Jovana Rikalo ; Fine Art Series

Not yourself | Jovany Rikalo | Fine Art Series

Jovana Rikalo is a fine art and portrait photographer based in Serbia. She loves to capture emotions and feelings, outdoors, in breathtaking scenery. 

She had no interest in choosing photography as profession until autumn of 2013, when she finally realized how strongly she really feel about it. Photography has become her greatest love. Capturing emotions and milestones is now a big part of who she is, and the whole idea of perfectly freezing special moments & feelings pushes her to take risks, get creative and learn as much as she can about the art of photo editing. She likes to create unreal situations in the real world, and tell surreal stories with her camera. [Official Website]

Snowing | Jovany Rikalo | Fine Art Series
Snowing | Jovany Rikalo | Fine Art Series

Butterfly-bath Cold Colour-game Floral-girl Guardian Illusion Life-in-a-box New-chapter Orange-crown Pastel Pink-green Black-butterfly

Your life is your garden | Jovany Rikalo | Fine Art Series
Your life is your garden | Jovany Rikalo | Fine Art Series


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  • De la photographie surréaliste basé sur des sentiments réels ,réussit en évidence . Bravo

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