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GuruShots, "The World's Greatest Photo Game" ran a series of challenges titled "Your Best photo". There were more than 300,000 photos and more than 150 million votes cast in those three challenges. Here are the top 100 winners for the second challenge.
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GuruShots, “The World’s Greatest Photo Game” ran a series of challenges titled “Your Best photo”. There were more than 300,000 photos and more than 150 million votes cast in those three challenges. Here are the top 100 winners for the third challenge.

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of ones photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges!  It’s free to join! Just  go to

Rogelio Reyo-Czechia
Top Photographer

Bajkó Tamás-Hungary
Top Photo

Rasoul Safizadeh-Iran
Guru’s Top Pick

Alessio Canfora-Italy

Nitin Chandra-India

Frederic Gombert-France


Brenda van den Berg-Netherlands

Phil Green- United Kingdom

Jose Maria Vidal Sanz-Spain

Melissa Adams-United States

Mariia Kamenska-Poland

Martin Burrows-United Kingdom

Arye Berger-Israel

Mirjana Bocina Anabella-Croatia

Filip Vancoillie-Belgium

Kevin Towler-United Kingdom

Hansje Hardenberg-Luxembourg



Erika Blake-United-States

Kate Blake-United States

Ann Cason-United States


Peter Bury-Australia

Constantinescu Adrian Radu-Romania

Dina Bersano-Israel

Péter Gulyás-Hungary

Harsh Kothari-United States

Torsten Hermann- Germany

Marketa Zvelebil-France

Hossam Sadek-United States

Krystian Pszczoła-Poland

Igra 18-Israel

Inna Burdikova-France

Stephen Mc-Elligott-Ireland

Petr Janousek-Czechia

Gordon Young-United-Kingdom

Jorge Cascalho-Portugal

Hermann Klecker-Germany

Roko Roko-United Kingdom

detlev.b. photo-Austria

Pavlína Rolincová-Czechia

Jodi Webber-United States

Seth Wood-United States

Michelle Hubbard-United States

Ryan James- United States

Maria Shaigen- Russia

Shubhomoy Ray-India

Markus Weber-Austria

Brian Adamson-Canada

Margie Troyer-United States

Ed Jordan-United States

Maya Kmecova-United States



Unni Delgado-Norway

Chris Photos International-France

Yaroslav Vlasov-Russia

Sarah Rotblatt-Germany

Maria Sammut-Malta

Vesa Ala Hakula-Finland

Jana Kolostov-Estonia

ricklinharmening-United States

Nemo Beads-Croatia

Gabriel Fox-Brazil

Thomas de Franzoni-Italy

bart buckalew-United States

Miodrag Stanojlović-Serbia

Paula Sarmento Manacas-United Kingdom

Tamara McGinnitty-United States

Ashish Penti-United States

Diego Chiari-Argentina

Andrew Downie-Great Britain (UK)


Marco A. Cartas Ayala-United States

Bradford Richman-United States

Claudia Kellermann-Germany

MattNixon Searcher Photography-United States

Cătălin Arcu-Romania

Jiří Doubek-Czechia

Moony Time-United States

CarouLLou Nomad-Canada

Sara Amr-United States

Carlos Nuno Tojo-Norway

Sébastien Wautié-Belgium

Kandu Rajiv-Gupta-India

Rado Leicher-Slovakia

Gerd Maiss-Germany

Regal Colyn-South Africa

Andy Fowlie-Finland

Ilan Horn-Israel

Ezell Jordan-Ireland

Gil Shmueli-Israel

Catherine Litster-United Kingdom

Warren Wise-United Kingdom

Jeffrey Ji-United States

Georg Burchard-Denmark

Ron Conigliaro-United States

Debbie Engelbrecht-Australia

Konstantin Ptashkovsky-Israel

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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