Wedding day by Mikhail Ekadomov

The visual code of a wedding in the post-soviet states reflects in general a desire to show some sort of grand scale, some material prosperity.

Grooms and brides realize their notions about beauty and luxury: a rental Hummer limousine, cafe on the central street of the dormitory suburb, bride in a fur bolero, separate table for bouquets.

It all sounds like a set of cliches, but they overgrow with “the reality”, that’s why the flowers are wrapped in a blue cellophane and there are sandwiches on the plates which are more similar to those cooked for breakfast.

In this project I examined the visual attributes of such a traditionally bright event like wedding which were formed in a certain section of the post-Soviet society. The focus on the wedding is not from the point of view of its essence but like on a public event which has its demonstrational element: the wedding like quintessence of visual aspects of highlighted wealth and notions about chic. [Official Website]

Wedding day | Mikhail Ekadomov

Wedding day | Mikhail Ekadomov
Wedding day | Mikhail Ekadomov

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