On the way to happy marriage by Anna Shulyatieva

The widower Yuri is shaving before going dancing with his girlfriend. A while ago he lived in the residential home for the elderly, now he shares a flat with his sister however they are on bad terms. He loves Galina, but Galina lives with her daughter’s family that is against new roomer in their small living space.

In modern Russian society, where there is a cult of youth, beauty and overconsumption, the old are left behind.

The aged person is associated in the collective consciousness rather with poverty, disability and abandonment than with welfare, peace and love.

Our photographer decided to find out how these stereotypes correspond with the reality and to carry out a photographic research on romantic relationship between people over the age of 60. She became a silent witness of characters’ dates in cafes, parks, on dance floors of “culture centers” and at their homes. Some of them have already been in relationship with each other for some time, for the others the captured meeting was the first one. All our characters live in a small town called Kotlas in Arkhangelsk Region. Sweets, games, long walks, dancing are interchanging at a steady pace like recurring rituals. These things can hardly be explained by age logic. Our characters fall in love, face various difficulties, sometimes split up – in other words they are well on their way to fulfillment of their dream of happy union.

Margarita puts on a make-up before a date with Vasily. That will be her first date after her husband died half a year ago.
In the club “Oktyabr” Yuri and Galina snack after drinking brandy poured into plastic bottle because no own alcohol is allowed in the club.
Margarita and Vasily are dancing waltz to the accordion accompaniment. Everybody is fond of live music here.
Yuri asked Galina to a slow dance and wants to kiss her.
Ludmila and Peter having rest during a walk along the evening park. After a while they broke up – Ludmila can’t take her mind off her last love.
Antonina and Nikolay are playing card game “Durak”. They know each other already for many years and began to date after both became widowed. Antonina and Nikolay often spend time playing card games or watching TV.
Olga is feeding Viktor with grapes. This is their first date after they broke up a year ago.
Antonina and Nikolay are playing pool at Nikolay’s home. He teaches Antonina the way to hold the cue.
Polina and Nikolay are embracing on the sofa. They met each other at the dancing party two years ago and never parted with each other since then.
On the way to happy marriage | Anna Shulyatieva
On the way to happy marriage | Anna Shulyatieva
On the way to happy marriage | Anna Shulyatieva




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