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As an ongoing body of work, the three series Grown, Syncope and Epiphany examine individual stages of human reflection, which are interlinked with one another.
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As an ongoing body of work, the three series Grown, Syncope and Epiphany examine individual stages of human reflection, which are interlinked with one another.

Grown primarily deals with the border between childhood and adulthood – if there is any – and raises the question of what becomes of early dreams, hopes and fears once we grow up. Each picture depicts physically grown individuals within a moment of sudden subconscious, almost apathetic, reflection. The allegorical character of every image is enhanced by the use of typical childhood objects.

Syncope (the medical term for “fainting” or “passing out”) picks up on this feeling of “being disoriented” and puts it into the context of our modern everyday life: Again and again, we lose track of what is happening around us – and when we concentrate the most, we often find ourselves thinking nothing at all. This metaphorical temporary loss of consciousness has become a daily companion for many people in our fast-paced society. Are we still able to focus in a world so full of stimuli? And how do we deal with it in the long run?

Epiphany, eventually, completes the three-part series by offering new perspectives and personal revelations to our lifelong quests for purpose and meaning. Typically used in a philosophical, scientific or religious context, the word “epiphany” represents an instant in which an individual gathers new and often unexpected insights. These insights can happen anytime and anywhere, generally following a process of significant thought about a problem or situation. They can help us seeing things in a new way, making it possible to take a rest from our desire of self-improvement, and, ideally, enabling us to feel “grown” as a human being.

About Seb Agnew

Seb Agnew (born 1986) is an award-winning photo artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Within staged images, he creates hyperrealistic sceneries which explore the human psyche and our modern society. Set design, lighting and composition play a major role in his photographic work. Seb loves cinematic and mysterious settings as well as moments of disorientation and lonesome reflection. Depending on the concept, he transforms whole rooms or builds his locations completely as miniature sets in which he later integrates his life-size models.

During his studies of “Audiovisual Media” in Stuttgart, Germany, Seb specialised in photography and post production to lay the foundations of his future work. In order to pass on his skills professionally, he later studied “Vocational Education” at the university of Hamburg, Germany.

Today, Seb is excited to be able to work independently as a photo artist and to teach aspiring photographers at the “Vocational School for Media and Communication” in Hamburg, Germany. [Official Website]

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