Portraits of Tertius Alio

My name is Daniil Kontorovich, also be exhibited under the name of Tertius Alio, which translated from Latin means the observer or grated face.

I’m from St. Petersburg. Istudied at a graphic designer, but gave up in the third year, seriously fascinated by photography. For me, the camera and post-processing was a better tool for the transfer of my inner world. Not knowing the laws of photos I get enough interesting shots, with its history. The fact that I had previously experienced with pictorial plane gave my photos intuitive clarity. It’s catchy. I have never been interested in commercial orders, I have the freedom to express. I got it when he first presented master classes and teaching people – the perfect compromise! I like to teach, maybe it’s hereditary – my grandfather was a teacher in history. Rarely do a series of shots, I often solitary portraits, concentrates in itself all the stress of the moment. I always liked to catch peeping views directly into the soul of the viewer.

In my work I am a perfectionist, I try to think through all the details, but it is more likely for post-processing, and not shooting. I like the randomness of the frame. Now in me struggling photographer and an artist – you want to make a more realistic pictures, live, but not to lose an existing architectural style and atmosphere, achievable dorisovki.

My main advice to all photographers – do you like that, do not be fooled and do not pursue recognition. Having found yourself you will get noticed.

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