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The Best Russian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Tertius Alio, Yura Kurnosov, Sean Archer, Alexei Krasnikov and Dmitri Beliakov.
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The Best Russian Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Tertius Alio, Yura Kurnosov, Sean Archer, Alexei Krasnikov and Dmitri Beliakov. 

Photography of Yura Kurnosov

Yura Kurnosov / Russian Photographers
Yura Kurnosov / Russian Photographers

My name is Yura Kurnosov. I’m a portrait film photographer, living in Moscow (Russia). I love black and white film (6×6). Introduction to photography had on the children’s time. The first camera FED-3. The whole film process, including print, I learned in childhood.
Years later, I returned to photography is deliberately, and began to study the portrait, the portrait shoot, as well as teaching (portrait photography). More…..

The personality and style of a photographer usually limits the type of subject with which he deals best. For example Cartier-Bresson is very interested in people and in travel; these things plus his precise feeling for geometrical relationships determine the type of pictures he takes best. What is of value is that a particular photographer sees the subject differently. A good picture must be a completely individual expression which intrigues the viewer and forces him to think.

Alexey Brodovitch ( Russian Photographer ) 

The fashion photography of Sean Archer

Sean Archer / Russian Photographers
Sean Archer / Russian Photographers

My real name is Stanislav Puchkovsky, I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Sean Archer is an agent from the movie Face Off. I took the nickname when I was not sure if I’m any good in this. I think, I’m still a beginner. First started shooting in January 2012, almost accidentally. At first, all my models were my friends. Thank God, they’re very patient people. It helps that I had finished the architectural academy and knew the graphic edit software. These are very useful skills in modern photography. More….

Alexei Krasnikov – The beauty of things

Alexei Krasnikov / Russian Photographers
Alexei Krasnikov / Russian Photographers

When I took a photo camera in my hands for the first time I felt that it can help do much more than just document facts. Quite naturally it happened that I focused on photographing landscapes. The camera is my instrument that is used to convey feelings and emotions, transform the direct perception of reality, taking from it only those details that are relevant. I want the resulting photograph reflect what I felt with my heart when I photographed, rather than what I merely saw with my eyes. At the same time I leave space for viewers to have their own feelings, based on their own experience. More….

Veterans of Spetsnaz : Portraits of Secret Soldiers by Dmitri Beliakov

Dmitri Beliakov / Russian Photographers
Dmitri Beliakov / Russian Photographers

Russia’s special forces, known as the Spetsnaz, are among the fiercest and most secretive fighting operatives in the world. My portrait project on the Spetsnaz dates informally to August 1999, when I found myself at age 29 caught in a firefight together with a Spetsnaz group in Russia’s restive republic of Dagestan. Years went by, and as I covered the war in neighboring Chechnya, I came to know many of these fighters personally, building contacts among them. During the siege of a school in the city of Beslan in 2004, those relationships helped me embed with the elite Spetsnaz brigades charged with freeing the more than 1,000 children, parents and teachers trapped by terrorists inside the school. More….

Portraits of Tertius Alio

Tertius Alio / Russian Photographers
Tertius Alio / Russian Photographers

I’m from St. Petersburg. Istudied at a graphic designer, but gave up in the third year, seriously fascinated by photography. For me, the camera and post-processing was a better tool for the transfer of my inner world. Not knowing the laws of photos I get enough interesting shots, with its history. The fact that I had previously experienced with pictorial plane gave my photos intuitive clarity. It’s catchy. I have never been interested in commercial orders, I have the freedom to express. I got it when he first presented master classes and teaching people – the perfect compromise! I like to teach, maybe it’s hereditary – my grandfather was a teacher in history. More……

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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