Tribeca Gallery Salomon Arts Hosts Exhibit of Global Photographer Terri Gold

Photographer of Vanishing Tribal Cultures, Terri Gold

Terri Gold’s Still Points in a Turning World explores universal cross-cultural truths: family, community, ritual and the amazing diversity of its expression, on view April 19 – May 11

Opening Reception Wednesday, April 19; Art Talk with Terri Gold and Harvey Stein Saturday, April 22. Terri Gold is an award-winning international photographer who is known for her poetic infrared imagery of indigenous people from remote, mysterious places. Her ongoing project that examines cross-cultural truths, “Still Points in a Turning World,” is on view at the Salomon Arts Gallery in Tribeca.

“Still Points in a Turning World,” made up of photographs taken over the course of a decades-long career, is a catalyst for discussion about the globalizing forces that threaten indigenous cultures. According to Ms. Gold, “traditional knowledge of indigenous societies has the power to contribute to the planet’s modern vision of technology, science and medicine and sustainable living.”

Ms. Gold invites all who encounter the images in the exhibit to “recognize our common humanity.”

Salomon Arts Gallery

April 19 – May 11, 2017

Opening reception is April 19th from 5:30 – 8:30pm

83 Leonard Street, 4th Floor (Tribeca)

New York, NY 10013

TerriGold_Still-Points--5_Omo-Valley TerriGold_Still-Points-15_Guizhou TerriGold_Still-Points-27_Omo-Valley TerriGold_Still-Points-362_Wodaabe TerriGold_Still-Points-540_San-Bushmen TerriGold_Still-Points_Samburu

Photographer of Vanishing Tribal Cultures, Terri Gold
Photographer of Vanishing Tribal Cultures, Terri Gold


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