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The Best Nude Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Lilith, Olivier Valsecchi, Ruediger Beckmann, Larry Woodmann and Radoslaw Pujan.
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The Best Nude Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Lilith, Olivier Valsecchi, Ruediger Beckmann, Larry Woodmann and Radoslaw Pujan.

Lilith in da House – Self-portraits in strangers’ houses

5 Great nude Photographers / Lilith

Mankind is vulnerability incarnate. One can easily wound this creature, severely if one wishes. This is frightening. What lies around the next corner? Today’s online revolution makes this question even more loaded. A whole new world is at the disposal of people with an evil mind. At the same time kind-heartedness is being given wings like never before. For me as an artist vulnerability represents the ultimate goodness. My art, every single self-portrait, is a reconnoitring expedition to discover maximum delicacy carried by a human being. Every image is a step forward. Through my photography I rediscover faith in humanity. Dutch Art Photographer Henriëtte van Gasteren (Sevenum, 1964), using the artist name Lilith, is a storyteller with a passion for photography. Since 2006 her self-portraits have been telling her stories. Her work has been exhibited widely throughout Europe and the Netherlands, and has been shown in the US for the first time in 2012. More……

Drifting by Olivier Valsecchi

01 drifting Olivier Valsecchi
5 Great nude Photographers / Olivier Valsecchi

French photographer Olivier Valsecchi’s new Drifting series is a journey through art history where each picture merges the tradition of the reclining nude with the still life painting genre from Flanders.Faithfully devoted to his chiaroscuro approach of light, straightforward sense of composition and muted colour schemes, Valsecchi replaces baroque floral arrangements and the overlapping motif of Memento Mori by pale bodies, in order to create what he calls a “Flesh Vanitas”. His taste for eerie atmospheres draw the viewer into paradoxical tableaux where flowing movement and dumb stillness mysteriously interact. While looking at Valsecchi’s Drifting series, obvious images come to mind : sand pouring through the hourglass, Bouguereau’s nudes, or even echoes of Dali’s soft watches as bodies seem to turn into liquid and drip off the table. Their chalky-white, expressionless faces remain silent while sparks of life sift out with the tremor of a leg or the twitch of an arm. More…..

The female nude – magical, erotic, aesthetic – has been modeled and painted since prehistory. Appearing rarely and awkwardly in the earliest art, she attained fulfillment and glory in ancient Greece. In their idealized treatment of the nude, The Greeks established a standard that only the asceticism of the Middle Ages ignored. The artists of the Renaissance and their successors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries revived the nude, and by the 1930’s she was again a conventional form. It was inevitable that she should become a favorite subject of photography.

Peter Lacey  / History of the Nude in Photography 

Cyanotypes by Ruediger Beckmann

5 Great nude Photographers / Ruediger Beckmann

Ruediger Beckmann has been working as a photographer for 16 years now. He has come across sheer beauty, vanity, attraction, but also self-doubt, vulnerability, prejudice and resentment.The main objective is a a reflection, an attempt to capture the reason why we are actually portrayed so often and so differently, depending on our needs and our current state of mind. More….

Memoirs of a Geisha by Larry Woodmann

Memoirs of a Geisha by Larry Woodmann (1)
5 Great nude Photographers / Larry Woodmann

Larry Woodmann, “stage name” of an Italian photographer, born in Florence in 1964 and moved to Milan in 1997 where he still lives and works as a top manager for a telecommunication company. He cultivates photography as a hobby during his many travels and by a lucky chance encounter with a famous model, from which comes the first “set”, he decides to dedicate to this art expression with a more depth and focused approach. His photography is born from instinct and an innate aesthetic sense, not according to any technique nor any preconceived feeling, but only to that a model inspires him and then click to his set. More….

Erotic photography by Radoslaw Pujan

 Erotic photography by Radoslaw Pujan
5 Great nude Photographers / Radoslaw Pujan

Radoslaw Pujan – Born and raised in Poland. I have done IT studies on Poznan’s polytechnique. Meantime of my professional work I have started taking pictures in free time. First landscapes, then portraits of friends, strangers. Studied art and photography by myself and analysed and watched world’s beauty in its different forms. In that time I have moved to Krakow and that was when I have changed my way of looking on photography. I have started using old/film techniques. Since that moment I started looking on photography and process of making photo from very different perspective. Before it was only taking pictures, later it has evolved to making photos. More….


Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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    Beautiful artworks and wonderful artists. Sometimes it seems like all the ideas around this subject are already used, but humans creativity is unlimited and that’s awesome. Wonderful photographs!

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