Inside Myanmar Monasteries by Irene Barlian

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Traditions still hold out in the Myanmar’s countryside which has so far been relatively untouched. Myanmar was often seen as among the world’s most isolated nations.

Although they had eased it’s 15 years restrictions on tourism, the country remains to be ancient and pure. With almost 90 percent of the population practices Buddhist, Myanmar is one of the most religious Buddhist country in term of the proportion of the monks and the proportion of income spent on religion.

Steeping into Myanmar soul would not be complete without Buddhist spirituality. In Myanmar, there are literally thousands of temples, monasteries, and stupas. As for monks, they are seen as the nation’s most important religious and civil institution. Their red robes, shoeless, and shaved heads are instantly recognisable.

Monks are oblige to pray everyday throughout the day to honour the teachings of Buddha. Every Burmese male is expected to take up temporary monastic residence twice in his life. He has a choice to return to a normal life or stay. But, for poorer family, the robes are a way for their children to escape poverty, become educated, and to have an honourable position in the society.

Although the tourism sector has rapidly increased, the tradition of Buddhism are still upheld very strongly in here. Myth, history, and religion intertwine in Myanmar like a synchronise harmony. Creating a distinct culture from the rest of the world. [Official Website]

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