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They say,Life is a fightíí and I´ve learned how to fight in the ring of life from my parents. Tibor Sopor, multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and my mum who gave me all her love.
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They say,Life is a fightíí and I´ve learned how to fight in the ring of life from my parents. Tibor Sopor, multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and my mum who gave me all her love.

That is probably why is my husband telling me that I am like a brave fighter, fighting for the softer half of this world.

My parents loved me and taught me to always help people in need. I can say there were the best parents in the world. I think I am mostly like my mum. Same as her and pretty same as many other women in this world, I also don't like to share my feelings with others. I have realised that today´s culture is making ladies more and more closed. They are hiding their main, by my opinion the most beautiful females strengths.

Softness, tenderness and fragility are slowly but surely disappearing from our world. As I was missing them for many years I decided to bring them back to people through my photographs.

Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

When I do a photoshoot with the right women, I can feel all that power breaking the darkness. Through the photographs I always lose all my sadness and I am suddenly happy again. That is why I love it.

I started with photography in my late´s. I really enjoyed taking pictures of people on the street. After a while, for lack of emotions as Iíve mentioned above, I started to focus more and more on my projects with women. Although

my work is mostly focused on the femininity I still really love the street photography. I hope to get back to the street photography at some point in the future.

Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

I love to sit on a bench in the town and watch people passing by. I am watching them trying to figure out their personality and their life stories. Humans face is like a book and the most of those stories are written in people´s faces. Some people are trying to hold their pain, others are smiling and Me??

I am sitting there, waiting until I see my potential model. I never look at personís body first, there must be something in her soul, something telling me the unique story. I can feel her emotions like an invisible power and I know she is the one. This is the moment which I can not define. All those people walked by, all that time watching them, deeply studying their behaviours and their body language to catch the right vibe of the soul that I am looking for. I love that feeling. The connection with the soul full of emotions ready to tell the story.

Almost all my models I have stopped in streets asking them if they would like to be my models. This is one of the most important reasons why I love women photography. I know that each and everyone of my models has always something unique to tell. I like to freeze this body language stories in my photographs. [Official Website]

Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

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Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

Woman / Zuzu Valla
Woman / Zuzu Valla

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