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In a “Short History of Photography(1931)”, Benjamin firstly coined the term ‘ Optical unconsciousness’,writing that “Another nature … speaks to the camera rather than the eye
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In a “Short History of Photography(1931)”, Benjamin firstly coined the term ‘ Optical unconsciousness’,writing that “Another nature … speaks to the camera rather than the eye: in a sense that the space informed by human eye consciousness gives way to a space informed by the unconsciousness  through mechanical camera eye .

While it is commonplace that we have some idea about what is involved in the act of walking , we have no idea at all about what happens during the fraction of a second when a person actually takes a step. Photography, with it’s devices of slow motion and enlargement, reveals the secret. It is through photography that we first discover the existence of this optical unconsciousness, just as we discover the instinctual unconscious through psychoanalysis.”

I am confident that you can encounter  much more fantastic unconscious world (so called digital integration unconsciousness)  than the Benjamin ‘s optical. My ‘Digital Integration Unconsciousness’ project was embodied with a hint of  decalcomania technic which one of the ways past surrealist painters used to express their unconsciousness 

After capturing momentary water droplet movement through camera super high-speed shooting, digital decalcomania shape (very similar to Mandala) was finally came into realization , followed by the post photo integration process. For me it was a wonderful moment to watch what decalcomania form to be created. In fact , this is not a ‘optical unconsciousness’  but a second wave of unconsciousness to be found in the process. In addition it was very lucky moment for me, a Buddhist or photographer, to discover the Mandala figure through the project.

About Byoung ho Rhee

Byoung ho Rhee spent more than 30years for LG , SAMSUNG as electronic part engineer and technical executives. After retired . He began with his rest life as a photographer . While having studied Digital photography for  Master’s degree at Hankyung University Graduate School, He is mainly focusing on Neo Surrealism photography with Digital integration , manipulation and 3D modeling. [Official Website]

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