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The great fine art photography of Riccardo Magherini, Jeff Vyse, Stephanie Pfriender Stylander, Dragos Ionian, Aaron Sehmar, Alicia Moneva, Gianluca Micheletti, Polina Plotnikova, Antigone Kourakou and Margrieta Jeltema.
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The Best Fine Art Photographers published in Dodho Magazine.

The great photographs of Riccardo Magherini, Jeff Vyse, Stephanie Pfriender Stylander, Dragos Ioneanu, Aaron Sehmar, Alicia Moneva, Gianluca Micheletti, Polina Plotnikova, Antigone Kourakou and Margrieta Jeltema.

BKK Series by Riccardo Magherini (Italy)

Itsara Nuphap / BKK Series / Riccardo Magherini

Sometimes that sense of estrangement that catches you when you are far away from home, in a new and unknown place, among people who do not speak your language and signs that you do not understand, can be a precious source of creativity and inspiration.Riccardo Magherini, an Italian awarded photographer, plays with that feeling letting himself wandering with.His unique street photography style starts with faces and stories, when one stands out to him. He collects pictures all around that moment, which talk about it. More……

Long exposure by Jeff Vyse (England)


I’m based on the north east coast of England and I spend a lot of my spare time outdoors as that’s what I enjoy. I’m lucky enough to live in an area with remote sandy beaches and big sand dunes where you can find space and tranquillity. Photography has become an extension of the outdoor experience and my way of expressing what I see around me. I’ve lived by the coast most of my life so it’s natural for me to have a strong desire to capture this environment and create images reflecting that experience.More…..

Roar of silence by Stephanie Pfriender Stylander (USA)


In a famous and intimate New Jersey theater, Stephanie at the age of 14 went under a spell as she watched photographers work with this small little black machine dressed in numbers.She soon followed them into the darkroom and the love affair soon began. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts and a Associate of Science Degree from Endicott College graduating with honors in photography from both institutions. Stephanie then went on to assist the legendary photographer Art Kane in New York. More….

Fine Art of Dragos Ioneanu (Denmark)


My name is Dragos Ioneanu, I am a fine art photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark specialised in B&W photography and subjects like architecture and seascapes/landscapes. My main two projects are “Geometry in motion” – an architectural one and “White sea” – a collection of seascapes. I call them together “Water and steel”. They are like yin and yang, so different and so interconnected in my photographic work, one symbolising the calm of the sea and the other the chaos of the city. More….

Aaron Sehmar ; In-between moments (England)


I divide my time between creating both fine art and fashion images because I feel that both genres are on different ends of the spectrum, so they allow me work in very different ways. Fine art photography allows me to be able to come up with ideas for images that are a lot more conceptual, where the end result is more of a catalyst for a larger discussion about various topics, such as the purpose of photography, hyperreality, artifice and displacement.I’ve always been interested in “in-between moments; images where you are not sure of what the protagonist has just done or is going to do next. Also, many of my fine art images are self portraits, which allow me to be able to create work with minimal fuss. More….

Alicia Moneva ; The concept of what is human (Spain)

_07_the suffering of others_alicia-moneva

All the photographic series of the author, revolve around the concept of what is human, approaching as an individual or as part of a collective identity in different ways. We always propose questions, leave roads open to reflection.The way of working in series is very characteristic of this photographer. Also the sum of many photographies in the alone one, as a counterfoil of stills that they summarize the time and the space in an alone instant. Probably for this motive, always he accompanies to his series with small pieces of video, “videObras”, since he likes to call them her. More….

Lifepod by Gianluca Micheletti (Italy)

My project consists of inserting some primates – they share with humans up to almost 99% of DNA – in safety capsules that will regenerate a form of primordial life, in a future day, after the extinction of the human breed. The crazy man’s evolutionary race is also manifested in the form of possession and dominion over the world. Alteration that men can imprint to the planet is out of control: the more men evolve the more they move away from the primitive instincts, creating more and more artificial habitats. This process seems to lead to an inexorable catastrophe wrought by human hand. More….

My cloud photographs are equivalents of my most profound life experiences, my basic philosophy of life. All art is an equivalent of the artist’s most profound life experiences.

Alfred Stieglitz

Past Perfect by Polina Plotnikova (England)


The approach to flower photography that I take is somewhat similar to that of a portrait photographer – for every flower and plant that I photograph, I always try to find its unique look, study its mood and character, and ultimately unlock the hidden beauty of my models. A successful flower portrait attempts to discover something unique in a flower, something hidden or not necessarily obvious at first sight. Also, a good floral portrait – unlike a purely botanical illustration – would always trigger a thought or an emotion in a viewer’s mind. I work in my home studio. More….

The shadow of things by Antigone Kourakou (Greece)


Looking at Antigone Kourakou´s photographs, one fully perceives the suggestive range of photographic abstraction. Although there is scarce visual information that connects the pictures with the real scenes, the situations, and the events they were born out of, the photographs imperatively call for our interpretation.They expect us to bring the ghosts back to reality, to rationalize the impossibilities they depict. The challenge is unrelenting, recurring and invariably leading to a dead end. And it is exactly this inability to explain them which lends them the poetic dimension that marks Kourakou´s work. More….

My Heart of Glass by Margrieta Jeltema (Holland)

Reflections on Beauty and Fragility | Margrieta Jeltema

All the threads in my work refer to beauty, like the beauty depicted in those Still Lifes of the Dutch Golden Age, where the beauty of a flower was understood as fragile and evanescent. There was the beautiful picture itself telling us about the fleeting of time, the fading of its colors and the memory of the flowers’ prime that shines even when that prime has long been gone. Somehow this past is always there. Beauty reveals a beauty of a past and of a future that we recognize as memory and hope. More….

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