A Nobel´s Mess by Wiebke Bosse

A Nobel´s Mess | Wiebke Bosse

Wiebke Bosse is always looking for unseen, ephemeral moments and situations.

At the Cercle Suédois during Paris fashion week, she had the incredible chance of shooting in the inspirational mess inside Alfred Nobel’s former office. The setting was just made for Sophy G´s eternal elegance which matched perfectly with the location.

[Photographer/ Wiebke Bosse | Model/ Ilnara Izmailova | Style/ Tania Tuka | Dresses/ Sophy G]

Wiebke Bosse is a German fashion and beauty photographer, based between Berlin and Paris. Besides being listed in Sleek art gallery, her work features VOGUE, ICON and GALA. ‘Every photograph is a magic moment saved for eternity’ says Wiebke Bosse. At times Wiebke’s photographs evoke the chic glamour of the Twenties, the irony of Surrealism and Helmut Newton’s sensuality, but what she values most in photography is straight-forwardness and candour. [Official Website]

A Nobel´s Mess | Wiebke Bosse
A Nobel´s Mess | Wiebke Bosse


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