Still lifes by Belén Argüeso

Still lifes / Belén Argüeso

My name is Belén Argüeso. More or less three years gave me my first camera …… I’m not a professional photographer … just a simple fan trying learn and improve every day. I started taking pictures of my dog, and uploading them to a pet forum

One day by chance I discovered flickr and from that moment opened a world totally different in my eyes and I wanted to try other things ….. Since I can remember I have liked to draw …. Painting has always been one of my passions. The photograph I have opened a totally different field, yet even Had never used Photoshop. what little I know I learned watching online tutorials. I did not know what they were HDRS or textures, since I’ve discovered, I have not ceased to practice and apply it to my photos, … is a style that I like and that today defines me in my work. I like to vary my photos, just do macros, such as landscapes, hdrs …. my gallery and blog contain a bit of everything, my latest project are still lifes.[Official Website]

I’m inspired by little things, my family and my friends .. I like to capture little moments, frozen forever in an image those fleeting moments that I produce some kind of emotion …. express feelings, …… and to share with others ..

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  • Armonie des teintes,dispositions des éléments,éclairage ! Enfin tout mis ensemble Belén Argüeso est parvenus à de magnifiques images.Mes félicitations !!! Serge

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