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GuruShots, "The World's Greatest Photo Game" ran a series of challenges titled "Your Best photo". There were more than 300,000 photos and more than 150 million votes cast in those three challenges. Here are the top 100 winners for the second challenge.
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GuruShots, “The World’s Greatest Photo Game” ran a series of challenges titled “Your Best photo”. There were more than 300,000 photos and more than 150 million votes cast in those three challenges. Here are the top 100 winners for the second challenge.

GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self. Wanting it to be fun and meaningful, GuruShots turned the sharing of ones photos into an exciting game packed with plenty of opportunities to show off one’s talent. Every month almost 4 billion votes are cast in over 400 themed challenges!  It’s free to join! Just  go to

Anna Anastasova – Bulgaria
Top Photographer

Aykut Sevic – Turkey
Top Photo

Judit Mikol – Australia

Daniel-Niggli – Switzerland

Israel-Weiss – Israel

Daniel-Kazor – Canada

Leonardo-Iheme – Turkey

Kirill-Dergachev – United-States

Konstantin-Zaykov – Bulgaria

Vernonh01 – South-Africa

Timothy-Warrington – United-States

Martin-Freund – Spain

Jan-Rozsypal – Czechia-

Gabriel-Fox – Brazil

Jan Ter Rabe – South-Africa

Peter-Van-Gils – Belgium

Katalin-Csótai – Switzerland

Alexander-Tarasenkov – Russia

Yair-Tzur – Israel

Luca-Fecarotta – VietNam

Shawn-Thomas – United-States

Wood-Stephanie – Australia

Va Leenia West – United-States

Linda-Brepoels – Belgium

Becky-Reyer – United-States

Ubik – France

Dejan-Sklopic – Serbia

Val-Dowling-Lydon – Ireland

Bajkó-Tamás – Hungary

Viktorija Popendikyte – Lithuania

Kathrin Hoyos – South-Africa

Marina Crochet – United States

Colette van Eck – Netherlands

Jodi Webber – United-States

Vladimír Šidlík – Czech-Republic

Moony Time – United-States

Philipp-Feucht – Germany

Péter Gulyás – Hungary

Germana De Chellis – Italy

RedJet Shell – United-States

Erikalyn Roberts – United-States

Ruth-Sari – Germany

Mantosh-Kumar – India

San Meuser – Switzerland

Bill-Chizek – United-states

Robert-Żełaniec – Poland

Kathy McCabe – United States

Katrin-Minkley – Germany

Petr-Janousek – Czechia

Chris Photos International – France

Trent-Allen – United-States

Hoang Le – United-States

Netta Ben Shlomo – Israel

Teachart2k – United-States

Liviu Nanu – Romania

charstanton13 – United States

Sarah Jordan – United States

Kjell Arvid Fredriksen – Norway

Yulia Yeru – Israel

André Miranda – Brazil

Juta Urov – Spain

Tamara Luan – United States

Lisa-Haymes – United-States

Ardito Antonella – Italy

Rodrigo-Izquierdo – Chile

Valeria Akerlund – Austria

Kristy Joy – United-States

Menachem-Ganon – United States

Oliver Schmid Selig – Germany

Sundeep Zutshi – India

Eesmaaliisa – Estonia

Nemo Beads – Croatia

Edina Kabai – Hungary

Ann-Cason – United States

Chris Larsen – United States

Zoltán-Ölbey – Hungary

Zaneta Bytautiene – Republic of Lithuania

Irena-Říhová – Czechia

Kalman-Szabo – Netherlands

Giovanni-Artavia – Austria

John Holt – United-States

Javad Ju – Turkey

Monica Armstrong – United States

Stefanowicz Leszek – Great Britain (UK)

Henrik Mee Løvgret – Denmark

Jana – Kolostov – Estonia

daisycopseysquires – Great Britain (UK)

CarouLLou Nomad – Canada

Cooky Overman United States

Jonathan Peterson – United States

Limor Frumerman – Israe

Alex Francis Australia

Sydney Herron – United States

Maria Shaigen – Russia

Stephen Mc Elligott – Ireland

Jearl Tamayo Carlos – Switzerland

Ilan Horn – Israel

Anna Jack -United-States

Maria Fremming – Denmark

Sean Keta – United-State

Sheri-Fresonke-Harper – United-States

Legal Note: The photographer attest that have full authorization to give consent to the publication of these photos or project and have the authorization and permissions of third parties. Guarantees that you have all the necessary communications of property and you have obtained all the necessary authorizations for any property, buildings, architecture, structures or sculptures appearing in your photographs.

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