Dancing with the light by Sonja Hesslow


I have been studying photography for 4 years and I have half a year left. I love it more and more the longer time I work with it and I am really looking forward to working with my pictures full time after school is finished. My plan is to move to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, in the summer and network as much as possible.

My dream is to have exhibitions and selling my work. I have had six exhibitions in the last year and I just want to do it again and again! Beside the exhibitions I want to hold lectures and share my love of photography and the art form of making montage in Photoshop. I also want to make commercial photography, but in my way.


Follow the light

I want to create pictures that affect people and make them think something. I want to do as much as possible in my pictures, like create props, making the plans and of course making the photography and retouching myself. It is such a freedom to take my feelings and the pictures I have in my head and let them come out as a picture people can look at.


I don’t care

I have just finished a project where I made a collaboration together with models, a makeup artist and different lamp designers. I chose eight different colors and eight different lamps and put them together with a models. I wanted to make a surreal world and made almost all of the rooms in Photoshop by using colors, shadows and highlights. I think it is amazing how you can use for example a lamp and made something completely different – like a skirt! I wanted to make something special in every picture to make them more interesting. I also gave a title to each picture which fitted together with the special element in the picture. In my pictures it is really important with a name because they are so surrealistic. The name of the hole serie is “Dancing with the light”. [Official Website]

[Photography:  Sonja Hesslow | Makeup: Lidia Bonaria Bassareo ]


I’m falling apart


Let me shine


My secret friend and I


Recharging my batteries


Stay away from me



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