Own Place by Wiktoria Wojciechowska

This photographic series of works is a symbolic attempt of connecting a human being with his place of living. In times when distance is no longer a barrier and when settling down and identifying with space is getting harder.

Looking out through their windows, the figures are pensive and lonesome. Their bodies reflected in the window’s surface and create with the surrounding space a natural synthesis of the pseudo-images and real sceneries.

The apparent presence, free-style conception voluntarily putting aside our in-depth roots and the unsuccessful attempts to “dwelling” in a different area, these are the characteristics of contemporary nomadism. Despite the compulsion to constantly seek a “better” place, the need for taming the space is not willing to disappear. Images of dream houses, houses from memories, typical – as on child’s drawing they construct a visual archetype of an asylum. Pictures of people and suburban houses compile an image of longing for stability, safety and owning your own place.

About Wiktoria Wojciechowska

Wiktoria Wojciechowska – photographer, visual artist. The Winner of Oskar Barnack Leica Newcomer Award 2015 – project “Short Flashes”, La Quatrieme Image Young Talents 2015 and Humanity Photo Awards 2015 in documentary category, IPA Awards 2015 – two Honorable Mentions. Her series “Own place” won Photo Diploma Award 2013 – international contest of photographic diplomas. Currently she is completing the project “Sparks” in the territory of conflict in Ukraine. The ongoing project won Portfolio Review on Krakow Photomonth 2015. She is nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass 2016. She took part in artist residencies in Reykjavik and Beijing is the recipient of Prix de la Photographie 2016 by Fondation des Treilles.

Her works were presented during the festivals in Arles, Paris, Lille, Minsk, Bratyslava, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Niort and published in magazines such as: British Journal of Photography, Causette, GUP, ArchivoZine, ArtPhotoMag, Gente di Fotografia, L’Oeil de la photographie, Life Framer, Wysokie Obcasy, Leica Fotografie International, Fotografia Magazine, Duży Format, FT Weekend Magazine. [Official Website]

Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_01 72dpi

Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_04 72dpi

Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_05 72 dpi

Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_06 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_07 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_08 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_09 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_10 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_11 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_12 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_13 72 dpi Wiktoria_Wojciechowska_14 72 dpi



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