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I grew up in a small town in Saxony/Germany and there I discovered my love for photography. Since around two years I live in beautiful Galway/Ireland and it’s not impossible that I might move on to meet new people and get new impressions in the future.

Around the age of 15, I started to photograph analogous and developed my own photos. About seven years ago I switched to digital photography and since then I keep discovering new possibilities to express myself and my art.

For me it’s not particularly important to show reality in my pictures. My photographs draw life from images and feelings in my mind. I want to show a fantasy world that takes place only in my thoughts. For this reason, photo editing and montages play a major role in my work. Digital photography and editing programs offers the possibilities to break limits and structures and to create images of people and scenarios, as they do not occur in the real world.

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It all starts with a picture in my head. There is an incredible number of things that inspire me and which are the source of my imaginations or daydreams, from which ideas for my photos arise. It can be, for example, music or a situation in a supermarket or even the sight of a painting that invites to dreaming. All this creates a fantasy world in my mind from where I take ideas for my photos. They are sort of a statement or a brief moment from another world.

After the birth of my idea, I start with the preparations. This can take a long time to complete. It begins with the creation of the backdrop and the costumes and ends with consideration which facial expression I want to see on my model. A concrete plan is very important to me and for my process, because I want the photos as close as possible to be a reflection of the ideas in my mind.

One of my projects, very close to my heart, is my wig series. Here I use unusual materials in order to create hairstyles and looks with a twist. Those materials are occurring substances in our environment and as a result they receive another meaning. We are surrounded by ordinary things without any special meaning to us and we pay them little to none attention. If these things are arranged differently and in a large number they suddenly can create something new and they will get a new meaning. [Official Website]


In summary, I can say that I’m someone who lives in a fantasy world and who expresses those imaginations through photographs to let other people participate and have a look at it. It’s very exciting and I’m happy that people draw enjoyment from my work and perhaps, because of my pictures, they can travel to other worlds in their minds, too.


wig series - nair

blue room wig series - peia wig series - kuan wig series - dabi wig series - caph violet with woman trick bringer the little things symbiosis silence life leech Jih II hylo handsome handshake

sun dust

wig series - vena



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