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The Best Indian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Jagdev Singh, Amlan Sanyal, Souradeep Roy, Aman Chotani and Suvobroto Ray Chaudhuri.
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The Best Indian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Jagdev Singh, Amlan Sanyal, Souradeep Roy, Aman Chotani and Suvobroto Ray Chaudhuri. 

Men at work by Amlan Sanyal

Alan Sayal / Indian Photographers
Amlan Sayal / Indian Photographers

With an ever increasing number of vehicles driving around the country, the quality of our road network constantly needs to be maintained and improved. Add to that the damage caused by ‘extreme and treacherous’ weather. We all know how we get when the work isn’t carried out, moaning about tyre damage due to pot holes, potential crashes due to unclear road markings. Yet then when the work is carried out, people’s frustration really kicks in; blocked lanes, closed roads, traffic queues. What a nuisance! However, do we ever consider the risks faced by the road construction workers that get out on our roads in all conditions, working to make these improvements, the high level of emissions they’re exposed to from close proximity vehicles or from the equipment they have to work with? Recently I happened to visit one of a road construction site in the outskirts of my hometown and tried to document their working conditions. More…..

A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever.

Raghu Rai ( Indian Photographer )

Darjeeling – Mysterious Monsoons by Souradeep Roy

Souradeep Roy / Indian Photographers
Souradeep Roy / Indian Photographers

Darjeeling is a small hilly town in the Indian state of West Bengal. At an elevation of 6700 feet its location in the lesser Himalayas makes it an attractive tourist destination during the summers. It boasts of clear views of five famous peaks of the Kanchenjunga mountain range and the famous Darjeeling tea, which is one of the most famous black tea in the world. I wanted to see the other side of the town, when there are lesser numbers of tourists and have a different perspective of the place as a whole. More….

Portraits Talk by Aman Chotani

Aman Chotani / Indian Photographers
Aman Chotani / Indian Photographers

Aman Chotani,A Professional Travel Photographer who has found acclaim across major exhibitions and brands. His motto Travel to beautiful, Rusty, adventurous locations to capture untold stories, unseen traditions and unprecedented experiences. His fresh, young and undying spirit motivates him to be the best in the field. The power of photography lies in its ability to communicate ideas and emotions. In Aman chotani’s photo exhibition, he brought perspective to leaning that we could glean from life itself. From the captured innocence of a child to the traditions & people of rural India, we invite you to share the ideas and emotions that only the still image could connect. More….

Our precious Life by Suvobroto Ray Chaudhuri

Suvobroto Ray Chaudhuri / Indian Photographers
Suvobroto Ray Chaudhuri / Indian Photographers

These are the words of the pure heart. Words coming from mind which we call to be not in control. I got the privilege of spending some quality time with them in a challenged unit in West Bengal. Everything is so memorable after that day. Defined by an IQ score they become members of challenged units believing that will affect general living. Problems at birth. Uncontrollable for family members to raise. Thrown or handed over. They are incapable of making decisions or managing their affairs. These are the common things we hear whenever we visit such units.But we hardly can listen to the heart being neglected. I felt life being meaningful for them. They are the most sensible beings and they indeed proved themselves to be one. More….

Sound of silence by Jagdev Singh

Jagdev Singh / Indian Photographers
Jagdev Singh / Indian Photographers

The land of high passes in Ladakh, India in the shadow of the Himalayas impregnates nature in its most immaculate form. The boundless beauty of the mystic peaks, fathomless vastness, cloud shadows playing hide n seek on mountains all during the day, the chill of the air, the stillness of the peaks, frozen streams and far flung monasteries located deep in the valley, leave one spellbound and awesome. The invincible vastness of nature carrying the subtle deep silence is breathtaking. A deep harmony resonates between the silence of the immaculate nature and several far flung monasteries spread in the area. More……

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