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There is no logic in this project, everything is shot at the level of sensations. It was a very interesting experience. I decided to set myself a very interesting task - every day for a month to take one photo on an emotional state.
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There is no logic in this project, everything is shot at the level of sensations.

It was a very interesting experience. I decided to set myself a very interesting task – every day for a month to take one photo on an emotional state. There is such a beautiful word – METAMORPHOSIS. It means change, transformation, both internally and externally. Every day I tried to observe my emotional state, tried to hear myself what I want and how I feel. Realizing this, I tried to describe the state in one word, for example: reiteration, memory, contemplation, calm, game, gladness, substitution, devastation, temporary.

And then I went to take a frame. More precisely, I could take a frame at any time, because I carried a camera with me every day. And now the frame is caught, the word invented, it remained to see and to photograph. It was harder than it seemed. I went on business, went to work and from work, I went to visit, I walked in the woods and searched. I was looking through my eyes for something that would fit my emotional state. And so I saw it, everything was compressed inside and I took a shot.

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

It was very interesting for me to compare images and words describing my condition. At first it was not clear what my mood and how I feel. A week later, it became clearer. I chose such a visual presentation that there was a picture, and below it a word that describes my condition. So that the viewer sees and feels the same as I do. I arranged the photos in a row, 7 photos, 1 week. And only when I saw all the photographs taken during the month did I realize that my mood very often changes. It changes several times a day. I realized how emotional I am. I live on the level of sensation. I photograph at the level of sensations. I let everything through me and my feelings. It was a very interesting experience. I want to repeat it somehow. This is only the first series of photos from a large project.

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

About Dasha Raiskaya

Dasha Raiskaya photographer from Russia. Currently lives in St. Petersburg. By education an artist-designer. Since 2014, Dasha has consciously become involved in photography. She took off her first card at 6 years old on the Polaroid, with her grandmother holding an infant younger brother in her arms. Since then, Dasha has tried herself in various genres of photography. Now she has concentrated on portraits of people and on projects.

Dasha is interested in psychology in all its manifestations. In her portraits, she tries to understand what people feel on the other side of the lens. She tries to catch a variety of emotions and show them, first of all, to these people themselves. [Official Website]

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya
Silence between

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

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