NewsThe Sea in Her Many Guises ; Pip Raud

The sea nurtures and provides, but also destroys. We play in it, dive beneath its waves and explore its hidden secrets. But ultimately, we can never truly understand its nature. 
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The sea nurtures and provides, but also destroys. We play in it, dive beneath its waves and explore its hidden secrets. But ultimately, we can never truly understand its nature. 

I’ve always been a ‘water child’. In my teens, I even sailed the Atlantic; facing waves the size of small buildings and being thrown overboard more than once. I’ve always loved the dichotomy of the sea; how at times, it can feel so small and safe in those cosy coastal harbours; but at others can be so vast and untameable. 

That’s really the inspiration for my photographs; a desire to show not just the sea, but our relationship with it. The sailors, who silently move through still waters, then wrestle with storms. The swimmers, who can’t get enough of that ‘fish’ feeling as they hold their breath and dive down. 

I photograph many other things too, but it’s the ocean that has always held my heart. 

© Pip Raud

Over the years, I’ve photographed plenty of sailing events. There’s a movement and vibrancy to sailing that’s almost like dancing; vessels weave between one another, sails billowing like dresses.  

Living in Devon, UK, I’m surrounded by water; and often talk to sailors, fishermen and nautical fanatics. Some seem to almost breathe the ocean; expressing desire to spend their lives upon it, rather than returning to dry land. 

© Pip Raud

I love the quiet of the world beneath the waves. The way all sound ceases, apart from those peaceful ocean noises. When submerged, it’s almost like leaving a part of your humanity behind, and becoming one with the rocks, the fish, the weeds and the shadows.

© Pip Raud

There’s a certain peace at being at sea. It’s not just the lapping of the water or the gentle rocking of the boat. it’s also expansiveness of the air, the evocative tang of sea-salt on your tongue. Some people love this so much that they seek out ambergris-based perfumes, just to recreate it (Copycat Fragrances is a good place to find such scents).

My aim is to keep exploring the sea; both under and above the waves. Although we can never truly know it, we can capture glimpses of its magic through photography. [Official Website]

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