Lifeforms : Women by Kobal Mitja

sandra -0096- mitja kobal - argb

Lifeforms is a project dedicated to living things which i have a pleasure to encounter. Ones of such, the most feminine forms which i have the pleasure to see, feel, touch and love are women.

With their genuine soft yet powerful energy and appearance they create an energy flow that is re-creating equilibrium over and over again…

masa-sara -9553- mitja kobal - argb Aci -6445- portrait - mitja kobal - argb Anka -5961- portrait#1 - mitja kobal - argb

Anka -5495- portrait#3 - mitja kobal - argb

About Kobal Mitja

Mitja Kobal is a freelance photographer from Ljubljana, Slovenia, now based in Vienna, Austria. Born ’81, studied Japanese and Philosophy, djing locally and globally for over 10 years. Got into photography in his mid 20’s.  Specializes in portrait, street, architecture, industrial and landscape photography.[Official Website]

Anka -6126- portrait#7 - mitja kobal - argb masa-sara -9866- mitja kobal - argb petra -0714- mitja kobal - argb petra -0875- mitja kobal - argb sanja -4784- portrait#1 - srgb- 2500 tami -2222- portrait #1 - srgb tami -2418- portrait #3 - srgb-2000 tami -8105- portrait #1 - argb Aci -6215- portrait#2 - mitja kobal - argb Arna -9518- portrait#6 - mitja kobal - argb Arna -9612- portrait#4 - mitja kobal - srgb ruby -xxx- rubyfields - mitja kobal - argb sandra -0006- mitja kobal - argb Aci -6560- room#1-portrait - mitja kobal - argb Aci -6560- well #1 - mitja kobal


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  • Excellent travail de Kobal , de beaux cadrages , de magnifiques tirages ,une bonne direction artistique des modèles . L’ensemble donne ces très belles images ! Serge

  • Je renouvelle mon premier commentaire ,Kobal à vraiment fait un très beau travail ,que de belles images . Félicitation ! Serge

  • Je me fait un grand plaisir ,lorsque je partage les images de Kobal . Car très bon photographe …

  • Je vais finir par lasser les gens ,mais Kabal est vraiment très bon photographe . Serge Janssens ,félicitation

  • An enviable technique and rare sensitivity – Mitja Kobal you give us a privileged insight into the extraordinary beauty of women.
    This is what patience, understanding and photography are all about.

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