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AmericaBioHorizon by Kip Harris

197010 min
I moved to the South Shore of Nova Scotia in 2004 and have walked my dogs along the shoreline ever since. There is a special quality of light here. It sinks into your soul and becomes a part of how you view the world. I watch the shore as a flâneur of light.

AmericaB&WCityManhattan Visits by Kip Harris

38128 min
My visual memory of New York City has always been in black and white. Although some of the best and most colorful paintings ever created are found in its museums, Manhattan is, for me, a place composed from an incredible range of grays.

ConceptPoster faces by Kip Harris

49067 min
I live near Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is a city of transients. Sailors, summer tourists, students, musicians, cruise ship passengers all pass through on their way to somewhere else.

AmericaB&WStoryArt Work by Kip Harris

432311 min
When people are in their own workplaces, they are most at ease with themselves. They do not need to "prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet."
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