Put your photographs and projects in front of the eyes of the greatest experts from around the world; they are already waiting for to discover the photographers published in this new edition.

Welcome to the casting for the projects or portfolios selection that will be published in the Dodho Magazine next edition 07, this edition will be published and distributed during the next month of March. As in the past editions, we will place 6 incredible photographers at the disposal of the most important people in the world photographic industry.

After the excellent reception of the last six editions, the print edition of Dodho Magazine has become a phenomenon in the current photographic panorama, postulating itself at this moment as the professional magazine of reference in the industry. Our printed edition is designed as a promotion platform in direct contact with galleries, agencies, and professionals of the photographic industry from around the world and created as a talent distribution channel that has an undeniable prestige among professionals in the sector. The rapid distribution and promotion of each edition develop a tool capable of positively promoting your career in record time, placing your work and images in the right place, at the right time and in the hands of the most influential people in the photographic industry.

Getting the recognition that your photographs deserve is often complicated, it’s not an easy path, you know it’s the opposite. Along the way, you will find many bumps and people trying to discourage you. If you have been attempting to promote your photography, you will know better than anyone that opening a door is a slow and complicated task. This is precisely our reason for being. Dodho Magazine has done this work for you and the best experts, galleries and agencies from all over the world hope to discover the newly published photographers in each edition. No doubt a powerful and elegant tool for presenting your work to the eyes of experts worldwide.

Success is a matter of personal choice, stop waiting for them to knock on your door and go for them, accept the challenge, give your photographs an opportunity and all the effort you have dedicated to them. If you are convinced that your photographs deserve greater recognition, just start today to trace the path.

Open your eyes to the new opportunities you have right in front of you.

We will promote your photographs and your personal brand at the highest level from Barcelona to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, from Los Angeles to Sydney. Galleries directors, photo editors, book editors, festival directors, curators and agents will have your work in their hands. Your name and your pictures will go around the world in record time. And best of all, a select and grateful audience  will give you the genuine recognition your photographs deserve through the hand of Dodho magazine

An international judging panel composed of directors of Klompching Gallery (USA), Kuala Lumpur Photography Awards (Malaysia), Head On Photo Festival (Australia), Alice Zilberberg (Canada) and the management team of Dodho Magazine will select the works and photographers to be presented in this new edition. We accept all genres, always and exclusively in the field of photography..

How to register for the call? 3 simple steps

We remind you that you can only participate in the casting if you are over 18, regardless of the country of residence, we look for photographs of all cultures and points of view, we admit all kinds of photographs and projects, from street photography, portrait, abstract, nude, photo-journalism up to conceptual photography, fashion, landscape or any other line of work. The only requirement is quality and is willing for us to publish your work.

First step

First you must select the presentation packages you want, and you will access the registration form of the call. You can submit your registration in the form of Magazine, in the form of cover or both.

Second step

From here the registration to the call is made in a single step, you must proceed with your registration with your name, surnames, place of residence and email so that we can get in touch with you if necessary. It is in this same registration form where you must upload the images or projects that you want to present. You will also find a space where you can add the text of the project if you consider it necessary (It is not a mandatory requirement)

Third step

After making the registration payment you will receive an email as your registration and images have been received correctly. It is that simple and effective! Your registration will be presented and filed in the call database in three simple steps.

Remember that you must do the things you think you cannot achieve, in this way you will reinforce your greatness, your passion, and your strength



An incredible tool in magazine format

The print edition of Dodho Magazine is the only publication with exclusive professional character and genuine spirit of promotion. Our edition is distributed in printed and digital format free of charge and exclusively to most professionals and experts in the photography industry from all over the world, starting with the most important galleries, festivals, agencies and publishers.

I think it`s a great platform for young artists to rise higher in their career and get recognition from other institutions.

Adelīna Darviņa – Latvia

The print edition of Dodho magazine is the only photography publication exclusively devoted to professionals and experts in the photographic industry around the world.

After the phenomenal acceptance by the industry and an unprecedented success of  past editions of Dodho Magazine, this has become a benchmark for selection and discovery of extraordinary photographers with delicious  projects  and fantastic stories from around the world. We will promote your photographs and your personal brand at the highest level from Barcelona to New York, from Tokyo to Dubai, from Los Angeles to Sydney. Galleries directors, photo editors, book editors, festival directors, curators and agents will have your work in their hands. Your name and your pictures will go around the world in record time.

Judging panel

A great international judging panel will select the best images and portfolios from all possible points of view.

Steven Lee


Steven is the founder director of Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (KLPA).  Since 2009, KLPA has been recognising and rewarding top international portrait photographers through it’s open calls, focussing on the best in contemporary portrait photography. KLPA in its 11th year, has been selected as one of the top recommended contests by World Photography Organisation.

Moshe Rosenzveig


Moshe Rosenzveig is the founder and director of Head On Photo Festival, Australia’s largest annual photography festival, showcasing the work of international and local photographers. Moshe’s  career spans over 30 years as a photojournalist, commercial photographer, educator and an award-winning television producer/director whose work has been screened, published and exhibited in Australia and overseas.

Alice Zilberberg


Alice Zilberberg is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning artist, recognized by curators, collectors, and art patrons across the globe. Born in Tallinn, Estonia, and raised in Israel, she currently resides in Toronto, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Photography program, she began her artistic practice by painting: a verve which remains very much present in her digital works.

Darren Ching


Darren Ching is the co-owner of Klompching Gallery. Mr. Ching’s involvement with photography includes panel presentations, jurying of competitions, consulting, design, and contributing to both online and print publications on the subject. Until the Spring of 2015, he was Creative Director of PDN, and served as a perennial juror for the PDNs 30. Additionally, he is an Adjunct Faculty member at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Make that great things happen, Build your opportunities, Our formula can direct your career in the right direction.

The purpose of Dodho Magazine is to disseminate and promote the work of emerging and established photographers from around the world. Our vocation is the constant search for photographers and works with potential deserving a global promotion. All you need is to reach the right people at the right place at the right time to have your career take off permanently .  Working with the best in the business, will open doors to the incredible opportunities your work deserves.

Right people

Leading experts from the photographic industry

To achieve this, we launched a magazine that is distributed for free around the globe, exclusively for professionals in the photographic industry, This way we ensure that no interesting person stops receiving our offer.

Right place

Through the hand of Dodho Magazine

You arrive at the hands of these professionals through a publication that already has the prestige and acceptance of the industry. A magazine perfectly edited with care to the last detail.

Right Time

Your personal Big Bang

The right time is always now, but do not put off your dreams and goals, your time is here and now. Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Selection Process

All portfolios presented are considered by our jury without the author’s data, this means that our judges do not know the photographer name and its origin until the end of the selection process. In this way we guarantee that the selection process takes place in the most transparent and democratic way possible.

All the portfolios and photographs received in the two modalities Cover and Magazine are valued through four decisive elements. Technical factors, composition factors, emotional factors and style factors. After the presentation period ends, the finalist works, and portfolios will be reviewed again, for the final selection of the photographers presented in the new edition.


Cover & Magazine

We are looking for photographers of all cultures, points of view and over 18 years of age. The only requirement is quality and to be willing to take giant steps in your career. You can send as many works as you wish, with no limit on the volume of participation. It can be presented in the Cover format, in the Magazine format or just in both. The decision is up to you.

Cover Packages

We are looking for the most impressive image to make it the cover of this new edition. We accept any type of photographic genre in color or black and white. Without a doubt, the cover is the most direct way to promote your personal brand and style. Send us the images you think may work well as the cover of this edition.

1 Image
You can send a single image
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .JPG file
3 Images
You can send 3 images
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .JPG file
5 Images
You can send 5 images
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .JPG file

Magazine Packages

We look for the best projects or portfolios to be presented in the inside pages of this new edition. Your work will be presented through 20 pages dedicated exclusively to your work on paper of the highest quality and in a magnificent edition. You can present several photographic projects with a common thread between the images or several portfolios without the need for a connection between them. We accept all kinds of photographic genres and formats.

1 Portfolio
You can send a single body of work from 10 to 20 images
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .ZIP or .RAR file
2 Portfolios
You can send 2 bodies of work 10 to 20 images each
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .ZIP or .RAR file
3 Portfolios
You can send 3 bodies of work 10 to 20 images each
  • 1200 PX
  • 72 DPI
  • .ZIP or .RAR file

Our editorial calendar

The deadline for submission will be from January 1 to February 28, 2019. The issue # 07 is scheduled to be published next March 15, after the deadline for submission, works and finalist images will be evaluated again, the jury’s decision will be communicated during the first week of March to all selected photographers.

All photographers must send images or portfolios in high-resolution format, in addition to the authorization and consent duly signed for your work´s publication. All shipments must be provided as soon as possible.

I am very grateful for all the support I have received from Dodho Magazine in representing various B&W and colour projects over the last months. Dodho is an excellent publication featuring the very best of international contemporary photography and being associated with such a prestigious publication has been immensely beneficial.

John paul Evans – United Kingdom

Immediate Publication Opportunity

Every day the Dodho Magazine team reviews the projects and portfolios presented and selects the best ones to be published in the online version, this is an excellent opportunity to give visibility to your work quickly. Every day thousands of fans and professionals visit our website to find inspiration and discover new photographers and stories. We will also take advantage of the opportunity to interview some of these published photographers.

These articles are disseminated through our website, social networks and our newsletter. No doubt an excellent opportunity to expose your work to thousands of people who love photography around the world while your job is waiting for the moment to be selected to present it to the best professionals in the photographic industry.

We recommend you present your work as soon as possible, as when the deadline for submission approaches, the volume of projects presented increases markedly. Keep in mind that the Dodho Magazine team is foreign to the jury of the call and being published in the online version does not offer any advantage or disadvantage over the final decision of the board.

Meet some photographers already published


Since the first issue of our print edition was published in September 2015, we have had the pleasure of knowing and promoting fantastic photographers. We never imagined the success and the rapid acceptance that it had on the part of the photographic industry. Since then we continue looking for new stories and portfolios to show them to the world. You can review some of our interviews in our online version.

Issue 01Stefanie Minzenmay


Issue 01Francesco Ridolfi


Issue 05Manuel Armenis


Issue 02Michiko Chiyoda


ISSUE 03Thomas Alleman


Issue 02Annick Donkers


Issue 02Marinka Masséus


Issue 04Nicky Hamilton


Conditions & Licenses

All participants to Call For Entries 07, by virtue of their presentation, believing the images and projects presented are their own work and there has been no infringement of copyright. Dodho is not responsible for any infringement of rights may arise during the selection process and subsequent display of any image. The entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the photograph, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the exhibition and use of the photograph. The projects will be judged by a professional and relevant jury in the photography field, with no flare and none of the author data. The jury’s decision will not be appealable and will be definitive.

Copyrights & Usage Rights

The images and projects copyright will be exclusively and at all times of the photographer and author of the project. The images will use strictly in relation to the Dodho prizes and will not be used for other purposes than the direct promotion of their authors. The images may not be used in any case by any third party without the express consent of the author and by written request, which will be sent to the author by email. Dodho is granted the right to publish the best works received in its online version and subsequent promotion in its social networks, always safeguarding authorship and copyright.

The aspect I have mostly appreciated about Dodho Magazine is that it presents the work of photographers with no graphic tricks, respecting their inner personality and this enhances the value of the pictures. So it is a pleasure to be part of one of your issues.

Alessando Barteletti – Italy

Frequently asked questions

How do I present my projects or portfolios in the magazine mode?

You must select the package you want within this mode, depending on whether you want to upload one, two or three projects. After selecting your participation package, you will access the registration form, where you will be asked for your information, and you will be able to upload your projects, each one compressed in a .ZIP folder.

How do I present my photographs in the Cover mode?

You must select the package you want in this mode, depending on whether you want to upload one, three or five photographs. After selecting your participation package, you will access the registration form, where you will be asked for your information, and you can upload your compressed photos in a folder.ZIP

Can I present myself in both modalities?

Of course, the cover and magazine modes are independent of each other and are judged under different criteria. We encourage you to present in both modalities.

Can I send the same image in both modalities?

Yes, the same image can be presented in both modalities, if you consider that it also fits a proper cover image.

What requirements must the projects or portfolios fulfil to upload them in the magazine mode?

Each project or portfolio should consist of 10 to 20 compressed photographs in a folder in.ZIP format, each of the photographs must have a minimum size of 1200px on its largest side. The maximum weight of each .ZIP file must be 25Mb

Can I add an explanatory text in the projects or portfolios I present?

You can upload a text in the same presentation or registration form. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend that you include a description of the project.

What requirements must the images fulfil to upload them in Cover mode?

If it is a single image, you can upload it in. JPG format and if they are three or five images you must compress them in a folder in .zip format to be uploaded through our form. Each of the photographs must have a minimum size of 1200px on its largest side.

How many times can I participate in the selection?

You can participate as many times as you wish. But you must do a new registration for each of them.

We are a team of several photographers; can we present for the call?

Of course, but you must indicate the contact person in the registration form

How does the use of rights work if I present my projects or images?

All photographers maintain the copyright of their images and projects. By submitting your photographs, you only authorize Dodho Magazine to promote and publish your work by any means, always indicating the credits and authorizations of your images. If your work is selected to be published in the printed version, you must also sign an authorization for it which will be sent to you by email.

Are there restrictions of the contest regarding the date of capture of the image?

No, there is no temporary restriction based on when an image was taken. You can present images taken at any stage of your career.

Can I submit previously published works in the online version of Dodho Magazine?

Of course, if your work has already been published in Dodho Magazine, it’s because it’s a great job.

Can I present images or works published in other media?

Of course, we look for good jobs and photographers to promote; we do not seek any exclusivity.

Can I present digitally retouched images?

There are no restrictions on the use of digital manipulation.

I have presented my work to the call, why I do not see it published on the website?

Each day we select some projects to be published in the online version, these projects are published together with the text sent. If your work is sectioned, the links will be sent to you on the day of publication. Keep in mind that these selections are made by the Dodho Magazine team, which is outside the jury of the call. The fact that your projects are already published or not, does not offer any advantage or disadvantage under the judge’s criteria and their final selection.

Can there be an extension in the delivery deadline?

We have a very tight editorial calendar and we cannot offer any extension in the submission deadlines. For this reason, the call will end the day and time indicated without any delay.

When will the jury’ decision be communicated to the photographers?

The jury’ decision will be communicated during the first week of March. An email will be sent to all the participants, informing them of the result of their presentation. If you have not received this email, please check your Spam folder.

How can I pay for my presentation?

In the same registration form you will find the three forms of payment that we accept, we have an SLL certificate for you to make the payment safely and we also work with payment gateways of recognized prestige. You can pay using your PayPal or Stripe account if you decide to pay with your credit card. In this way, we make sure that your data circulates safely. We also accept payments by bank transfer but keep in mind that it will take a few days for you to receive your participation receipt.

How can I know that my images have been sent correctly?

If you have not uploaded the projects or images in the registration form, our system will not let you make the payment. Also, you will receive a confirmation email after the shipment confirming your receipt and registration in our database. In this way, you can be entirely sure that your projects or images have been received.

Maybe you still have some doubts, if you do not find the answer, please get in touch with us, and we will solve it in the shortest possible time. Send your question to

It’s lovely and very bold! The use of type is adventurous, and the display of the pictures dramatic. The heaviness and heft of the publication give is real “gravity”, as does the paper stock, which announces a real seriousness….

Thomas Alleman – USA

We are listed on

It is a great quality and I love the range of styles that are represented. It is always nice to see your work in print but especially so when the print quality is very high and the overall product feels like a work of art.

Thom Pierce – South Africa

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