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Fashion Photography ; Sean Archer is an agent from the movie Face Off. I took the nickname when I was not sure if I'm any good in this. My real name is Stanislav Puchkovsky, I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia.
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My real name is Stanislav Puchkovsky, I am from Yekaterinburg, Russia. Sean Archer is an agent from the movie Face Off. I took the nickname when I was not sure if I’m any good in this.

I think, I’m still a beginner. First started shooting in January 2012, almost accidentally. At first, all my models were my friends. Thank God, they’re very patient people. It helps that I had finished the architectural academy and knew the graphic edit software. These are very useful skills in modern photography.

My camera is Lumix G3, mirrorless one. A lot of people think it’s not serious, that you just can’t make a good portrait with that. In my opinion, it’s a photographer, not the camera, that means. I love to squeeze all from my little camera, and result is here. Then I took a big full-frame camera for a test, and what I can say? It’s better. But if you can’t afford it, don’t stop trying. You can do a lot without any expensive stuff. And it’s not only about cameras. I never shoot in studios with artificial light. All my photos are done with natural light. Usually, it’s my own apartment and light is from the window. If you can master that, it’s amazing. It’s soft, warm and great for portraits.

All I know is from my mistakes. I don’t learn photography somewhere. Maybe it’s not the best or fastest way. But, for sure, is the most interesting.

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    Janssens serge

    Jun 19, 2013 at 20:22

    Une grande qualité d’images ,un soin particulier dans la direction des modèles et des tirages considéré pour ma part ,comme des cas d’école.Mes félicitations aux auteurs ,comme à votre magazine !Janssens serge

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    Jun 19, 2013 at 21:47

    I love nadya…does she have a page?more pic from her pls…

  • Avatar

    Mar 10, 2014 at 00:46

    Beautiful pictures without a doubt BUT you say they are all natural light when clearly many are using off camera flash?

  • Avatar

    Sep 28, 2014 at 22:02

    Nadya is just something else and so are you. Seen your work on 500px and they are absolutely stunning.

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