This is New York City – Johannes Heuckeroth


NEW YORK CITY. NYC is the ONE city, the one that rules all other cities. I’ve always dreamed of visiting NYC since I saw the first movies featuring this amazing place. At the point when photography became a essential part of my life, I did not only yearn to visit the city, but of course to photograph there.

To develop my own vision of this city, to create unique images of NYC. How to do that in may be the most photographed city of the world? A city, that is omnipresent in our culture?

In 2013 I finally had the chance to spend nine amazing days there. I used every minute to experience the spirit of this city and capture moments and views that are full of its spirit. My photos do not show unique views on the city, they show well know places, but in my very own style. I had the luck to enjoy 9 days full of sunshine, whenever possible I tried to integrate backlight into the pictures to give this city the light it deserves. So the images became very vibrant and vivid. I wanted to create pictures, that shows the wideness and the beauty of Manhattan. I pushed the images in postprocessing to create a bit more intensity than there might be in reality, but which is definitely in my mind when I think of New York City. [Official Website]



20130918-NYC-0418-panorama 20130918-NYC-0670 20130918-NYC-0984


20130919-NYC-1490 20130919-NYC-1953 20130918-NYC-1048 20130919-NYC-2052-long 20130920-NYC-2288-panorama 20130922-NYC-3863-panorama




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