Our Mantra

A magazine made by photographers for photographers

A magazine where the reader is also a writer, where the viewer is also the creator. An open, free and independent magazine and at the same time, an incredible and powerful promotional tool. An instrument taking the discourse of thousands of photographers far beyond the social networks and be able to find real opportunities for the artist, opportunities making him grow and advance on his way to his personal goal. We want to be a meeting point between the different photography worlds, a link between galleries, agencies, festivals and photographers. A meeting point so that both worlds do not turn their backs but enrich one another.

We aim to create a unique and collective space where we can gather the best documentary and artistic projects of the current photographic panorama. We want everyone having the opportunity to enrich their content through their projects and reflections, through their unique views, their incursion into the spaces where life develops. We want everyone feeling free to propose and to express their opinion and in return, their contact enriched by a collective inspiration immense source thanks to a joint project from all and for all.

Our Storie

Dodho Magazine is an independent international magazine, born out from necessity and with the vocation to promote the work and projects of professional and emerging photographers from around the world.

Dodho Magazine was launched in April 2013 based on the idea of giving voice to thousands of photographers from all over the world. As a result of our passion and enthusiasm, we dared to undertake this beautiful but steep path, becoming today one of the most visited portals of photography on the web. These first years have been incredible, and we are proud to have given the dissemination they deserved to hundreds of incredible stories and their photographers. All of them are now part of our community, making possible our dream of living and breathing within photography. Dodho Magazine is what for our philosophy should be a real photography magazine, an independent medium for amateurs and professionals. A magazine written by photographers for photographers. A free-expression vehicle for all, respecting the individual, a personal and collective at the same time — a medium for people who have something to say and share it with the world. In short, a magazine from all and for all.

Our Mission

The photography diffusion and promotion as a means of artistic expression and a documentary tool of our-time history.

A photographic expansion tool allowing us to share and grow together; an authentic inspiration box containing infinite points of view, a cooperation instrument that is working thanks to the community´s each member engagement. Our mission is to bring together in a unique and collective space the best of contemporary photography with a high-quality edition, a careful content selection and to disseminate this testimony among thousands of photographers, galleries and photography agencies visiting our pages every day.

Our Vision

Because photography is a vital need for us, just like the air we breathe, we need images and stories to be able to continue existing.

Dodho Magazine is published in two independent channels, our online version from where you are reading these lines, and the printed version, published quarterly and that you can find in our store. Also, we continue to develop new fostering channels and new ideas to continue promoting new talent as only we know how to do it. Our team is constantly seeking new photographers with talent and stories deserving to be told to the world. To develop new alliances adding value and allowing us to grow day by day. The experience, the knowledge, the technical and artistic quality of each one is undoubtedly the components that add value to our project. From Dodho Magazine, we are committed to the photographic careers of each of the photographers whose work and history we have published. For us, it is vital that the right people hear their voice. For this reason, we will continue working to develop new formulas for the dissemination of talent.

Dodho Magazine has become one the most influential online magazines for contemporary photography present day.

Online Magazine

Dodho Magazine accepts submissions from emerging and professional photographers from around the world.

Their projects can be published among the best photographers and be viewed by the best professionals in the industry and thousands of photography enthusiasts. Dodho magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted project. Due to the large number of presentations received daily and the need to treat them with the greatest respect and the time necessary for a correct interpretation our average response time is around 5/10 business days in the case of being accepted.


In case you want to send us some project, this is the information you need to start preparing your project for its presentation

  • Between 10/30 images of your best images, in case your project contains a greater number of images which are part of the same indivisible body of work will also be accepted. You must send the images in jpg format to 1200px and 72dpi and quality 9. (No borders or watermarks)
  • A short biography along with your photograph. (It must be written in the third person)
  • Title and full text of the project with a minimum length of 300 words. (Texts with lesser number of words will not be accepted)
  • Links to your website and social networks

To send it, you must compress the folder in .ZIP format and use our Wetransfer channel specially dedicated to the reception of works. Links or projects in PDF format will not be accepted. All presentations are carefully reviewed based on their content and final quality of the project or portfolio. If your work is selected for publication in the online version, it will be communicated to you via email and subsequently it will be published.

Dodho Magazine is highly respected among galleries and photography agencies all over the world. Many published photographers have experienced a great increase of interest by their work and have received interesting offers of agencies and galleries.

Printed Magazine

Dodho Magazine opens four annual calls for the reception of works for its printed edition lasting 60 days each.

The print edition of Dodho magazine is the only photography publication exclusively devoted to professionals and experts in the photographic industry around the world, including the most important galleries, festivals, agencies and publishers from all over the world. Our print edition is designed to provide a great boost to your career allowing you to reach the right people at the right place and at the right time. All the presentations are valued by a prestigious jury, representatives of the best galleries and agencies. You will find all the conditions and requirements in the following link.


Our friends

Antonio Peinado

It is a great honor to receive the Honorable Mention in the Black & White 2017 contest and to have been interviewed by Dodho Magazine. Dodho Magazine is a publication oriented to the Photographic Art that is setting a trend in the industry. I am in luck for having appeared in Dodho Magazine.Thank you very much!

Congratulations to the team at Dodho for creating such an excellent photography magazine. The content and photographic images are diverse, always of a high standard, and inspiring. A wonderful platform for aspiring and seasoned photographers.

Efrat Sela

DODHO is a wonderful platform, giving photographers from all over the world exposure to a discerning audience. I enjoyed and learned from its excellent selection of fascinating stories and superb images as a reader. I am thrilled to participate as a photographer sharing my story.

Dodho Magazine is an excellent independent publication providing a refreshing look on contemporary photography! Definitely a place to scout for both new and established talents.

In recent years, I have not come across any more interesting and new magazine for photography. At a high level, it is informative and exciting for anyone who deals professionally with photography as well as for amateurs.

Dodho showcases very diverse and quality photography. I was delighted to be approached by them and highly recommend spending some time browsing through their website!

I love Dodho's content and educational aspect! Their competitions and prizes are very inspirational to any type of photographer

Marta Kochanek

A great resource and an online platform for photographers looking for inspiring, provoking and quality photography work. Thank you for letting me being part of the community!

Dodo Magazine is an influential and inspiring photography magazine for any avid photographers. I'm extremely honoured to see my client and my interview featured in this magazine. Definitely one of my favourite magazines in the global market.

Each issues’s collections of photographers and images inspire and provoke in ways that always surprising and pleasurable

Although a recent addition to the photography scene, Dodho.com is totally committed to the promotion through publication and online presence, some of the best photography from around the world in all the main genres. Their featured artists section is always well researched and provide illuminating interviews, with great photography. KLPA are glad to be selected as their supporter and partner.

Riccardo Magherini

A great, richfull surprise.This has been the discover of Dodho for me .A source, a memo, a compass to the vast, complex image word.
A way to see things through the eyes of talented image artist, selected by a brillant staff.

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