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The way of working in series is very characteristic of this photographer. Also the sum of many photographies in the alone one, as a counterfoil of stills that they summarize the time and the space in an alone instant.
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All the photographic series of the author, revolve around the concept of what is human, approaching as an individual or as part of a collective identity in different ways. We always propose questions, leave roads open to reflection.

The way of working in series is very characteristic of this photographer. Also the sum of many photographies in the alone one, as a counterfoil of stills that they summarize the time and the space in an alone instant. Probably for this motive, always he accompanies to his series with small pieces of video, “videObras”, since he likes to call them her.

His series always are opened for the incorporation of new photographies, as if it never wanted to give finished any of the topics that worry him. His interest for the sciences in general, the psychology and the philosophy, they contribute always another point of view, a new approach. They give him the opportunity to continue learning, to be alive.

His first approximation to the art went from the painting, with pictures to the oil more concretely. This determines the way in which it shows us his world, in which the shade is essential, almost so much as the light. Also in his way of composing and looking, it appreciates the great influence that had the architecture in his life. After ending his studies of Biological Sciences in the Complutensian University of Madrid, it worked of form continued in different studies of architecture. In them it realized planes to color of zenithal conference of the urban development interventions in the city.

In these first years the photography was a tool of work, but still not a vehicle of artistic expression. Later, with the analogical photography and the portrait, it got squarely in the photographic world and already without gone back.

The first photographic project was the unconscious series, in which, by means of tubs and waters of colors, it transmits his the primary thing, the gestation, the unconscious one. The sensations like colors, messages coded in the maps of the conscious reality. Secret fingerprints that determine the behavior.



_03_personality conflict_alicia-moneva
Personality conflict

In the collective series addressed to the individual and their relationship with their environment. Forms of “dumping” as an individual are presented assuming social cloning, a manipulation of the nature, time and space of the subject. Speaks of freedom proposed by philosophers such as B. Spinoza.

_14_incubated_aliciamoneva _15_non-places_alicia-moneva _16_Cupiditas_alicia-moneva _17_superstitio_alicia-moneva _18_OFF-ON_alicia-moneva _19_insulation_alicia-moneva

In the series “about the disease,” reflects on the memory and identity. What is the nature of the human being, and the role of the memories in the construction of identity. We see people in places impossible, surrounded by Dim lights that disappear slowly,

like blurry memories which make it difficult to recognize. This series also refers others pain, tempted to look away in a society very concerned with perfection.

_07_the suffering of others_alicia-moneva
The suffering of others

_03_Requiem for an identity_alicia-moneva _04_gas light_alicia-moneva _05_Hooked_alicia-moneva _06_in the darkness_alicia-moneva _08_To be or not to be_alicia-moneva _09_sordomundo_alicia-moneva _10_In the light_alicia-moneva _11_In a sea of doubts_alicia-moneva _12_captive of the memory_alicia-moneva

_13__captive of the memory-II_alicia-moneva
Captive of the memory II

In the ” unconscious social ” series the social thought appears as link of union, of sum. To be fixed in the unconscious human being, to understand that it is a common factor, it forms a of dealing, of recognizing ourselves in other one, something essential in a society healthy.

_25_Everything was turning about the idea_alicia-moneva
Everything was turning about the idea

_20_To read or not to be_alicia-moneva _21_To the men of good will_alicia-moneva _22_circular thinking_alicia-moneva _23-National politics_alicia-moneva _24_Ladies' game_alicia-moneva _26_Dead Sea_alicia-moneva

_30__God does not play to the dice_alicia-moneva
God does not play to the dice

The series ” goods 2.0″ refers to the purely mercantile value that is awarded to the human being. It is invited to the reflection of the concept of being a human being I dress as a product, which consumes and is consumable. This human quality gives step, by means of a numerical assignment – probabilística, to the objetivación of the individual, qualifying to a company of consumption, the calculation and the transformation of the population in physical and virtual goods. A perverse game of deshumanización.[Official Website]


_29_without destination_alicia-moneva
Without destination

_28_the border_alicia-moneva
The border

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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