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The insect world is something the average human rarely pays any close attention to that is unless they are invading your home.
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C.Owen – Small intricate creatures that when, on close inspection, seem larger than life. The insect world is something the average human rarely pays any close attention to that is unless they are invading your home.

Something ordinary as a moth, housefly or ant can easily be overlooked and considered a pest. For me, they have opened my eyes to a tiny new world. One moth collected from the windowsill turned into a vast collection of specimens found on sidewalks, foyers and dusty wooden floors. The more I photograph these insects the stronger my curiosity grows. Taken in one hair at a time, the images are suspended somewhere between metamorphosis and reincarnation; both life and death are evident players.

I use a simple stagelike setting giving the insects’ one last chance to feel their existence.They become performers in front of the lens each forced to wear their dying body’s expression for one last act. The species are taken out of their natural habitat as if the invisible has become visible. Even with the cleverest of puppet mastery, the human hand cannot change the incredible beauty of these creatures that have existed longer than any other living thing.

Something so small in our universe has an abundant presence in the photographs. Captured in these frames are the beautiful, the bizarre, and the grotesque that seem to come from another world. [Official Website]

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Ordinary Overlooked by C.Owen

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Ordinary Overlooked by C.Owen

Ordinary Overlooked by C.Owen

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  • serge janssens

    Aug 15, 2017 at 15:18

    Du grand art pour du minuscule …

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