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Maybe you do not believe in fairy­tales, but you could live in one! Life is more easier, when you believe in miracles,they happen all the time.

You just need to open your eyes more widely and you will be able to notice them!

The fashion photography is not only about nice clothes, fashion magazines and advertising.It is not ‘a portrait of someone wearing a dress’, as David Bailey described. For me it is all about the feelings. In the photography as in real life­ everywhere we need deep emotions, we desire big love, to be able to create something miraculous.


The biggest inspiration for me, to make a photoshooting somewhere in rural environment. Every time I am looking for the connection between the person and the nature. It is so natural and vital. Everything can happen there. The possibilities are endless. The fashion photography is such a wide space for creativity! Today everyone can be a photographer,everybody can buy a good camera and make nice photos. But probably not everyone is passionate about that as me. I am not only create a scene and look for the best angles,as a professional photographer ( I do that as well), but every time I fall in love with my imaginative heroine and narrate the story with my pictures.


My work gave me ability to day­dream, to forget the broken reality. Sometime ago I dreamed to learn to paint, but sometimes I feel like creating the picture, just with the camera instead of brush. Today time is so fast, unstoppable and crazy, everything is just a moment’s captures on Instagram or Facebook. And everybody is nobody or the next day­ vice versa. You wake up and you are famous with millions people adoring you. But time never stops and one day they forget you. And the beauty of the art is that it can become immortal.

And I would like one day to be the inspiration for the future generations, that you need not to forget to dream, not to grow up too fast and throw away your favorite fairy­tales book. Life is cruel sometime and the fairy­tale always has a good end. You just need to have a faith in it. Never abandon your childhood dream, never stop dreaming.










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