B&WEuropeStoryKyrgyzstan – The rough beauty by Victoria Knobloch

Kyrgyzstan has mesmerized me. It is a rough, wild and beautiful country. The pictures are telling pure and simple stories about Kyrgyzstan’s solitary places like the forests, mountains and grasslands.
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Kyrgyzstan has mesmerized me. It is a rough, wild and beautiful country. The pictures are telling pure and simple stories about Kyrgyzstan’s solitary places like the forests, mountains and grasslands.

Often I strongly feel the call to go to these rough rural areas, hilly dales, shady woods and lakeside shores for the mere joy of their beauty, tranquility and freshness, but also because of the mystical presence with which nature blesses such places.

And the unspoiled sceneries and the freedom of the open uninterrupted views across the land-and seascapes or the gentle clouds that wrap around the mountains echo back from outside the body the same attributes of the soul within. And sometimes it so happened that the outside nature was beautifully still and gentle and that was followed by an inner stillness and peace. And in these moments, when I entered into this communion with nature deeply enough I felt a little like a free-flying eagle, floating and free spirited and within that could find the unity that is associated with what most religions call God.

About Victoria Knobloch

Victoria Knobloch is a German artist living in Leipzig. She is a classical singer, photographer and film maker.  As photographer she concentrates on black and white portrait art, documentary work and meditative landscape photography. Her photography is located in the events of life and she captures the world as it is and portrays humanity as it is. Yet her pictures are deeply moving with a poetic touch and aesthetically pleasing. With each photograph she celebrates the uniquness of every moment. And she simply likes to be outside in the world, observing how crazy, wonderful and truly amazing it is. 

In her new and first film project she inquires about self-knowledge, awareness and how contemplative practice can enhance inner well-being, healthy relationships and improve our living together on this planet. And this in general is her motivation with her photography and films, to inspire people to find out more about themselves, the wonders of life, the truth and especially the beauty of truth! [Official Website]

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