A determined man by Kazunori Nagashima

A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima
The distinctive man is characterized as a guy who has determined to do something important for him. Even the context is not specified exactly in the photographs, we could imagine and relish his hiding situation and consideration like a daydream.

The main character is set as an accountant at the edge of town. Even if you recognize him as a detective or an agent, it doesn’t really matter. The prior point of the series is the man has a huge problem and he has got to solve it.

It seems not easy to conquer, it looks like so tough to beat something or somebody up. It is always very difficult to be brave under the pressure, and everybody around the world sometimes needs to face towards the pretty bad situation alone.The movie stars always win the fight with bad guys, it’s funny but not truth. The truth is… our hearts are pumping up nearly exploded, we really want to run away from the tensed and serious situation, of course it takes so long time for making up our mind to head straight forward for it. This new series named “a determined man” is sketched realistically and you may be able to enjoy comparing to your real circumstances. [Official Website]

A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima
A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima
A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima

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A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima
A determined man / Kazunori Nagashima

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