The dark imagery of Philip Faith


Philip Faith is a Montreal-Toronto Based Photographer, who’s always been fascinated by the aesthetics of dark imagery, counterculture, Fetish art and the occult. It has given rise to his signature style.

Surreal images, infused with cinematic ambiances and shaped by techniques developed through the years via the medium of visual arts, videography and songwriting. His style of  Photography is often described as “Claire-Obscure” . His ability to capture Beauty,  lighting techniques & concepts makes every photo tell a story. His constant challenge is to come up with concepts, different fabrics, textures & backgrounds in order to deliver powerful photos with minimum retouching and Photoshop.

Mantis Widow Tsubaki

Philip has given workshops on the use of constant lighting sources vs Flashes! He has worked with talented artists, Models, MUA, Hairstylists and designers worldwide. His work as been published in various magazines( Photo, SkinTwo, VonGuttenberg, Dark Beauty, Auxilliary, Ellements, Giussepina to name a few) He has also worked on creating visuals for world acclaimed Musical shows( Sherazade 1001 nights, Bharati & Don juan) [Official Website]

He is currently working on a coffee table book: “The beauty in the beast” stay tuned…….

Olga Toxic-doll Steam Pretty-Vacant Mahala CyclopDoll Dagon Gorgonne Inanna Kelleth Korova Kronos Lilins loveunderwill Centaur Azazel Asylum Arachnophobia Alien-Erotika




Flow and Reflections by Florence Gallez

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  • La photographie que présente Philip,de tous temps n’à pas toujours été des plus appréciée ni le surréaliste dans son ensemble également.Witkin ,Saudek honorer pour leurs travail,mais non estimer par l’ensemble de la communauté photographique.Personnellement j’aime beaucoup les réalisations de Philip car faite sans hypocrisie n’y faux fuyant .mes félicitations !!! Serge

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