March 2017 : Most Popular Photographers

The Most Popular Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Yolanda Garcia, Lopamudra Talukdar, Magnus Hastings, Joxe Inazio Kuesta, Sadegh Souri, Chris Clor, James Walker, Riccardo La Valle, Javier Corso, Ricky Adam

Yolanda Garcia ; The chaos within simplicity

My blueberry nights | Yolanda Garcia | The chaos within simplicity

Yolanda Garcia is a photographer who lives in Madrid. She has in a world of dreams, pain, laughter, and likes to externalize.  She started in photography from she was a child, fiddling with cameras from their parents. A few years ago, she got its first compact camera, and an after, your first SLR, coinciding with its entry to the degree of the image. More……

Journey of the indian woman by Lopamudra Talukdar


India is a country in a hurry, a country everyone is waking up to and taking notice of.  While our scientists are reaching out to the moon our industrialists are taking the world by storm with major acquisitions. But has the core of the country really changed? Or has the chasm between the urban and rural grown wider? Are some age old prejudices still holding India back? What about the women? Well, what about them? Are they on an even keel with their male counterparts? Are they the flag bearers of the modern India we are so proud to project? Are those news of persecution of women in India just a blip on the radar? More…..

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

Diane Arbus (American Photographer)

Why Drag? by Magnus Hastings

Why Drag? | Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings is a portrait photographer whose current series of large-scale photographs, and accompanying book, Why Drag?, focuses on the phenomenal artistry and counter-cultural spirit of the international drag scene.Hastings’ confrontational yet deeply beguiling portraits owe as much to his ability to collaborate with the highly individual denizens of a semi-hidden world as they do to his inimiatable eye and technical skills. He calls his approach ‘guerilla photography,’ shooting on the streets, driving around with a queen in his car until they find the perfect spot in which to create a story, using found objects as props. More….

Chasing Mirrors by Joxe Inazio Kuesta


Many times I read and hear people say that some photographs have souls, that they reflect an essence, that they transmit a purity.  And perhaps it is true, because often when I see a photograph taken by me I perceive something that I find difficult to express in words, and that it could well be that soul; but what soul are we talking about? Is it from the soul of the people, from the situations photographed or from my own soul? More….

Waiting Girls by Sadegh Souri

Mahsa is 17. She falls in love with a boy and intends to marry him, but her father is against the marriage. One day she has an argument with her father, and she and her mother decide to kill the father. Mahsa kills her father with a kitchen knife, and now her brothers are requesting death penalty or lex talionis for her and her mother. Mahsa’s brothers agreed she would not be hanged. She is doing her term now.

In Iran, death penalty is given to the children for the crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, and armed robbery. According to the Islamic Penal Law, the age when girls are held accountable for their crimes is 9 years old, while the international conventions have banned the death penalty for individuals under 18. More….

Chris Clor ; Cinematic imagery

Chris Clor | Cinematic imagery

Award-winning photographer and illustrator Chris Clor has spent his entire career as a visual communicator specializing in conceptual, portrait and product photography. His imaginative, evocative style blends analogue and digital techniques to produce strikingly cinematic imagery with wit and a strong flair for storytelling.A leading talent in photo illustration, working within the genre of conceptual, portrait, landscape and CGI rendering, Chris’ recognizable style, professionalism and easy going personality make him a favorite with clients such as Shell Oil, Gillette, Schick, Ford Motor, Pfizer, to mention but a few. A strong sense of composition, lighting and colour results in high impact imagery for his clients. More….

Collodion Portraiture by James Walker

Collodion Portraiture | James Walker

James hopes simply to change the viewers mind in some way than what it was before they saw the work in a positive meaningful experience. Either to learn, or question something about themselves, in the work or see something to life and the subject that’s new in a way they had not before. To have impact on some ones life in some way is an honor you can’t get from cheap imagery. It takes time to create the work. A critical mindful process not only in it’s analog creation but in the narrative or subconscious serendipity. Of course this is only a dream for him. More….

Riccardo La Valle ; Inusual and alienating

Riccardo La Valle | Inusual and alienating

Riccardo La Valle is a photographer based in Milan, he was born in Latina in 1987, he came in touch with photography at the age of 21 years. Riccardo La Valle creates images that are ripe with juxtapositions: delicate yet bold, sensual yet strong. Using a muted color palate he creates otherworldly compositions that draw the viewer in, requiring many moments of contemplation. His ideas take time to digest, a welcome experience in a time characterized by instant gratification. As is always a special experience with art, his images make you feel something; they make you stop, and they make you wonder. More….

Fishshot by Javier Corso

Fishshot | Javier Corso

Fishshot is a documentary project about loneliness, emotional isolation, and sentimental repression in Finnish society. These problems go further when the people start drinking to fight against them. The excessive consumption of alcohol is present in more than half cases of suicide, homicide and gender violence. A problem rooted in Finnish society that causes, directly or indirectly, a huge number of deaths among the population. The consequences hurt a country well known for its high-quality life, surrounded by idyllic landscapes, cold and darkness. More….

Belfast Punk by Ricky Adam

Belfast Punk | Ricky Adam

The Warzone Centre was a youth & community centre in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. It was an all ages venue that originally opened in 1986 with the help of Belfast’s new centre for the unemployed and run by punks.In 1991 the venue moved to a much bigger building which is where all of the photos in this book were taken. Over the years it became infamous as being one of the most credible venues in Europe for D.I.Y. punk. More….


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