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Freckles by Zuzu Valla

My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting amazing black and white photographs. I always admired other photographersí work, never thinking that one day I would follow my grandfatherís footsteps.


Woman by Zuzu Valla

They say,Life is a fightíí and I´ve learned how to fight in the ring of life from my parents. Tibor Sopor, multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and my mum who gave me all her love.


25 Talented European Photographers

The Best European Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Laurent Baheux, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Julia Anna Gospodarou, Marcello Bonfanti, Marta Kochanek, Zuzu Valla, Jan Møller Hansen, Tine Poppe, Matilde Pernille, Claudio Rasano, Antigone Kourakou, Justine Tjallinks, Dasha Matrosova, Elizabeth Koning, Alicia Moneva, Erberto Zani, Lorenzo Moscia, Guillaume d´Hubert, Matilda Temperley, Deborah Roffel, Olivier Valsecchi, Nenad Saljic, Mira Nedyalkova, Dagmar Van Weeghel, Alva Bernadine


Black Swan by Zuzu Valla

I met Olivia on stage, at a performance of anything goes, where she was playing a lead role. I was the Designer & Head Make-up & Hair Artist for Vintage Styling during the show.


Reborn by Zuzu Valla

Six months before this shoot, I first modelled for Zuzana on my own, just as some big changes were beginning for me, including the dawn of my new relationship.