Phantomcity by Mirko Arganese

 Mirko Arganese

“In Phantomcity the citizens had a different and fleeting consistency, as if their Souls were kicking up, trying to escape from the solid and heavy state.

As everywhere else, the citizens were kept in a catatonic state, distraught by exhausting workdays, and diverted and gathered in big conglomerates for their leisure. There they could find amusement, shops, technologic gadgets. Above all they could not think and feel. Everything was engineered so not to allow them to wonder on their nature.

Nevertheless, some people in Phantomcity felt the need to get out of the determined boundaries, to free themselves from the material and physical limits, and they could find peace withdrawing in the old suburbs of the city, dirty and non functional, but where at least they could glimpse their real nature.
There they were able to discharge their old beliefs, going beyond the limits of their solid state and flying away, toward undiscovered destinations”.

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