 years ago using the then newly-invented reinforced concrete.
2 months ago 16 min 1443
Ab inferno ad vida by Linda Troeller

AmericaConceptAb inferno ad vida by Linda Troeller

This portfolio is about how I find ways to recover from my PTSD; a fire demolished most of my art photography archive – my entire house and all my belongings in New Jersey went up in flames and my left hand badly burned.
2 months ago 12 min 1315
Chatting with Felix by Mitar Terzic

B&WConceptEuropeChatting with Felix by Mitar Terzic

Felix had photography in his blood.Felix’s father, Franz Triard de Laforest, was one of the pioneering photographers of Eastern Europe.
2 months ago 11 min 2865
Death and Transfiguration by Diane Kaye

AmericaB&WConceptDeath and Transfiguration by Diane Kaye

Beginning in 1980 I trained enthusiastically in gelatin silver printing with several master printers. Today, in making an archival monochromatic pigment print
3 months ago 11 min 3013
A Visionary Journey by Massimiliano Balò

B&WConceptEuropeA Visionary Journey by Massimiliano Balò

It is my creative and visionary journey of my life where through the photography I captured the momentum reversing my unconscious feelings and visions of the world.
3 months ago 8 min 1919
Circus by Tim Booth

B&WConceptEuropeCircus by Tim Booth

Circus is a series of images setting out to show the beauty, strength and symmetry in the performances of young contemporary circus performers in the United Kingdom.
3 months ago 8 min 3348
Ηypothesis by Antigone Kourakou

B&WConceptEuropeΗypothesis by Antigone Kourakou

Antigone Kourakou’s recent work reminds us of the inexhaustible capacity photography has to transmute reality.References to the history of photography abound and, working surreptitiously
3 months ago 9 min 2646
In my lucid dream by Byoung Ho Rhee

AsiaB&WConceptIn my lucid dream by Byoung Ho Rhee

Almost everyday I made a lucid dream full of uncosiousness , at which I found myself turned into biological equivalents psychological as well.
3 months ago 5 min 2981
Sympathy for the devil by Guillaume d’Hubert

ConceptEuropeSympathy for the devil by Guillaume d’Hubert

This serie is impregnated with the extravaganza from the period this song was written, the character is beautiful, human and animal, graceful and brutal.
3 months ago 11 min 2848
Christine et le Baleineau by Yves Guénot

AfricaB&WConceptChristine et le Baleineau by Yves Guénot

Every year, around Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, humpback whales come to give birth. The calves have a few months to learn the gestures of life.
3 months ago 7 min 3880
Transcending by Isabel Curdes

ConceptEuropeTranscending by Isabel Curdes

It is a story about life and death, about the beauty of our ephemeral existence and the acceptance that one day we will just be a memory…
3 months ago 11 min 4999
Makeshift by Paweł Starzec

ConceptEuropeMakeshift by Paweł Starzec

This common agreement takes shape of a narrative concerning both past and present times, serving as an explanation of the world and unifying the group around it.
3 months ago 9 min 2458
Deconstructions by AymE

B&WConceptEuropeDeconstructions by AymE

The concept of Deconstructions is to shed light on the female body, its shapes and shadows, its beauties and also its taboos. This series of photographs seeks to come back to a more elementary perception of the female body
4 months ago 10 min 3572
The Girl With The Face Tattoo by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

ConceptEuropeThe Girl With The Face Tattoo by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

Waking as if from a dream, she stumbled forwards. She turned around but it was too late, the door slammed shut behind her.
4 months ago 18 min 1367
Iceland ; Visions of earth by Massimo Lupidi

ConceptEuropeIceland ; Visions of earth by Massimo Lupidi

An aerial photo, an immediate feeling of naturalness, of amazing experience. Seeing from a bird’s perspective is not consistent with seeing from the ground.
4 months ago 12 min 2485
Atopos by Lukas Vasilikos

ConceptEuropeAtopos by Lukas Vasilikos

Change is taking place in such rapid strides today that it leaves man with a sense of not belonging in his very own habitat. It almost feels as though, apart from the advances in every field of human activity
4 months ago 13 min 5022
The sequence of love by Daria Amaranth

ConceptEuropeThe sequence of love by Daria Amaranth

It is sensual and metaphorical representation of the feeling of love between partners.As it happens in life, the photographs are divided into stages
4 months ago 11 min 4937
Monster by Frank Machalowski

B&WConceptEuropeMonster by Frank Machalowski

“When big masses walk into the same direction, everything is connected, you adapt yourself to it, everything becomes uniform.” Most people that live or have lived in a big city before will probably know this phenomena Frank Machalowski describes so well in the quote above.
4 months ago 23 min 2883
Escapism by Amanda Mason

ConceptOceaniaEscapism by Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason’s ‘Escapism’ series visually expresses an ethereal sleep state, a place between being awake and being asleep, a place where the mind is semi-conscious
4 months ago 10 min 2454
Starting a New Journey by Michiko Chiyoda

AsiaB&WConceptStarting a New Journey by Michiko Chiyoda

After a long struggle with sickness, my mother passed away. Since then I have made a lot of trips. I have chosen to visit seaside, because I remember what my mother used to say to me before she died.
4 months ago 13 min 8384
Northern Gothic by Maren Klemp

ConceptEuropeNorthern Gothic by Maren Klemp

Maren Klemp, born in 1984, is a fine art photographer living and working in Oslo, Norway. She uses her photography to raise awareness of mental health, and her images portrays her personal challenges with mental illness.
4 months ago 9 min 4569
I am a dreamer by Carmelita Iezzi

ConceptEuropeI am a dreamer by Carmelita Iezzi

“I am a Dreamer” is a new project started in 2017, it is a conceptual series of surreal portraits interpreted in an ironic key and inspired by adolescence.
4 months ago 11 min 2845
Deep In A Dream-Central Park by Michael Massaia

AmericaB&WConceptDeep In A Dream-Central Park by Michael Massaia

I started documenting Central Park back in 2007 as way of coping with severe insomnia. I would commonly take long walks at night, and the park always seemed to be calling me in.
4 months ago 10 min 2833
A piece of Rock by George Digalakis

B&WConceptEuropeA piece of Rock by George Digalakis

George Digalakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece, in 1960. A medical doctor by profession, he still lives and works in Athens. What attracted him to photography is its ability to create beauty in ordinary places and order out of the disordered world.It was only in 2011 when he first studied photography at “Photoeidolo”
4 months ago 11 min 4996
Dans le silence d’une rêverie by Carmelita Iezzi

B&WConceptEuropeDans le silence d’une rêverie by Carmelita Iezzi

The nature, the humans figure and the conceptual, between the beauty and the soul. In this series I invite the viewer to enter a dream world, where solitude is more than just being alone. It is a world of soul searching the dream.
4 months ago 7 min 3940
The Promenade by Cyrille Druart

B&WConceptEuropeThe Promenade by Cyrille Druart

The title reflects the photographic practice of Cyrille Druart. Unlike his other passion, Architecture, a field in which the progress of projects is slower and anchored in practical needs.
4 months ago 12 min 2466
Lato Selvatico by Alessandro Ciccarelli

ConceptEuropeLato Selvatico by Alessandro Ciccarelli

The word natura (nature) comes from natus, that means born, and urus, the generative energy. The word selvatico (wilderness) originates from  selva (forest), which has the same root as sole (sun), and it means to burn.
4 months ago 15 min 4859
Becoming A Specter by Daniel W. Coburn

AmericaB&WConceptBecoming A Specter by Daniel W. Coburn

The edge or border of something. An amount by which something is won or falls short.Consider the mind and body as a parchment that is scribed, erased, and scribed again—used and reused in perpetuity until its fibers begin to unravel and fall apart.
4 months ago 12 min 2824
The Places of Violence by Carolina Dutca

B&WConceptEuropeThe Places of Violence by Carolina Dutca

UN Senior Expert on Human Rights in Transnistrian region Thomas Hammarberg believes that the problem of domestic violence shouldn’t be hidden.Moreover, the state should actively participate in solving the problem. ‘A law on domestic violence had been drafted and is under review.
5 months ago 12 min 2367
Symphony by Matthieu Colnat

ConceptEuropeSymphony by Matthieu Colnat

How to photograph music? That was the first question I asked myself before I started to work on this series. I never was so much of a dance enthousiast but I have always been intrigued and attracted by classic dancers.
5 months ago 16 min 2351
Your Majesty the Queen by Lorena Cordero

AmericaConceptYour Majesty the Queen by Lorena Cordero

Your Majesty the Queen is a series that came up to life after two years of grief due the loss of my mother to cancer. I was very close to her specially during the time of the illness up to the point of becoming her mother.
5 months ago 8 min 3898
 The Tree of Life is Eternally Green by Pascual Martínez + Vincent Sáez

ConceptEurope The Tree of Life is Eternally Green by Pascual Martínez + Vincent Sáez

An intimate notebook of documentary work undertaken in Romania, exploring the country’s landscape and integral connections Romanians have with nature.
5 months ago 34 min 4929
67P By Florence Iff

ConceptEurope67P By Florence Iff

It explores the mission of orbiter “Rosetta,” which set out in 2004 to investigate a comet named 67P. Rosetta reached the comet 10 years later, in 2014, and sent back detailed information about the comet before ending its mission by hitting the comet’s surface in a controlled maneuver.
5 months ago 7 min 1842
Aura by Lorena Cordero

AmericaConceptAura by Lorena Cordero

This series is about recognizing yourself in the soul. I appeal to virgins and goddesses of different cultures as a bridge to represent spirituality through femininity.
5 months ago 11 min 2577
In Vacuo by Lise Johansson

B&WConceptEuropeIn Vacuo by Lise Johansson

The series In Vacuo is a result of my ongoing study of mundane objects, their evocative potential and architectural affordances. In “In Vacuo” I worked with spare parts of household appliances.
5 months ago 8 min 4400
Moi–Peau by Runeda

ConceptEuropeMoi–Peau by Runeda

What’s hidden behind appearances, behind clothes or even behind that skin? It’s the skin as an envelope, an interface that made me wonder and naturally brought me to the psychoanalytic concept of «Moi–Peau».
5 months ago 12 min 1869
Imaginations ;  A Series of Whimsical Nostalgia by Nathan Wirth

AmericaB&WConceptFeaturedImaginations ; A Series of Whimsical Nostalgia by Nathan Wirth

Robots that serve and protect or destroy; monsters that emerge from the sea; aliens that arrive from faraway solar systems; superheroes that fight crime and unimaginable evils; wizards that orchestrate fellowships; heroes and villains that clash in galaxies far, far, far away
5 months ago 20 min 8516
Through the second skin by Richard Westerhuis

ConceptEuropeThrough the second skin by Richard Westerhuis

A few years ago I suffered from a burn-out, this made my world become smaller and smaller. Protecting myself from the many outside impulses. It became a lonely bubble, turning personally inwards.
6 months ago 13 min 4697
Planet K by Sergei Stroitelev

ConceptEuropePlanet K by Sergei Stroitelev

During last year, I traveled several times to the most Western part of my home country – Kaliningrad region. This land has a strange and mystical history. Before the World War II it was a part of Germany.
6 months ago 13 min 1340
In Goat We Trust by Mohd Azlan Mam Mohd Latib

AsiaConceptIn Goat We Trust by Mohd Azlan Mam Mohd Latib

Art completes what nature cannot elaborate , and in part, it imitates nature and mocking it humankind in such a  mysterious satirical way. An artist adapt this situation to paint the souls of men .
6 months ago 9 min 4909
Horizons by Henrietta Richer

ConceptEuropeHorizons by Henrietta Richer

I´m not interested in illustrating my time. Illustrating the reality of my time is limiting, it does not liberate me. I see no point in adding to the plethora of largely negative images of our time’s tragedies.
6 months ago 8 min 2030
Solitude(s) by Antoine Buttafoghi

ConceptEuropeSolitude(s) by Antoine Buttafoghi

My work revolves around loneliness, even solitude, so many and varied. Loneliness is also the realm of photographers. For if love belongs to the poet, the novelist’s fear, loneliness belongs entirely to the photographer.
6 months ago 10 min 1879
Yonder, A poetic visual narrative by Jenny Papalexandris

B&WConceptOceaniaYonder, A poetic visual narrative by Jenny Papalexandris

The Yonder Series traces a poetic visual narrative along the Amtrak Crescent line from Penn Station in NYC to New Orleans in Louisiana. The thirty-hour train journey induces deep reverie and contemplation.
7 months ago 13 min 1990
Flowers for Rita, Conceptual Photography Project by Varya Kozhevnikova

ConceptEuropeFlowers for Rita, Conceptual Photography Project by Varya Kozhevnikova

Two people meet each other by chance. They have different lives, different views on life, their own  habits. However, nothing stops them from falling for each other and to building their own world full of freedom and creativity.
7 months ago 13 min 3021
Perpetual Motif by George Vogiatzakis

ConceptEuropePerpetual Motif by George Vogiatzakis

A vicious circle. A perpetual motif, whose beginning may be in the photo shooting, in the previous unanswered question that I had raised or in the phrasing of the question itself. A paradoxical, a tormenting process.
7 months ago 14 min 1475
Errance Urbaine by Xavier Rey

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedErrance Urbaine by Xavier Rey

The work of Xavier Rey is in the early years focused on landscape photography, mainly in long exposure and tends more and more to be part of a research and study on blur.
7 months ago 14 min 9042
Olympe Tits : A different photographic vision

ConceptEuropeOlympe Tits : A different photographic vision

My work is an infinite going on of pictures that are all explaining the same. The characters will always been put in an new space with new impulses and new colors.Olympe’s dance experience helps her to achieve a different photographic vision.
7 months ago 5 min 5538
Luma Koklova ; There are types of beauty that eschew prettiness

ConceptEuropeLuma Koklova ; There are types of beauty that eschew prettiness

The stories of the street are mine,the Spanish voices laugh. The Cadillacs go creeping now through the night and the poison gas, and I lean from my window sill in this old hotel I chose,yes one hand on my suicide, one hand on the rose.
7 months ago 11 min 2535
Still Beating by Tom Chambers

AmericaConceptFeaturedStill Beating by Tom Chambers

Narrative Art refers to visual imagery which tells stories, engages the imagination, and stirs the emotions. These stories transcend culture and are relatable to all.
7 months ago 6 min 5554
Silence of breath by Yoko Naito

AsiaConceptSilence of breath by Yoko Naito

Once we all,  animals and humans – lived in harmony on the same land. Animals stayed on the land and adapted. Whereas we, humans, left this land to build our civilizations.
7 months ago 7 min 3378
Daniel Munteanu ; Transience impressionist photography project

ConceptEuropeDaniel Munteanu ; Transience impressionist photography project

Daniel Munteanu is a visual artist skilled in many digital visual art areas, specializing in fine art staged and studio photography, creative photography and impressionist photography using ICM.
7 months ago 18 min 2718
Twilight Time by Zedd

B&WConceptEuropeTwilight Time by Zedd

In The Old Testament it has been told that the woman was created from one piece of Adam’s rib. How does woman come into existance? What is the difference of woman from man?
7 months ago 8 min 2784

AsiaFeaturedStoryThe Tribal Heartland of India by Tania Chatterjee

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 1 13 min 2119
Bastar is the tribal heartland and treasure trove of ancient Indian culture. Today Bastar, is a part of the State of Chhattisgarh, India. It is a land of undiscovered surprises, with mysterious forests, breath-taking waterfalls

B&WEuropeFeaturedShotAnthracite by Nick Gandano

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 10 min 4898
Anthracite is the most metamorphic mineral coal and has the highest carbon content. Its colour ranges from black to metallic grey

AmericaB&WFeaturedStorySpirit of the Village by Oliver Klink

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 23 min 3750
Un-numbered homes are the norm, as everybody knows each other.Streets wind in un-orderly fashion over streams of running water, sometimes fresh often as open sewage.

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryKid Jockeys by Alain Schroeder

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 15 min 2792
Once a game between neighbors to celebrate a good harvest, horse racing was transformed into a spectator sport by the Dutch in the 20th century to entertain officials and nobility.

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