AmericaConceptThe infinite universe by Patty Maher

Dodho Magazine 3 days ago 7 min 700
Throughout her work, Yayoi Kusama uses polka dots as a metaphor for giving up personal identity and becoming one with the universe. "Far beyond the reaches of the universe," she says, "infinity is trying to communicate with us” and it reaches out through her work as an infinite series of polka dots.

B&WConceptEuropeGray Souls by María Tudela

Dodho Magazine 3 days ago 6 min 728
We live in the best communicated society in history, an intelligent and formed society able to get excited almost without control before a book, a movie or a photograph. But he completely ignores his neighbor. The best communicated society in history.

B&WConceptEuropeMade of sap and blood by William Guilmain

Dodho Magazine 6 days ago 11 min 550
I always had been fascinated by the concept of specie’s evolution. In this work I wanted to shed light the proximity between the vegetable kingdom and the human body. I chose to use an analogic camera and instantaneous film because of the fragility, oneness, ephemeral and random characteristics of the life. 

AmericaB&WConceptFeaturedMidwest Memoir by Michael Knapstein

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 11 min 921
There is a certain magic to the American Midwest. Honest. Modest. Understated. Sometimes unappreciated. Often overlooked. I created Midwest Memoir as a way to help others see the American Midwest in a whole new light.


Hypothesis by Claudio Mortensen

AmericaConceptHypothesis by Claudio Mortensen

The central idea for Hypothesis Project came to me during a theatrical performance, that I had the opportunity to photograph in 2016. Once the performance started, immediately came to my mind, a memory of part of poem from a Brazilian poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade.
1 week ago 10 min 666
Keep Going by Ana Leal

AmericaConceptKeep Going by Ana Leal

During 2017 and first semester of 2018 I went through a very difficult period of my life. I was living in the US and had to move back to Brazil due to family issues. 
2 weeks ago 9 min 849
Huis clos by Kathleen Meier

ConceptEuropeHuis clos by Kathleen Meier

The series Huis clos confronts us with a suggestive confinement. What happens in us when we are faced with a desperate situation ? What do we feel when we no longer have a connection with the outside world ? Disorientation and loss of contact with the outside world put us into a physical and mental isolation and can lead us — in a conscious or subconscious way — to modify our relationship with the external reality.This maze slowly conducts us into a mental illness.
2 weeks ago 10 min 714
Rosa Hacks by Nadine Stijns

ConceptEuropeRosa Hacks by Nadine Stijns

Rosa is the caretaker of a family house in the Philippines. She likes to create her own solutions for lacking or broken households items. When lola (grandma in Tagalog), the original inhabitant of the house, was still alive she would ask Rosa to repair and mend broken items instead of replacing them.
2 weeks ago 7 min 621
I´m free by Alfons Olle Coderch

ConceptEuropeI´m free by Alfons Olle Coderch

I‘M FREE …?, of all border interpellative border areas is undoubtedly one of the fundamental and defining questions of our status as beings that we are part of a community and what is more evident is that when formulating this question the answers are quite varied and tendentious
2 weeks ago 11 min 681
From A to Y by Bart Vos

B&WConceptEuropeFrom A to Y by Bart Vos

Follow the trail of the North Sea Canal, from Amsterdam to Dutch coastal city Ymuiden. Remove dust, rust and smoke and discover sparkling black diamonds on the canal banks.
2 weeks ago 13 min 658
Inland by Nuno Serrão

ConceptEuropeInland by Nuno Serrão

I miss the feeling of wonder I had when someone asked me: What do you want to be when you grow up? That’s the hardest part of being grown-up. To find new dreams when I know what it feels like when you have to let them go.
1 month ago 6 min 1108
There can be a wolf in this picture by Anna Bernal

ConceptEuropeThere can be a wolf in this picture by Anna Bernal

After 5 p.m. in Lipakovo, a village in Northern Russia you can only see what your flashlight allows you to. The photographs here are made the way the locals see their village, a tiny circle of light surrounded by pitch black darkness.
1 month ago 11 min 1087
Dmitriy Krakovich : Emerging Ukrainian Photography

B&WConceptEuropeDmitriy Krakovich : Emerging Ukrainian Photography

Dreams and hidden memories – is what the artist works with. In his photographs the reality – landscapes or various cityscapes – is a bit reconstructed to include an imaginary personage who is missing from actual life or even from actual memory.
2 months ago 11 min 2024
Raising Goosebumps by Cate Wnek

AmericaConceptRaising Goosebumps by Cate Wnek

Often a hyperawareness within me detects something elusive that could happen to my children, or me —however protected I imagine us to be. 
2 months ago 7 min 1188
Unwrapped by Gary Sheridan

ConceptEuropeUnwrapped by Gary Sheridan

The Unwrapped series touches on aspects of the human psyche, individualism, perfectionism, escapism, overall a sense of self-obsession self-destructing.
2 months ago 10 min 1811
Assorted boxes of ordinary life by Amy Friend

AmericaConceptAssorted boxes of ordinary life by Amy Friend

Inspired by a small, found archive of personal photographs, documents, and objects, Amy Friend presents a new body of work that considers how identity comprises both fact and fiction.
2 months ago 9 min 1041
Birds and People by Michał Konrad

B&WConceptEuropeBirds and People by Michał Konrad

Birds are like humans, and people are like birds. They are smart and stupid. They are nice and ugly. They are full and hungry. They are delicate and predatory. somethey are singing others are shouting. People like birds can fly.
2 months ago 7 min 1013
Between earth and air by Markus Kaesler

B&WConceptEuropeBetween earth and air by Markus Kaesler

Between earth and air is a photographic-philosophic debate about the liquid room that divides the solide underground from the air. A silent space where the vertical growths of the plants crosses the horizontal flow of the water.
2 months ago 5 min 1003
Henko, variable light by Massimo Giovannini

ConceptEuropeHenko, variable light by Massimo Giovannini

Henkō is a Japanese word composed by the kanjis 変Hen, meaning “change” and 光Kō, meaning “variable/unusual light”. In fact, more than a word, Henkō is a sound that bears a concept, that of a shifting light which transforms our perception of the objects that it illuminates.
2 months ago 10 min 895
Abstract Photography by  Mathias Soulon

B&WConceptEuropeAbstract Photography by Mathias Soulon

What remains of our lost enjoyments? The line disappears and it remains that the moving dreams of our past loves, fleeting memories, sensations of the caresses under the alcove.
2 months ago 11 min 1035
Oleksandr Pankovets ; Emerging Ukrainian Photography

ConceptEuropeOleksandr Pankovets ; Emerging Ukrainian Photography

Heavy social context masked under details filled with symbolic meanings within truly artistic composition is a handwriting in photography of Ukrainian based artist and photographer Oleksandr Pankovets.
2 months ago 12 min 1344
Water’s Pathways by Giorgio Di Maio

ConceptEuropeWater’s Pathways by Giorgio Di Maio

The first way of communication among men began with signs. Gesticulation from a man to another one, doing the first sounds issued by the mouth trying t o express using face. 
2 months ago 13 min 824
Old Father themes by Julia Fullerton Batten

ConceptEuropeFeaturedOld Father themes by Julia Fullerton Batten

The River Thames is not even the longest river in the British Isles and a mere pygmy in comparison with many other rivers in the world, yet its significance to British and world history is immense. The river starts as a small trickle in hills to the north west of London and travels for nearly 450 km through the south of England, the centre of London and thence out into the North Sea via the…
2 months ago 53 min 1345
Still Life Part VII Shadows by  Stefania Piccioni

ConceptEuropeStill Life Part VII Shadows by Stefania Piccioni

In the study of history of photography it’s easy to see how light is fundamental, in fact photographers of every ages have been able to create atmospheres, communicate sensations and show the movement of surfaces through more or less intense contrasts of lights and shadows.
3 months ago 12 min 739
The Rug’s Topography by Rana Young

AmericaConceptThe Rug’s Topography by Rana Young

The Rug’s Topography began with me photographing my intimate partner of six years. Simultaneously, we were facing an internal conflict: how we identified as individuals differed from the roles we occupied in our partnership.
3 months ago 13 min 828
The Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings by Yorgos Yatromanolakis

AsiaConceptThe Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings by Yorgos Yatromanolakis

Isolated in the countryside of the island, Ι was constantly confronted with my traumatic past, my memories and myself. Gradually, through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within me, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics, a place of becoming.
3 months ago 12 min 694
Out of control by Alexander Lubomirskiy

B&WConceptEuropeOut of control by Alexander Lubomirskiy

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. For a long time, I didn’t want to put up with this diagnosis. I took it as a cruel joke. “Do all people feel the same as me? All people change their mood.
3 months ago 13 min 903
After August by Marietta Varga

ConceptEuropeAfter August by Marietta Varga

I can clearly remember from my childhood that even the storey with empty, „haunted” rooms in our family house was full of life in summer, even though it was a rather creepy place all year round (at least for a little girl).
3 months ago 10 min 817
Garage Project by Vanessa Filley

AmericaConceptGarage Project by Vanessa Filley

The Garage Project began in 2011 when, each morning, I would take my two small children and two large dogs on a long walk, exploring the alleys, streets and beach front of our town.
3 months ago 9 min 668
May You Stay Forever Young by Elie Monferier

B&WConceptEuropeMay You Stay Forever Young by Elie Monferier

Night after night, I take my compact camera, I hold it at arm’s length and I sink in the dark bars, in the infamous perfumes of the street, I seek the fragments of the bodies, the frailties, the hopes, the sounds of the glasses that we drink.
3 months ago 16 min 788
Hope of eternal life in paradise by Matthew Hall

AmericaConceptHope of eternal life in paradise by Matthew Hall

 I can not recall who said it, or what the exact quote is, but it is something like “I photograph things to see what they look like photographed.”  I quite like this approach to photography. 
3 months ago 11 min 582
AU79 by Valerie Decleer

ConceptEuropeAU79 by Valerie Decleer

In this series I am interested in gold as an element that is dense with symbolism. Gold as a symbol of gold.  Gold, the most precious metal.  Gold of more light than that with which it simmers. 
3 months ago 8 min 858
Human Nature by Lucas Foglia

AmericaConceptHuman Nature by Lucas Foglia

I grew up on a small farm thirty miles outside of New York City. The forest that bordered the farm was my childhood wilderness, a safe and wild place to play that was ignored by our neighbors who commuted to Manhattan.
3 months ago 12 min 1729
Femininity Vulgaris by Anya Miroshnichenko

ConceptEuropeFemininity Vulgaris by Anya Miroshnichenko

My concepts of femininity were being developed in my childhood when I was observing my mother. My mother is a large wardrobe with an infinite number of underwear, clothes, jewellery.
3 months ago 9 min 1894
Valerie Decleer; Lucent cutaneous coverings – hungry for skin

ConceptEuropeValerie Decleer; Lucent cutaneous coverings – hungry for skin

The short movie, Fly in the ointment, directed by Peter Collins engaged me to make a series of photographs in which questions raise regarding the presence or absence of human touch in our lives. 
3 months ago 12 min 1057
Slavic Bestiary by Magda Kuca

ConceptEuropeSlavic Bestiary by Magda Kuca

Slavic Bestiary project deals with decoding specific polish folk traditions using original folk garments and technique of wet plate collodion.
4 months ago 7 min 1334
The photography of Lenghi Teng

ConceptEuropeFeaturedThe photography of Lenghi Teng

Lenghi Teng is a Dutch photographer based in Rotterdam. She was born in 1976 in Vietnam and grew up in a Chinese family. At the age of three she moved to the Netherlands. 
4 months ago 8 min 2167
Heart them stirring by Tabitha Barnard

ConceptEuropeHeart them stirring by Tabitha Barnard

I started working on this project six years ago when I first started my undergrad degree. At the time my youngest sisters were thirteen.My sisters were around me all the time and I figured if they were there I should start photographing them.
4 months ago 11 min 1203
Absences by Philip LePage

B&WConceptEuropeAbsences by Philip LePage

The most compelling lies we tell ourselves are made up almost entirely of the truth.This is the third in an ongoing series of photographic short stories that explore the deeply personal space between what is known and what is felt
4 months ago 9 min 1179
Alterego by Ben Zank

AmericaConceptAlterego by Ben Zank

While his field of study was journalism, Ben Zank found a more direct means of expression in photography, after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother´s attic.
4 months ago 6 min 1169
Liminality by Pygmalion Karatzas

B&WConceptEuropeLiminality by Pygmalion Karatzas

‘Liminality’ series was taken during the ‘Integral Lens’ 5-month photographic journey in United States sponsored by the Fulbright Artist Scholarship for a multi-perspectival study of architectural photography. 
4 months ago 11 min 1068
Vintage Abstract by Avishek Das

AsiaConceptVintage Abstract by Avishek Das

The Statesman Vintage & Classic Car Rally is an annual vintage car rally in New Delhi and Kolkata and the oldest, continuously-run such event in India and the sub-continent. It started in the year 1964 in New Delhi, and was brought to Kolkata in the year 1968 as The Statesman Vintage Car Rally.
4 months ago 6 min 1019
Blue Dot by Sergei Stroitelev

ConceptEuropeBlue Dot by Sergei Stroitelev

According to statistics, about 20% of the population in Russia have an anxiety-depressive disorder, and the same percentage of the population – all the prerequisites for its development. The reasons are stress, changes in society, problems of Internet dependency and other factors.
4 months ago 14 min 973
Fever by Cate Wnek

AmericaConceptFever by Cate Wnek

The cold air is unmoving, except for when the wind thrusts it violently making me bend in its wake. Trees mockingly bloom with snowball cotton tops. Gale force winds throw the storm door off its hinges as I make my way outside. I hear the birds who have come back to our yard to sing, though the snow clings, swaddling the muddy earth.
4 months ago 15 min 1085
Interstellar by Simon McCheung

AmericaConceptInterstellar by Simon McCheung

The series ‘Interstellar’ was created to portray the social media bubble that most of us have been immersed in that we don’t realise the real life issues that are occurring beneath our feet. 
4 months ago 6 min 1089
Dream construction by Cyrille Druart

B&WConceptEuropeDream construction by Cyrille Druart

In the same way my profession of Architect allows me to plunge the visitors by confronting them with powerful, thick, high walls, or with heavy, dark atmospheres; I like images that transport people, which open the doors of another world.
4 months ago 6 min 1085
The Weight Of Water by Jennifer Orhélys

ConceptEuropeThe Weight Of Water by Jennifer Orhélys

The Weight of Water is a serie of self-portraits contrasting and colourful of modern-day sirens and nymphs. After seizing the telluric forces of the series My Wild Tales, as a metaphor for an inner emotional tremor.
4 months ago 11 min 864
Old Way by Yuri Rodolfo Alvarez

AmericaB&WConceptOld Way by Yuri Rodolfo Alvarez

It is a deep trip done to closed eyes, building internal images across the skin, for secondary and deep ways of the Toscana, in a place of Siena’s province
4 months ago 7 min 1057
Not in Kansas by Vicky Martin

ConceptEuropeFeaturedNot in Kansas by Vicky Martin

Not In Kansas is a staged series of photographs inspired by the tenacious, self- reliant character Dorothy from the story The Wizard of Oz.
4 months ago 7 min 1946
Artasura by Moga Alexandru

ConceptEuropeArtasura by Moga Alexandru

Artasura, is a concept series that started back in 2012 with the picture Roots. Back then I had an incipient idea of raw primitive imagery that would depict humans in all sorts of nature landscapes, but it was never explored enough. In 2018 the inspiration struck, everything connected and a series of shots started to slowly emerge and take shape and color. The gods always had a powerful grip and exerted a great fascination on…
4 months ago 9 min 1819
Definitive Ambiguities by Jack Savage

B&WConceptEuropeDefinitive Ambiguities by Jack Savage

As the contemporary photographic world moves as if in fast forward, this photographic series by London-based Jack Savage is committed to the power of memory and its often haunted shadows.
4 months ago 18 min 1244
Night Tales by Babis Kougemitros

ConceptEuropeNight Tales by Babis Kougemitros

The nocturnal wandering in the borderland of the city and in the far away fields is characterised by darkness and danger. However, the fear that the night ignites is tempered by the freedom it entails.
4 months ago 11 min 1232
Reborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

AsiaConceptReborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

There are several spaces formed by concrete walls and staircases, which is characteristic of Ando architecture, in the park beside the art museum, which was designed after the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake by Tadao Ando.
4 months ago 14 min 1445
Unnatural by Anirban Mandal

AsiaConceptUnnatural by Anirban Mandal

‘Unnatural’ is the extended and more elaborate project of ‘The ghosts among us’ series by Anirban. Questions about the existence of life after death, spirits and unknown entities in our well known environment have been raised since long.
4 months ago 5 min 1081
The heart can receive a direct blow by Matthew Hall

AmericaConceptThe heart can receive a direct blow by Matthew Hall

To be honest, I get no satisfaction from my finished images. The image itself means nothing to me; it is the process of obtaining the image that provides me with the satisfaction that keeps me looking for more- along the streets and in the pavement, in the chipped paint, in the mad colors and fleeting shapes, always looking.
4 months ago 12 min 948
Abandoned Old Airport of Nicosia by Dimitris Sideridis

B&WConceptEuropeAbandoned Old Airport of Nicosia by Dimitris Sideridis

This work is part of my wider engagement focused on abandoned places and the connection between space and historical memory. “Nicosia International Airport” is such a place. 
6 months ago 12 min 1741
Traces left behind by John Eaton

B&WConceptEuropeTraces left behind by John Eaton

The skyline of Buffalo, NY, is dominated by rows of 125 feet tall grain silos and elevators along the Buffalo River. Built over 100 years ago using the then newly-invented reinforced concrete.
6 months ago 16 min 1706
Ab inferno ad vida by Linda Troeller

AmericaConceptAb inferno ad vida by Linda Troeller

This portfolio is about how I find ways to recover from my PTSD; a fire demolished most of my art photography archive – my entire house and all my belongings in New Jersey went up in flames and my left hand badly burned.
6 months ago 12 min 1563
Chatting with Felix by Mitar Terzic

B&WConceptEuropeChatting with Felix by Mitar Terzic

Felix had photography in his blood.Felix’s father, Franz Triard de Laforest, was one of the pioneering photographers of Eastern Europe.
6 months ago 11 min 3110
Death and Transfiguration by Diane Kaye

AmericaB&WConceptDeath and Transfiguration by Diane Kaye

Beginning in 1980 I trained enthusiastically in gelatin silver printing with several master printers. Today, in making an archival monochromatic pigment print
7 months ago 11 min 3283
Venus Without Mars Without Venus by Irvin Rivera

AmericaConceptVenus Without Mars Without Venus by Irvin Rivera

Venus Without Mars Without Venus is an ongoing personal project that is loosely inspired by Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Boticelli’s painting of “Venus and Mars.” 
7 months ago 10 min 2656
Cosmogony of Wine by Patrick Desgraupes

B&WConceptEuropeCosmogony of Wine by Patrick Desgraupes

The history of wine and wine is so ancient that it merges with the history of humanity. For a long time the transformation of grapes into wine appeared as a supernatural manifestation
7 months ago 13 min 2575
Epic Abstracts by Alex Axon

ConceptEuropeEpic Abstracts by Alex Axon

I’m a fine art photographer living in Bucharest (Romania) and taking advantage of my wanderings through the world to freeze moments and capture stories. I enjoy using minimal or abstract themes in my works
7 months ago 9 min 3164
Deep Woods by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, based on Brothers Grimm

ConceptEuropeDeep Woods by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem, based on Brothers Grimm

She surely memorized every bush, shrub and berry by now. Her mom spent the past two hours explaining in detail how to get to grandma’s house and she had to recite everything she said.
7 months ago 37 min 1797
Birds & Plastics by Alice de Kruijs

ConceptEuropeBirds & Plastics by Alice de Kruijs

This body of work symbolise the artificial world of beauty and plastic fashion standards. The images express the absurd high standard of beauty that the fashion and advertisement world show us.
7 months ago 9 min 2684
Ego & Fear by KireevArt

B&WConceptEuropeEgo & Fear by KireevArt

Through authentic artistic images created by my imagination in this new fine art cycle, I touch upon the theme of human essence. In Fairy-tale and from a part of surrealistic manner
7 months ago 9 min 2775
A Visionary Journey by Massimiliano Balò

B&WConceptEuropeA Visionary Journey by Massimiliano Balò

It is my creative and visionary journey of my life where through the photography I captured the momentum reversing my unconscious feelings and visions of the world.
7 months ago 8 min 2478
Circus by Tim Booth

B&WConceptEuropeCircus by Tim Booth

Circus is a series of images setting out to show the beauty, strength and symmetry in the performances of young contemporary circus performers in the United Kingdom.
7 months ago 8 min 3682
Ηypothesis by Antigone Kourakou

B&WConceptEuropeΗypothesis by Antigone Kourakou

Antigone Kourakou’s recent work reminds us of the inexhaustible capacity photography has to transmute reality.References to the history of photography abound and, working surreptitiously
7 months ago 9 min 3294
In my lucid dream by Byoung Ho Rhee

AsiaB&WConceptIn my lucid dream by Byoung Ho Rhee

Almost everyday I made a lucid dream full of uncosiousness , at which I found myself turned into biological equivalents psychological as well.
7 months ago 5 min 3281

AmericaB&WFeaturedStoryVanishing Faces Tibet by Larry Louie

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 14 min 810
The current pace of development around the world has brought widespread concern about a loss of diversity in nature and the need to protect endangered species.  But the changes brought by the forces of globalization, industrialization and urbanization affect not only animals and plants.  People and cultures, ways of thinking and ways of living that have been in existence for thousands of years, are also at risk.  

AmericaB&WConceptFeaturedMidwest Memoir by Michael Knapstein

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 11 min 921
There is a certain magic to the American Midwest. Honest. Modest. Understated. Sometimes unappreciated. Often overlooked. I created Midwest Memoir as a way to help others see the American Midwest in a whole new light.

EuropeFeaturedStoryIrish Travellers by Bob Newman

Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 13 min 1120
Irish Travellers refer to themselves as Pavees or Minkiers, having lived on the margins of society for many hundreds of years. They number about 40,000 in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

EuropeFeaturedStoryThe Nenets by Sara Bianchi

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 9 min 1524
The Nenets are an ethnic minority with fewer than 50.000 people dedicated to reindeer breeding. They live in Yamal peninsula, Siberia. Yamal in the language of the indigenous means "the end of the world"

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