Streets of London by Romeo


Romeo – I am an Italian architect who worked in Italy for many years and since 2011 I have lived and worked in London. Thanks to the cultural and visual richness that this city offers, my passion for photography has evolved into a single project, “Streets of London”.

It is the everyday life of the metropolis that provides me with my subjects.

The hustle and bustle conceals profound truths about the relationship that exists between humanity and the artificial organism in which it lives. Photography allows me to document these truths picking up the essence of certain dynamics which reveal themselves to the eyes for a split second. The seemingly impeccable image of this city hides cracks and contradictions that reveal unknown universes, imperfect and defenseless creatures surrounded by auras of beauty and folly which will vanish a second later among the many flows that make up the blood vessels of “The London Machine”. [Official Website]

Romeo 1 Romeo2 Romeo 3 Romeo 4 Romeo 5 Romeo 6

Romeo 8

Romeo9 Romeo10 Romeo11 Romeo13 Romeo14 Romeo15


Romeo17 Romeo20 Romeo19





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  • Les très jolies photographies de Roméo , me font réellement pensé à une chanson de Léo Ferré ” Au temps qui passe ,tout fout le camp ” J’aime

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