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The Best Asian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Michiko Chiyoda, Cao Dien, Jagdev Singh, Gili Yaari, Hiroshi Watanabe, Hai Zhang, Madoka Ikegami, Yosuke Kashiwakura, Shinji Ichikawa, Anik Rahman, Binh-Dang, Kazunori Nagashima, Hyung S. Kim, Aryan Pramudito, Ankara Naktamna.
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The Best Asian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine.

The great stories by Michiko Chiyoda, Cao Dien, Jagdev Singh, Gili Yaari, Hiroshi Watanabe, Hai Zhang, Madoka Ikegami, Yosuke Kashiwakura, Shinji Ichikawa, Anik Rahman, Binh-Dang, Kazunori Nagashima, Hyung S. Kim, Aryan Pramudito, Akkara Naktamna.

Oshichi by Michiko Chiyoda (Japan)

Michiko Chiyoda | Asian Photographers

One day, Japanese photographer Michio Chiyoda came across a doll that had been used in ‘Ningyo JORURI’ Puppet Theater. The doll was so captivating that Chiyoda’s eyes were glued on ‘it’. ‘Oshichi’ is a name of the doll and ‘she’ played as a 16-year-old girl who was put to death by burning at the stake for committing arson. Oshichi did arson because she was dying to see her lover. More……

Directing Sunlight by Cao Dien ( Vietnam)

Can Dien | Asian Photographers

Can Dien was born and raised up in Vietnam but he just moved to the United States a couple months ago to study screenwriting. In Vietnam, he did color grade for MVs and short films and he began to take pictures when he studied in high school but that was just for fun. About two years ago, he became really passionate in photography. His photography style mainly focuses on fine art and his philosophy is ” Beauty is not necessarily about the face “. More…..

Sound of silence by Jagdev Singh (India)

portrait of an old lady narrating the life she's lived
Jagdev Singh | Asian Photographers

The land of high passes in Ladakh, India in the shadow of the Himalayas impregnates nature in its most immaculate form. The boundless beauty of the mystic peaks, fathomless vastness, cloud shadows playing hide n seek on mountains all during the day, the chill of the air, the stillness of the peaks, frozen streams and far flung monasteries located deep in the valley, leave one spellbound and awesome. The invincible vastness of nature carrying the subtle deep silence is breathtaking. A deep harmony resonates between the silence of the immaculate nature and several far flung monasteries spread in the area. More….

Gili Yaari : Stranded in Greece – Greece Refugee Crisis (Israel)

Gili Yaari : Stranded in Greece - Greece Refugee Crisis
Gili Yaari | Asian Photographers

Greece has become a flashpoint for the migrant crisis in Europe over the past year. More than 1 million people illegally crossed into Europe in 2015 alone, with some 800,000 of them arriving via Greece. Most of the migrants were coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq but also from other countries. They are fleeing wars and violence in their home countries in hope for a better future. The situation in Greece has grown complicated following a deal between the EU and Turkey in March 2016 that stipulates all new arrivals to Greece must either apply for asylum in the country or risk being sent back to Turkey. More….

Kabuki players by Hiroshi Watanabe (Japan)

Kabuki players / Hiroshi Watanabe / Azusa Tukamoto as Osome
Hiroshi Watanabe | Asian Photographers

Those Kabuki players seen in the photographs are not with the mainstream Kabuki companies in Tokyo. They are with localized small groups located in various parts of Japan. They are not professional actors and they don’t get paid for their plays. They actually spend quite a lot of their own money to be in the plays. Kabuki is known for lavish make-up, costumes, and stage set-ups. As such, those who want to be in the plays must be committed and prepared. More….

Unintended Homecoming by Hai Zhang (China)

Hai Zhang
Hai Zhang | Asian Photographers

Hai Zhang- I grew up in China and moved to the US in 2000 when I was 23-year old.  In 2008 with a fellowship from Rafael Vinoly Architecture Research Fellowship in New York, I started to make frequent trips back to China to take photographs for the research project focusing on urban housing/development.  With the specific research assignments, the way to photograph was rather with specific purpose.  But also I got chance to wander in many Chinese towns, cities and villages with camera in hand, and continued the journey regardless the fellowship was concluded up in 2010. At the beginning, I was hoping photography could help me and the others to understand the phenomena of the country that I had missed in the past decade, and to grasp the sense of today’s “Chinese-ness”. But instead of getting a progressively clearer image of what I have been hoping to achieve over the years, I am often puzzled and frustrated by the misalignment between the images and my actual experience. More….

Mongolia by Madoka Ikegami (China)

Madoka Ikegami | Asian Photographers

This is a series of portraits and general shots of the Tsaatan and Mongolian people who live in and around the forests of the East Taiga region of Khovsgol province in northern Mongolia.The Tsaatan ethnic minority are one of the last remaining groups of nomadic reindeer herders in Mongolia, and have been maintaining their traditions for thousands of years.They seasonally migrate within the forests of the Taiga according to weather and food conditions for their reindeer, which they depend on for milk and transportation. They face challenges to their traditional way of life, with recently introduced laws aimed at conservation limiting their ability to hunt wild animals for food, and climate change affecting their habitat and possibly exposing reindeer to disease. More….

Weightlessness by Yosuke Kashiwakura (Japan)

Weightlessness / Yosuke Kashiwakura
Yosuke Kashiwakura | Asian Photographers

When gazing at the jellyfish floating in their tanks at the aquarium, I find myself in a peculiar mood. These jellyfish appear as if they could be alien life forms drifting through space, or perhaps even spaceships.I never tire of looking at them, floating up and down silently. The majority of we people currently live within the safety zones called human society. Here, we can look at rare and mysterious creatures of nature behind the safety of glass walls. Here, there is no need to venture out into the savanna, no need to dive deep into the depths of the ocean. However, what we see beyond these zoos and aquariums are life itself. There, I believe there are still many mysterious and strange things to discover. More….

Shinji Ichikawa : The essence (Japan)

Shinji Ichikawa
Shinji Ichikawa | Asian Photographers

Shinji Ichikawa -I was born to a family who ran a photo studio; thus, I was raised in an environment surrounded by photography. The town where I was born and grew up is famous as the spot where Japanese spirits would come to gather from all over the country in the tenth month of the old calendar. Growing up in a place like that, I am powerfully drawn to the world of the surreal, to things that are mysterious and out of ordinary. Japan is reputedly home to innumerable spirits, known as kami, and it is believed that these spirits inhabit all sorts of entities. Sensing the truth of this, I sometimes find that the people and things I encounter are difficult to approach, catching my attention as they exude something of this unseen world. !. More….

Puppet Show by Anik Rahman (Bangladesh)

 Anik Rahman
Anik Rahman | Asian Photographers

After every five years, the time for general election comes in Bangladesh, bringing with it a fresh season of despair and uncertainty. From October 2013 to January 2014, the nation has been passing through sheer horror and uncertainty due to the ongoing fierce political unrest that sparked from a couple of issues. Recently, the chronic violent political demonstration by the opposition allies started posing threat to the lives of common people. Random usage of handmade bombs on streets forced many to be blind and cut off physical organs, while patrol-bombs, hurled on running vehicles, burnt several people alive. More….

Expression by Binh-Dang (Vietnam)

Binh-Dang | Asian Photographers

By inviting people to join the experiment without of reason and to simply let their faces drop suddenly into the water, I really want to explore original moments in which there is the least control of the mind. This series is searching for a “variant” portrait without distorting the subject, but instead, looking at the subject as the unique authenticity/truth. At times, we want to put our faces into the water, this process is similar to washing off substance from the face and even from the spirit. Most of the time in this process, in 1/100 of a second, there exists the original essence, which is connected to the formation of each individual. More….

It seems to me that before the photograph can exist as art, it must, by its very nature, choose whether it is to be a record or a testimony. Whatever special lens are used, and however the subject is thereby distorted, the camera only knows how to relate things directly. However abstract the composition, therefore, the individual meaning of the objects related inevitably remains as a kind of indispersible precipitate. The photographer’s whole job is to filter this off by one of two methods. The alternatives are the record and the testimony.

Yukio Mishima (Japanese author, poet and playwright.) – From the Introduction to Eikoh Hosoe’s “Ordeal by Roses” (1971). Cited in: “Creative Camera International Year Book 1978”, Coo Press, London, 1977, p. 74.

A determined man by Kazunori Nagashima (Japan)

Kazunori Nagashima | Asian Photographers

The distinctive man is characterized as a guy who has determined to do something important for him. Even the context is not specified exactly in the photographs, we could imagine and relish his hiding situation and consideration like a daydream.The main character is set as an accountant at the edge of town. Even if you recognize him as a detective or an agent, it doesn’t really matter. The prior point of the series is the man has a huge problem and he has got to solve it. More….

Hyung S. Kim – Haenyeo: Women of the Sea (Korea)

Kim Julja , Dodu Jeju 2013
Hyung S. Kim | Asian Photographers

The photographer, Hyung S. Kim who was inspired by the historical and geographical uniqueness of “Haenyeo” known as a female diver for living, has been residing in Jeju Island since 2012 capturing photos of Haenyeo’s everyday life. There has been multitude of publications and video clips about Haenyeo in the past but Hyung S. Kim has taken a new perspective on Haenyeo. More….

Aryan Pramudito : Jakarta through my phone (Indonesia)

Aryan Pramudito IMG_0879
Aryan Pramudito | Asian Photographers

It was on sunny afternoon of March 2015. That was my first time I fall for street photography. It was a Shumay food hawker made me fall in love. My name is Aryan Pramudito. I was born in Jakarta Indonesia on 1978. I am an Indonesian advertising agency slave who lives in Jakarta. I just start my street photography journey for about 2 months. Living in Jakarta, is like heaven for street photography savy. I never realized that until one day i point my iphone 5 to a street food hawker and find it interesting. More….

Akkara Naktamna : Street Photography (Thailand)

Street Photography Akkara Naktamna (2)
Ankara Naktamna | Asian Photographers

Akkara Naktamna – I was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1979 and started shooting in 2008 which was influenced by a photo book “Dog Dogs” by Elliott Erwitt, and a comedy movie named “Pecker”. As I remember it, I bought a point and shoot camera after reading that book and went out to shoot everything I found; even though I didn’t know yet what is street photography.I think that photograph is the reflection of photographer; so if I’m a quiet person, my photographs are more quiet. While other photographers approach a crowd to find a beautiful light and shadow, nice emotion of life, or scene of noisy town, I seek the difference way and humour is a thing I found. Elliott Erwitt’s work always influences me about this; it likes a newspaper comic, quiet, clever, funny, and ironical. My work is changing a silent thing to be an unexpected story. You may laugh on it and doubt that are being ridiculed in the same time. More….

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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