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Dystopia is a photographic series reflecting a forsaken society. Dehumanisation, economic downfall, social neglect, disaster & decline are the main ingredients.
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Dystopia is a photographic series reflecting a forsaken society. Dehumanisation, economic downfall, social neglect, disaster & decline are the main ingredients.

The Dystopia series depict a parallel world, dormant and unseen. It shows a world that’s hidden within our world. It’s heart breaking for sure, seeing the past-splendour in these buildings. Most of the time we’re not aware of its existence, yet these places are embedded into our everyday lives.


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About  Reginald Van de Velde

Reginald Van de Velde (Belgium, 1975) scouts the unknown and unseen. As a devoted traveler he journeys into forsaken places all over the world, trying to capture the momentum of a fragile abandonment. His pictures are a showcase of past-splendour. He visits derelict hospitals, mothballed monasteries, dormant structures, defunct power stations, crumbling castles and everything in-between. The result of the intangible desire to explore what mankind has left behind. The reverb of time is Reginald’s vantage point.

His works have been exhibited internationally in both solo & group exhibitions, including The Art & Science Museum (Singapore), Theater aan Zee (Belgium), Tomorrow Never Knows (Belgium), Fotofestival Knokke-Heist (Belgium), The Somerset House (United Kingdom) and the Cannes Lions International Festival (France).

He has won numerous awards including the Triennial Barbaix Award for Photography (2008), he was winner at the Cannes Lions International Festival 2011 and was finalist at the World Photography Awards in 2011. His works have been featured in publications including The World Photography Awards Book (2011), Verlaten Plekken, Vergeten Stemmen (August 2011), Esquire Magazine (June 2008), and Beauty in Decay (2010) to name but a few. Photo editors from National Geographic Magazine have handpicked many of Reginald’s photo’s as favourites.

On many occasions Reginald has been programmed as a guest speaker on creative and inspiring sessions around Europe. National archives and libraries have listed many of Reginald’s pictures from forgotten structures and interiors that have been erased permanently. [Official Website]

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