NewsHIPA announces the start of judging for the sixth edition ‘The Challenge’

Commenting on the start of the judging stage, the Secretary General of HIPA, His Excellency Ali bin Thalith said, “HIPA is delighted to announce the commencement of judging for our sixth season of competition, ‘The Challenge’.
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Judging panel comprises of seven internationally renowned photographers 

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) has announced the official start of judging in the sixth season of competition ‘The Challenge’.  The judging committee, which consists of seven members, includes some of the biggest and most recognisable names in international photography today.

Commenting on the start of the judging stage, the Secretary General of HIPA, His Excellency Ali bin Thalith said, “HIPA is delighted to announce the commencement of judging for our sixth season of competition, ‘The Challenge’. Likewise, we thank all photographers who took the time to appreciate our sixth season of competition and enter their wonderful photography. With a large number of submissions this season, the amount of photography we have had to process has been rather unprecedented. This is largely due to the introduction of the ‘Portfolio’ category this season, which meant that a series of five to ten photographs were submitted for every submission in the category. This will no doubt make the judging even more interesting, not to mention ‘challenging’ for our judges.” Bin Thalith added, “HIPA continues to show its commitment to rewarding the best photographers who take part in our competition by once again selecting an internationally renowned panel of photography experts to oversee the judging process. This is a continuation of our dedication from previous years in ensuring that the judging of submissions is world-class. We are confident that our judging panel this year will continue on from the work done by their predecessors in judging these great submissions and rewarding those most deserving.”

Adib Alani

Adeeb Alani – Iraq

Adeeb Alani was born in 1956 and graduated from Mass Media College in his native Iraq. He was also a professor of photojournalism at the Mass Media College and has been a professional photographer in all the fields of photography for many years.

He is the current President of the Union of Arab Photographers and has written various articles and research studies. Throughout his career, Alani has organized many photography workshops, courses and lectures. He has also judged in many local, regional and international photography competitions.

Michael Christopher Brown

Michael Christopher Brown – The United States of America

Michael Christopher Brown is a photographer and filmmaker raised in the Skagit Valley, a farming community in Washington State. His recent works include the electronica music and youth scene in Cuba and the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A contributing photographer to publications such as National Geographic Magazine and The New York Times Magazine, Brown was the subject of the 2012 HBO documentary ‘Witness: Libya’. His photographs were exhibited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Instituto Cervantes (New York), The Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), the Annenberg Space for Photography, and the Brooklyn Museum. His book ‘Libyan Sugar’, which won the 2016 Paris Photo / Aperture First Book Award as well as the 2017 ICP Infinity Award for Artist’s Book, explores ethical distance and the iconography of warfare while using a camera phone. A film and a mixed media installation will complete the project.

Ken Geiger

Kenneth Geiger – The United States of America

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Ken Geiger recently joined The Nature Conservancy as Director of Photography after nearly twelve years with National Geographic magazine as Deputy Director of Photography and before that as Director of Photography for The Dallas Morning News. Ken’s career as a photojournalist has ranged from China to Mexico, war in Burma and Bosnia, terrorism in the Punjab, the 1990 post-Sandinista election in Nicaragua, four Olympic games, and numerous American political conventions. His awards include the Society of Newspaper Design and National Headliners, and he has also been named National Press Photographer’s Association and Pictures of the Year International magazine’s picture editor of the year.

Bill Marr

Bill Marr – The United States of America

Bill Marr is the creative director of National Geographic magazine, charged with the design and art in National Geographic Society’s flagship publication, and has led the push into the digital world with National Geographic’s award-winning iPad app. His 39-year career reflects a dedication to photography and its presentation in newspapers, books and magazines. The magazine has been recognized with 21 National Magazine Awards in the past nine years, including four General Excellence, three Best Tablet Edition Ellies, and Magazine of the Year in 2012. Other work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators and the Society of Publication Designers. He worked at several newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer in the 1980s as the art director of its Sunday magazine, and has freelanced publication design for more than 10 years in book packaging, corporate projects, and annual reports. He was named Picture Editor of the Year three times. His work at the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune was honored by the Society for News Design with two gold medals. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife, Sarah Leen, who is Director of Photography at National Geographic magazine. He is happiest on a sailboat.

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez

Felix Rodriguez – Mexico

Felix is a conceptual and commercial photographer and graphic designer from Mexico. He produces creative concepts and imagery for clients of his own creative firm as well for other ad agencies and clients around the world. Felix has also written articles by assignment for different photo magazines including; Retouched Magazine, DOCMA, Digital Camera, Digital SLR Photography, Digital Photo and Good Light Magazine. He has been published in sites including; Fstoppers, Petapixel, 500px, DIY Photography, Retouching Academy, Canon, Audi Deutschland, Daily Mail, amongst others.

In recent years his work with scaled models (toys) has gone viral, shared and published all over the world. Working in studio or on location he mixes traditional ‘on camera’ techniques with digital manipulation to achieve realistic images and bring his scale models to life. Felix puts special attention to the concept creation as well as the technical side. For him, photography is not to portrait what there exists but to portrait what exists in him.

Adrian Sommeling

Adrian Sommeling – Holland

Adrian is a conceptual portrait artist who really knows how to tell a story with his images. Now involved in advertising and commercial work, you probably recognise Adrian’s portfolio for the masterfully taken photographs of his son. Not only is he an incredibly gifted photographer and artist, he is a father, and he integrates these two aspects when capturing his son and his friends taking part in one of the many artistic ideas or scenes that Adrian has come up with in his head.

Adrian has found a very creative style of visual storytelling inspired by the style of American advertising photographer Dave Hill.  Adrian describes his whole style as the “American style”. With a post-processing style that feels so cinematic, you can’t help but stare at his portfolio of images in awe.

Adrian approaches his pieces like photorealistic paintings, sketching out each one before taking to his camera.  As a result, he creates striking, unusual and powerful images that are sure to make you double-take.  Heavily inspired by his young son and youthfulness in general, Sommeling creates pieces that capture the beauty and wonder of childlike imagination.

Alison Wright

Alison Wright – The United States of America

Wright is a recipient of the Dorothea Lange Award in Documentary Photography and a two-time winner of the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award. Wright was recently awarded ‘The 2014 Most Compelling Woman in the Travel Industry’ by Premier Traveler magazine. She is an Explorers Club fellow and longtime member of the Association of Media Photographers (ASMP), the National Press Association (NPPA), American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).

Alison completed her Photojournalism Degree at Syracuse University and graduated with a Master’s Degree focused on Visual Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley, which was based on her years living and working among the Himalayan cultures of Asia. She has since been leading National Geographic’s Photo Expeditions as a South East Asia expert, as well as teaching many of their travel photography seminars across the country.

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Instant Stage by Ioana Tăut

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The photographs that can be seen in my submission are part of my latest project called “Instant Stage”. The name of the series presents the subject it handles and the medium through which the series was created. 
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I surrender, dear

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New York (July 10 - August 4, 2018) Umbrella Arts Gallery is pleased to host I Surrender, Dear, an exhibition exploring the emotional equalizer of grief, born from the personal experience of curator Frances Jakubek.
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Announcement of the winners of the second edition of Black & White Prizes 2018

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The selection process has been very complicated but we are proud of the final result, and the great reception obtained. In the coming weeks will be published the book Black & White - Best photographers of the year 2018
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Birds of pollution by Carmen Sayago

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We live in a highly industrialized society in which we coexist daily with an environment saturated with chemical substances. We eat them, we breathe them, we touch them ...
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Waking Life by Max Moldau

B&WConceptEuropeWaking Life by Max Moldau

Waking Life is a homage to the disappearing monochrome dream world. Some researchers suppose that it was the childhood exposure to black-and-white photography, movies and later television
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Nights without night…and some days without day by Pierre Paul Dumont

AmericaB&WConceptNights without night…and some days without day by Pierre Paul Dumont

This work is realized with stenopeic camera in 2 formats 120mm and 4x5 film. It ‘s about a personal process of involuntary memory, following the steps of Marcel Proust in La Recherche du temps perdu.
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Untold by Julien De Wilde

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Diving deeply within oneself to get rid of the limits formed by our education, our culture, our conditioning and our fears that oppress us until suffocation.
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30,000 Dunam by Sofie Berzon MacKie

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Since then Hamas, the Palestinian Sunni-Islamist fundamentalist organization ruling the Gaza Strip, have sent thousands of terror kites  with burning tails and attached explosives over the border from the Gaza Strip to Israel.
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Inside the camera bag of Aga Szydlik

AfricaDnaInside the camera bag of Aga Szydlik

Contents of my bag vary depending on the location, theme and the length of the trip, I always try to pack as light as I can, which basically means that I pack my passport, camera gear and very little of other non-essentials.
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Bastar is the tribal heartland and treasure trove of ancient Indian culture. Today Bastar, is a part of the State of Chhattisgarh, India. It is a land of undiscovered surprises, with mysterious forests, breath-taking waterfalls
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The Tribal Heartland of India by Tania Chatterjee

AsiaFeaturedStoryThe Tribal Heartland of India by Tania Chatterjee

Bastar is the tribal heartland and treasure trove of ancient Indian culture. Today Bastar, is a part of the State of Chhattisgarh, India. It is a land of undiscovered surprises, with mysterious forests, breath-taking waterfalls
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Anthracite by Nick Gandano

B&WEuropeFeaturedShotAnthracite by Nick Gandano

Anthracite is the most metamorphic mineral coal and has the highest carbon content. Its colour ranges from black to metallic grey
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Spirit of the Village by Oliver Klink

AmericaB&WFeaturedStorySpirit of the Village by Oliver Klink

Un-numbered homes are the norm, as everybody knows each other.Streets wind in un-orderly fashion over streams of running water, sometimes fresh often as open sewage.
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Kid Jockeys by Alain Schroeder

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryKid Jockeys by Alain Schroeder

Once a game between neighbors to celebrate a good harvest, horse racing was transformed into a spectator sport by the Dutch in the 20th century to entertain officials and nobility.
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Grabarka by Xavier Ferrer Chust

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryGrabarka by Xavier Ferrer Chust

This is the most important location of Orthodox worship in Poland. Every year Grabarka is visited by more than 10,000 pilgrims. The Holy Mount Grabarka is an important place for pilgrimages by Orthodox believers in Poland
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Uummannaq by Camille Michel

EuropeFeaturedStoryUummannaq by Camille Michel

Uummannaq is an island in the North West of Greenland, located 590km from the Arctic Circle. ‘Uummannaq’ means “Heart-shaped” in Greenlandic language., so- named due to apparence of the island’s mountain.
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Boarding Through The Streets Of New York by Gary Breckheimer

AmericaB&WFeaturedNudeBoarding Through The Streets Of New York by Gary Breckheimer

As a kid growing up on the beaches of California, skateboarding was the way to get around. A few years ago, I decided to go to New York City and try my hand skateboarding around the city. 
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The Last Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers of the Himalayas by Jan Møller Hansen

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryThe Last Nomadic Hunter-Gatherers of the Himalayas by Jan Møller Hansen

The nomadic Rautes are the last hunter-gatherers of the Himalayas. The Rautes, who call themselves Kings of Forests, subsist on langur and macaque monkeys, wild yams, rice and a few kinds of vegetables traded from local farmers.
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The Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

AsiaCityFeaturedThe Wat Phra Kaew’s Guide Book by Artyt

This Project is about “Wat Phra Kaew”. Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred buddhist temple in Thailand. Everyday, Wat Phra Kaew is full of tourists from around the world.
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Urban sprawl series by Emmanuel Monzon

AmericaB&WCityFeaturedUrban sprawl series by Emmanuel Monzon

Through my urban sprawl series, I want to photograph the in-between state found in the American landscape. So I capture places of transition, borders, passages from one world to another
2 months ago 7 min 2921
Acid Survivors by Jan Møller Hansen

EuropeFeaturedStoryAcid Survivors by Jan Møller Hansen

Acid attacks in Bangladesh are usually the result of land disputes, rejected marriage proposals, refusal or inability to pay dowry, resistance of being trafficked as sex worker or simply the desire for revenge.
3 months ago 27 min 3179
Erotic Photography by Marco Tenaglia

B&WEuropeFeaturedNudeErotic Photography by Marco Tenaglia

In Marco Tenaglia’s latest works there are a more narrative depth and a cinematic approach to create a story in a single shot or a sequence where women are fierce and fearless and unmask their feminine-masculine attitude to be in control of every situation
3 months ago 11 min 15274
Postarchitecture by Victor Enrich

CityEuropeFeaturedPostarchitecture by Victor Enrich

The work of Victor Enrich is intimately connected to architecture. Since our origins, mankind has expressed itself in different ways, using all sorts of techniques and technologies, in order to communicate and evolve.
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Body art – a tribal ritual by Trevor Cole

EuropeFeaturedStoryBody art – a tribal ritual by Trevor Cole

The Suri tribe in the Northern Omo valley of Ethiopia, for example, use the paints for camouflage, tribal rituals or ceremonies and also now to show travellers. The tribes in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and along the Sepik river adorn themselves with paint for ‘Sing Sings’,
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Imaginations ;  A Series of Whimsical Nostalgia by Nathan Wirth

AmericaB&WConceptFeaturedImaginations ; A Series of Whimsical Nostalgia by Nathan Wirth

Robots that serve and protect or destroy; monsters that emerge from the sea; aliens that arrive from faraway solar systems; superheroes that fight crime and unimaginable evils; wizards that orchestrate fellowships; heroes and villains that clash in galaxies far, far, far away
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Portraits with Wet Plate Collodion by Paul Alsop & Luke White

B&WFeaturedOceaniaShotPortraits with Wet Plate Collodion by Paul Alsop & Luke White

Wet Plate Collodion is a historic photographic process that was pioneered and used in the In the mid to late 1800's by an English photographer called Frederick Scott Archer.
5 months ago 19 min 5317
Ape dumma – Open your eyes by Czuko Williams

EuropeFeaturedShotApe dumma – Open your eyes by Czuko Williams

There is an strong untold story among the ancient tribes who lives in Ethiopia. The story of the loss of traditional way of life due the process of deculturation, transculturation, and mainly because of progress.
5 months ago 11 min 2025
Dear Japanese: Children of war by Miyuki Okuyama

AsiaFeaturedStoryDear Japanese: Children of war by Miyuki Okuyama

The Netherlands made contact with the Indonesian archipelago in the 16th century. Over three hundred years of contact with the Dutch gave rise to a population of Indo-Europeans—Dutch citizens sharing both European and Asian ancestry.
5 months ago 18 min 2479
Errance Urbaine by Xavier Rey

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedErrance Urbaine by Xavier Rey

The work of Xavier Rey is in the early years focused on landscape photography, mainly in long exposure and tends more and more to be part of a research and study on blur.
6 months ago 14 min 8966
Still Beating by Tom Chambers

AmericaConceptFeaturedStill Beating by Tom Chambers

Narrative Art refers to visual imagery which tells stories, engages the imagination, and stirs the emotions. These stories transcend culture and are relatable to all.
6 months ago 6 min 5470