Hum by Nino Cannizzaro

My head, my life, my restless body, they all hum, shaken and soothed by that particular roaring, pulsating sound, which triggered by flights of fancy, tumultuous emotions, loving embraces with the real thing.

They are all humming as the paradoxes that emotions can’t ignore, the deafening silence of solitary inner journeys, where you can, lose and find yourself again.

A maze of silent changes and thundering rebirths , ready to soar with memories as ethereal as ghosts, ready to sink into the abyss with eyes wide open, ready to chase hidden desires between reflections ready to run away from faces reduced to masks of fear, all the time listening to the hoarse voice of desire and the tumultuous one of delirium.

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_02

The dark pulse of passions and obsessions that drive my search for light in the grinding darkness of daily life and all that take shape in the depths (of my life and photography).

“After collecting for years shots generated by moods and sudden emotions (as visceral as a vibrant hum), I decided to share it all, allowing every glance its absolute freedom. Freedom to see and hear what one prefers, without any ambition, presumption or attempt to suggest anything.”

About Nino Cannizzaro

Nino Cannizzaro was born in Palermo, he lives between Bagheria and the places where photography, he loves and practices since 2007, takes him with a look at the human and urban landscape. [Official Website]

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_03

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_04 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_05 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_06 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_07 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_08 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_09 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_010 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_011 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_012 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_013 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_014 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_015

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_016

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_018 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_019 HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_020

HUM_Nino Cannizzaro©_017



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