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In my camera bag I have really only the basics. I am not much for any conveniences. Two Nikon cameras, two short lenses (35 mm, 18-55 mm - mostly use 24 mm) and a zoom lens (300mm), which basically I do not use, but I take it with me on the road
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Czech freelance photographer born in 1983. Photography is very unique. As the only one which is undeniable exceptionality compared with the other arts. As the only one which is able to stop time.

It forever captures a moments that will never be repeated. Photography has tremendous power. Mediates emotion and existence. My interest in photography has been for a long time , I would say that my interest bordering with obsession. Among my incomparable inspirations belongs Newton, Avedon, Kratochvil, Nachtwey, Salgado, Viktor Kolar, Bresson, Riboud, Koudelka, Davidson, Jindrich Streit, Karel Cudlin, Sally Mann, Alexandra Boulat and more. Black and white photography. Very rarely in color. I’am very interested in reportage/documentary/street/portrait photography. I use short lenses because I believe closeness transmits emotion.”Ordinary people”, everyday hard life. Hard life in which is also a lot of joy, love, humanism, emotions and support. That’s what interests me- reality. I am travel addicted, I really enjoy recognizing new places, mentalities and cultures.. Asia is my favorite destination. My next photo journey will lead to Kenya, Iran and India. I believe in the good in people. We have to. [Official Website]


What’s in your camera bag?

In my camera bag I have really only the basics. I am not much for any conveniences. Two Nikon cameras, two short lenses (35 mm, 18-55 mm – mostly use 24 mm) and a zoom lens (300mm), which basically I do not use, but I take it with me on the road, you never know, I am a supporter of proximity, because I believe, the proximity transmits emotions. 99.9% I use short glass. Further inside bag is the camera cover against the rain. Four batteries and charger. External disk. Spare memory cards. Notebook and pens- for me a very important thing.

Information about the place where I want pto shoot as a guide, especially where I use a map and dictionary. Lighting. Wet wipes, a very practical thing. And of course Lens cloth. I can not say which is the most surprising thing. Maybe little interest in the form of a bracelet that I got from a Buddhist monk for luck when I climbed to Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka. This gift I tied around my photo strap such as memory and perhaps for some luck. In my bag is always a pack of cigarettes. I can offer them. Cigarettes great break down distance between me and people, it helps joint communication and builds a sense of sharing.

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Without the ability to shoot and capture moments. Without traveling and learning.

What are some of the details that you find essential for your style of bags?

Important for me are pockets that I can use. Also I prefer waterproof bag, and no bright colors.

What are the important things for protecting your camera gear?

I do not use any special things for protection . The base is reinforced with high-quality bag. Others will depend on individual attention and approach. The only thing, practical and tactical, I use is relabelling brand by black tape. You can at least help from the unwanted attention of thieves who specialize in specific brands and of course it minimizes the attention during the actual shoot. Contrast white lettering and black body is undesirable for me. When I photographed in Africa, so many people have asked me what camera brand I use, even other photographers. I think it is inessential information. Furthermore, using bright scarf, another very practical thing that can be used versatile. Protecting the body against strong sunlight, using light colors because dark colors attract sunlight. At the place where temperatures reach extreme numbers it is practical thing..

Can you give me the essential carry kit when traveling the globe (bags, accessories etc.)?

Personally, I use the most bag over my shoulder. It depends where you are going to shoot. Very useful is of course the photo backpack. Basic equipment is an individual thing. Personally, I travel light. For me, the basis for a durable carrying bag in any form. Protection against rain. Replacement batteries and mainly enthusiasm to photograph and explore the place. For each is priority something else. It’s all about attitude.


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