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I came to photography almost by accident in my late twenties, and in the few years since that time, it has transformed my life.

My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer, shooting in black and white, and growing up I always enjoyed his pictures, without knowing it would one day become my passion. My grandmother also created colour paintings from his photos, which I helped her with as a child. Yet despite this early introduction to photography, I thought of it as something where I admired other people’s work, never thinking that one day l would follow in my grandparents’ footsteps.

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For most of my young adult life, I enjoyed taking pictures of everyday moments using a mobile phone. Because I couldn’t find a phone with good quality at that time, I decided to buy a camera and from that day, my 29th birthday, I was born again.

For the first month I felt intimidated by the camera and its complex functions, so I hid it under my bed, only sometimes taking it out to open the box, look at it, and put it away again. Luckily my house mate, also a photographer, pushed me to try. So I began, and since then I have never stopped.

From that day photography has taken over my life. I think about it all the time, and am continually finding new inspiration all around me. Often this comes from the people I meet through my daily life, many of whom have become models for me.

For me the main driver of my photography is my own melancholic personality, which I try to keep hidden in public.

This is reflected in the subdued, subtle and tender atmosphere of my favourite pictures. I want to celebrate womanhood and the less obvious aspects of feminine beauty, the calm between the smiles. I have a special fascination with photographing the female back, allowing the posture and body language to tell its own story. In my pictures, the face is often unseen or only partially visible, meaning the observer can only guess the mood of the subject. I like catching the atmosphere of a moment which will never happen again, where beauty and softness meets pain and sadness.

My work is gaining an increasing audience both online and in physical galleries, and I am excited to keep growing and developing my craft in the years to come. I aim to be published regularly in quality magazines, while continuing my own personal creative projects. [Official Website]


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